Friday, November 23, 2012

   Wow, Praise His name from on High !!! God is really on the move in Haiti. This is like a piece of history in the making. We are so excited, and amazed, and humbled at the outpouring of the Spirit of God right now in Pass Rien. The first Sunday morning in the new tent we saw 30 salvation's. That very same evening we saw 35 more lost and hurting people come to the revelation that salvation in the name of Jesus Christ was the answer to their problems. We have seen several salvation's and healing every day since then. And this is not just in Pass Rien. In Perou, and Marotte we have seen 5 or 6 salvation's each Sunday for several weeks now. This is so amazing to really see God redeeming his loved ones into His Kingdom. These people will now live for eternity with Him in Glory. "No more pain, no more tears."
This is a direct result of the mercy of God and the consistent prayers of his people. Some of you Prayer Partners have been so diligent and faithful about praying for the Spirit of God to break the chains that have held these people in small villages like Pass Rien for generations. Where which doctors and Voodoo camps have cursed and intimidated and carried out the work of satan to destroy people. Where men, marriages and families have been lost, hurting, blind and in prison to the poverty and oppression of the devil. God is breaking, and smashing and overturning the tables of these evil spirits to set His people free. "To bring sight to the blind, healing, freedom and to declare the favor of the Lord."........Amen
Pastor Nathan and Pastor Bruno are hosting an "all night prayer and worship meeting" at Pass Rien tonight. Please continue to pray for this move of God to rescue the ones He loves in Haiti.
With all these new believers we are incurring a few wonderful problems. We need Bibles. There is only a few Bibles among hundreds of new salvation's, and we need benches for the people to sit on, thus far they can only stand as they gather. If this is something that you feel God would have you help us with, we would appreciate it so very much. Thank you again for your prayers for this ministry.............Mike 

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