Sunday, January 30, 2022

Mike and I and Nathan



I wanted to let you know that Mike will be flying out early tomorrow morning. (Monday morning.) It has been a great trip, we are thankful for your prayers. Please continue to pray as he has many legs of travel and will not be back here until very early Tuesday morning. Also pray for Nathan as it is very hard emotionally for him whenever Mike leaves Haiti. Thank you so very much.

Blessings, Chris

Saturday, January 29, 2022


Lemeque on the left and Fedler on the right.


I wanted to share an update and a story with you. Also I wanted to thank you for your prayers, they mean a lot to us.  First the update for Thursday at the crusade was 5 salvations and 4 healings and a dozen deliverances. I don't know how Friday night or tonight have gone. Mike ended up with such a bad sore throat (from the kids in the Children's Village, not covid) he could not preach Tuesday or Wednesday at the crusade, instead he preached Friday night and will be preaching as I write this tonight. Please pray for hearts to open up to Jesus, the crusade will go through Sunday night. 

Mike held another Pastors Conference on Friday. He said it went really well. Nathan had each pastor stand up and share how the ministry and teachings have impacted them and their ministry.

Then today, Saturday, Nathan held a New Year's Celebration with all the staff. I will include some photos on the bottom of this letter. It was much appreciated and a great time. 

Tomorrow morning Mike will be preaching at Bout Nat, again we would appreciate your prayers. I am not sure if Nathan will be leading worship there or at another church. Please pray for all of the churches Sunday morning.

And now for the story. I had shared about two brothers named Lemeque and Fedler. Both of whom have close family in America but they feel called to remain in Haiti and share about Jesus. This is the "rest" of the story from Fedler. 

Hello, my name is Fedler. I am working as the administrator of the good shepherd mission. I am so excited to share my story with you .
I was 9 years old when my mom left Haiti ahead of my dad to go living in USA so two years after my father moved over there.
My parents let our grandmother and grandfather to take care of all of us.( 4 brothers ).
 My father never comes back to Haiti since after he went in 1996. He promised to come at the moment of his mother's death three years ago but he was so scared about the politics , so he didn't come. 
My mother came back twice , the last time was in my marriage in 2017. 
My father, as a pastor left the church on the responsibility of Pastor Clervois and Chael. Before going to America, my father baptised me in my premature age because he witnessed how much I love Jesus.  Praise the Lord  that 
I am still shining for the Lord by making choir sing and leading the Youngs guys to the Lord . I am a musician like my dad , my cousin Pastor Nathan and other relatives of mine. So playing music is a inherited gift 
I am married in 2017 with a Christian daughter but unfortunately her father till his death, never went to church. But her mother is renowned for a good Christian .
I have 2 healthy children.
In my job as administrator, I always give good example to everyone and I preach whenever it's necessary. My faith always helps me for whatever enterprise that I work. 
My father tried a lot to help me moving to America but he failed. And this is according to God's plan. 
So for the time being I don't longer follow neither my own desire nor that of my father but that of the Lord , either to visit  America ,to stay serving my people or going to live with my father and mother. 

Our friend Jonas then asked Fedler these questions.

1) how did you feel when your parents forsook you to move to America? 
I felt so sad at the beginning but after a while I felt okay because my grandparents treated us so carefully. 
2) do they still have contacts with you? 
Yes,  even when we were teenagers,  they always provided for our needs. 
3) what if your parents ask you to move also to America? 
I am not interested.  I notice that God's eyes are on me so it's not up to me to decide. 
4) how does pastor Mike influence you in life? 
Oh,  he is a man of God,  always have good message to share to encourage us. 
5) what are your persecutions like? 
Some times bad strengths ( spirits) come to fight us in the night .
5) how long have you been working here?  More than 6 months .

I love Fedler's heart, it is very much for the people of Haiti. He has been our administrator for 6 months, but has served in church for over 15 years. Please continue to lift him and his family up in prayer.
We are so appreciative of your faithful prayers.

Blessings, Chris

This is most of the teachers, not all.

 This is most of our medical staff. I know they are missing at least Dr. Ralph.

Some photos of the New Years celebration.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Farmers Association meeting.


 Good evening,

I wanted to start with a praise report on the high volume agricultural wells for the Farmers Association.

From Mike, "We had a Farmers Association meeting. 
The man with the orange t-shirt  is one of the directors. He says they have not had adequate water since the hurricane in 2004. Then, no rain till the hurricane in 2008,(I was there). Then drought till 2012. Then, they dredged the river to get gravel to build the road. Now the river is lowered so the beginning of the irrigation canals sit high above the water level. They are in extreme poverty. They are barely surviving.

We are starting the second, high capacity well near the canal heads next week. We are designing a solar system with submersible pumps for day use. No power needed, no batteries needed.

These wells will directly effect over 350 families and indirectly thousands. 

Just hearing that we are doing this project has brought me one very interested owner of the Louisiana Hot Sauce Co wanting these farmers to grow Habanero peppers. And another wanting us to grow Soybeans for them. Its hard to contain the tears of joy as I report this to you. Praise the Lord."  "God has brought us life again."

This is so huge for so many families, please Praise God and pray for the drilling to be successful. 

Another praise report is for the Poteau church, they baptized ten people. Most churches in Haiti discourage baptism until after a few years of being a Christian, but then some fall away. So we offer a short class and then encourage them to be baptized. Please be praying for them.

And, yet another praise report. The update for Larry is, " The procedure went well, they ground away the calcium in three of his arteries, and put three stints in his descending aorta. He didn't have to have a double bypass, there is no balloon, or impella in his heart, so it's pumping on its own. Dr. said good blood flow, good everything. They are going to move him to a different place to start the recovery process." "There will be some elective surgeries to be had, but as right now we are finished and hopefully by next week Larry will be coming home."  Praising God, He is good.

So, a bit long for a prayer partner but so many things to Praise God for. Thank you so much for coming alongside of us and helping us help the people of Haiti. Thank you for helping to usher in the KINGDOM.


 This little sweetie is also new to the Children's village and would love a sponsor. Her name is Elvuis.

Monday, January 24, 2022




I wanted to update you on yesterdays prayer request for Larry our website manager.
 We received this update from NCCTK a few hours ago:

The cardio team thinks that Larry is in good shape to handle the procedure. Apparently, Larry’s heart somehow created a bypass on its own and that is likely how he had been surviving up to this point. They are going to attempt another bypass and also clear two of the blockages. They seem to feel confident. They gave a 10 to 20% failure risk chance. He heads into surgery between noon and one. They estimated a 2 to 3 hour procedure. Please continue to pray."

The surgery will be tomorrow, Tuesday. We really appreciate your prayers, and are so thankful for you.

I also wanted to share a story from the Poteau church. It is a testimony from Renald, he is 18 years old. He shares that it has been one month since his mother and father brought him to church to meet Jesus. He says "he feels comfortable in the Lord" and that he regularly goes to church now. He shared that before coming to Jesus he used to dance Rara (which is a moving street party involving voodoo) and in his words "run after pleasure and drink alcohol". He says that fortunately God has changed him and that he understands His word. When he was asked why he had not come to church before, he replied it was because "I had no shoes or clothing". He requested prayer because "I dropped out of school when I was in 5th grade, I felt I couldn't study and I felt desperate, incapable and forsaken". He helps his mother and father in the garden. He has not been baptized yet, but would like to be and he would like a bible. He says his parents are very poor, but they love Jesus. Please lift Renald up in prayer. And please continue to pray for the nightly crusade at Denonville. Nathan is leading worship and Mike will be preaching tomorrow, Tuesday, and again on Wednesday night.

On Sunday Nathan and Mike also had a community meeting regarding the Market Place. They addressed the different opportunities that would be available and talked about the training for finances, safety, cleanliness and community spirit.

On Wednesday they will be having another meeting with the farmer's association. This will be multifaceted, part of it on growing soybeans and corn for our chicken feed and also growing  habanero peppers for wholesale for a business that sells retail. Thank you again for your faithful prayers.

Blessings, Chris

 We do have a couple of new children in the Children's Village if you are interested in sponsoring, this little sweetie is Gyel.

Nathan and Mike praying.

Prayer Mountain


Sunday, January 23, 2022



We wanted to thank you for your prayers. They have been such a blessing. Please read through to the end as we have some important prayer requests.

The pastor’s conference went really well. Mike shared with them his vision of the different parts of the ministry fitting together to reach all people, especially addressing poverty in a holistic manner. He also shared that he sees the ministry becoming more of a transformational movement. This really excited them. They want to have meetings to get all aspects of the ministry involved in reaching more of the community and doing more than just their job or ministry, but transforming Haiti. They are asking questions like "How can the Market Place demonstrate the love of God and love of others". It is such a blessing to see them grab hold of what God is doing in a bigger picture way.

Dr. Ralph, who has been with us since the beginning has family in America and so do two other leaders, Lemeque and Fedler. Each of these leaders have had opportunities and offers to move to America, but all three have turned the offers down over the years. They have each come to a place where they look at what they do in the ministry as the calling God has placed on their lives. It is really incredible when you think of it, they are definitely choosing to live a life of sacrifice. God has blessed us with some amazing, and incredible leaders. 

So I will share about church and then some prayer requests. Mike said there were 2 salvations in Pass Rein's church this morning and 2 salvations in Bout Nat. Mike taught in Myan's church. He said that an older lady, who was a guest asked him a question in church. She said that every night she was tormented with demons and battles. Mike explained that if you are a Christian Jesus gives us authority over darkness and that satan has no power over Christians, that he is a liar and full of deception. Mike then asked if anyone else had this problem. Twenty other people came forward. They prayed for them and they were set free. Praise God! Mike then shared that they came from a dark place and they had become accustomed to think this was a normal thing to be harassed in the night. He shared that they had the authority to tell the enemy to go, that the enemy has no authority over them because they belonged to Jesus. He said some of them had huge smiles on their faces.

Tomorrow Nathan and Mike will hike up Prayer Mountain and spend a good portion of the day praying for direction and vision for the ministry. They would appreciate your prayers.

Tonight the crusade started, we would love it if you would join us in prayer for salvations, healings and miracles. Mike will be preaching Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

We also would appreciate prayer for a friend named Larry Phlaum, he designed our website for us and volunteers to help maintain it. He also is over the website for NCCTK in Lynden. He is in desperate need of prayers, he has had a heart attack, and is in the hospital, they have found he has 95% blockage and if I understand right, they are trying to get him stable so that he can have surgery this week. Please partner with us in praying for Larry, he has been such a blessing to this ministry.

Blessings, Chris


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Children from our school in Pass Rein


 Good evening,

Today, Mike spent most of the day in planning and meetings. One of the more major events coming up will be a crusade in Denonville. This is the village we have a school in on the outskirts of Gonaives, so it is rural but not mountainous. The crusade will start this Sunday evening the 23rd and go for 8 evenings, concluding on Sunday evening the 30th. Please be praying for eyes to see truth, ears to hear and hearts to turn to Jesus. Please also be praying for healings and miracles. Mike will be preaching on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Some of our other pastors will be preaching on the other nights and Nathan will be leading worship. 

Another event we would love for you to partner in prayer with us for is our Pastor's Conference, which will be this Saturday. Mike will be teaching at the Pastors conference. Please pray for Mike to be sharing what the Holy Spirit puts on his heart and for the pastors to hear and understand what Jesus has for them specifically. 

We want to thank you for praying for Mike's back. He is still having back pain though and would appreciate your prayers for more healing in his body, so that he can do what he is called to while he is in Haiti. 

When Mike talked with me this evening he shared some vision God has been showing him. I wanted to pass it on to you, because I believe it casts vision on where we are going with God.

"On the way over here (to Haiti) and the first days of my trip, God has been showing me how all the different parts of this ministry fit together to reach all the people.
That poverty must be addressed in a holistic manner. 
1. Good relationship with God and others. 
2. Good, Godly education
3. Good economy for individuals,  families,  and communities 
4. Good access to health care.
Each and every part of this ministry can work together to bring this kind of transformation to communities,  to be repeated over and over again.
We are leaving the stages of ministry and becoming a transformational movement."

God has had bigger dreams than us since the very conception of New Generation Ministries. I know it is because of His delight in the people of Haiti. Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." I believe this is just the beginning. Thank you so very much for coming along side of us and the people of Haiti.

Blessings, Chris

One of the plants I planted is blooming in the Children's Village garden.


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Two of three Tilapia fish ponds.

This is the hen house, its being roofed currently.

These are some of the vendor booths for the Market Place.


            Excited to see them again.



Hope that you are managing well through this crazier than normal winter we are having.

Just a quick note to let you know that I, (Mike) will be going to Haiti again. I leave late tomorrow night,(Sunday) and will return on the first of February. We would appreciate your prayers for safe travel, health, and for God to move through me, communicating God's love to His impoverished and oppressed people. 

I will be overseeing the final plans and preparations for the opening of the Marose Market Place, a multifaceted sustainability project that will lift up hard working Haitian families with jobs, and job training, and many new entrepreneurial opportunities. 

YES! Haiti does have the will and motivation to turn their nation back to God, and to a higher quality of life, and together we are helping them do it. Thank you.
Blessings, Mike and Chris