Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Some of the children from our Children's Village


We wanted to keep you up to date on the unrest in Haiti, so you would be able to join us in praying for Haiti. As you know Mike's last trip to Haiti was quite eventful, as it started out by Pastor Nathan and Mike being held up by gun point on their way to Marose from the airport. A few weeks after that, things seemed to calm down and there were less manifestations and violence. So after a few weeks Mike decided to purchase a ticket and plan a pastors conference. He was supposed to fly out tonight, but the political unrest has returned to Haiti. There have been country wide manifestations again, along with violence. So with sadness he and Nathan talked and decided there was too much risk involved with traveling to Port-au-Prince to the airport to pick him up. The violence is affecting children attending school, business owners and employees getting to the work place and people being able to purchase much needed gas, supplies and food. The opposition only seems to care about overthrowing the current president and government, even at a great cost to the people.They are still paying for manifestations and violence. They are encouraging gang actions and lawlessness. Please once again join us in praying for the people of Haiti. Pray for protection and that their needs will be met. Also pray for the ability for children to attend school and for the people to be able to keep their businesses open and running.  Gas was up to 9$ per gallon, now it is pretty much nonexistent. In Haiti gas is not just needed for transportation, but also for generators, as they are usually the most reliable form of power. It also affects the delivery of much needed supplies. Nathan said the value of their dollar has fallen drastically. Just 2 years ago in September it took 63 gourdes to buy 1 US dollar, now it takes 95 gourdes to buy 1 US dollar. This alone is causing hunger and a greater lack of ability for families to  care for themselves.

On the positive side we are seeing God move in mighty ways. There has been a large increase in salvation's, baptisms and discipleship. The people are so hungry for God. There has been an increase of witch doctors also realizing they are lacking the power Christ has and giving their lives over to Jesus. It has been amazing to watch, especially in the communities of Pass Rein, Amone-Bout-Nat and Badjo. Please pray that God continues to draw hearts to Him. Pray that our pastors have wisdom and discernment as they reach out to the most needy and poor.

Another very real problem that we are finding is with the increase of witch doctors giving their lives to God, and walking away from their current source of income, there are not many jobs available for them. This is affecting them and their families. It also has the potential to cause them to fall away. Please pray for them to find work in a society that already is difficult to find a job in. I believe God can find them work and meet their needs, bringing the glory to Him. God is a God of restoration and hope. He is the author of their story,

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, for coming along side the people of Haiti with us.

Blessings, Chris
The market in Gonaives