Sunday, March 14, 2010

We arrived home Wed morning around 3:00am. It was a great trip as always. The time in Port-Au-Prince was hard because of all the destruction. It will take years for that to be restored. Other than the containers not arriving, despite our best efforts to have them scheduled to, it was a good trip. I have been in contact with the shipping company and they assure me that they will leave Fl. on the 20th and arrive around the end of the month. So I will just see them up to the orphanage when I am there on the 6th of April. Made some good contacts while we were there. We are working on starting adoptions from our orphanage soon, Will keep you all posted. Received a large donation from "Food for the Poor" and have applied for help with medical supplies from them as well. Nathan and I are really seeking God for the new church plant in Peru. We will be doing a crusade there on the April trip. Please pray for that. Also the latest word on Madam Shisnel is very good. She is up and around. That is the best she has been in several months. Please continue to pray for her complete healing.
Thank you again for all your prayers and support. We are making a measurable difference in these peoples lives, and that makes it all worth while................God Bless you...............Mike

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello again,
Thanks for your prayers they are very much appreciated. The team spent the day in Port-au-Prince. One of the highlights Mike shared was praying
for the drivers wife Madame Shisnel. When they first arrived at their house she could not even sit up. She has diabetes and is very sick. The team
spent a lot of time praying over her and worshiping. By the time they were finished praying she could sit up and was out on the front porch doing
much better. They also visited miss Sherry's (sp?) She is a retired school teacher that started an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. They were housed
in quite a large house for Haiti. Half of it collapsed and the other side is 80% damaged. They lost one child in the earthquake, the others managed to
get to the damaged side of the house in time. Right now they are camping out on a different piece of land in a partially built school. The team was
also able to visit Food For The Poor today. Another piece in the works that we have, is the possibility of becoming a recognized crèche. The difference
between a recognized orphanage and a recognized crèche is the ability to do adoptions.This is something that we had on our hearts before the earthquake, the need has only become more apparent since the earthquake. Mike and Nathan were able to meet today with officials who can help to make this happen.We would appreciate prayer for this new endeavor. Tomorrow the team will be starting their travels home. Please pray for safe travel and on time flights. Remember we have yet to have this happen. It would be nice to experience once:) And please pray for the families back here in our ministry. Most of us have come under quite a bit of opposition the last few weeks. Thanks for being faithful in prayer.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My last phone call with Mike was cut off quickly, you never know if it is reception, power or if he ran out of phone card minutes. You can not use minutes and be billed for them in Haiti. You have to buy phone cards from street venders. So I do not have any new news to share. I do know they were
headed for Bercy today.They will be using a mission in Bercy we have relationship with as a base for reaching people in Port-au-Prince. I do not know if they went into Port-au-Prince today. I do know it is the plan for tomorrow. So please pray for the people they help and for the Holy Spirit to go before them. Pray they are able to meet needs with what they have or are able to get. Please pray for wisdom and discernment. And pray for their safety.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I spoke with Mike today. The containers did not come. The team was disappointed but God's timing is right on, so we will see. Tomorrow the team will be meeting with the President of the Red Cross in Gonaives. Because of the 43 days of prayer for Port-au-Prince, they have had church every evening. Mike said that they will still be having church every night when he goes back for his next trip. Mike said there have been salvations every night. Last night Peter shared his testimony at church. Very cool. It is a little different sharing thoughts in another culture with an interpreter. The Pastor's association meeting went very well. Thank you for your prayers. Tonight Mike said when Nathan asked people to come forward he felt like God
told him that He would give Mike words for everyone that went forward. A few minuets later Nathan asked Mike to prayer over each one. As he started praying he said God did give him words to share. But our interpreters were not in church. So he had to send one of our older boys Fegens to go and
find Stenley one of our interpreters. God was so good he gave Mike words to bless everyone who went forward. Some are so shy about going up because a white guy is going to pray for them, but they are so hungry for God that they go anyway. Mike has also had an interview with a women to do a bible study with the older girls. The older boys have both Nathan and Nathaniel. The smaller children have Nadine and Betsy. Mike has been thinking that the older girls need someone to exhort and encourage them. Most (not all) young girls think all their future holds is to get pregnant and struggle to get by. There is not much thought about opportunities. There is not much hope. He spent quite awhile talking to her about how he would like the girls to be encouraged to get an education and to understand that there are opportunities. To give them hope of a future. So she will be meeting with the girls and Mike will talk to her and the girls in April when he goes again. Please pray that this bears good fruit. Thank you so much for your prayer it is
so obvious when people pray because God shows up.
Again blessings,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just heard from Mike, the team is doing well. They have repaired the wall and roof of our toilet and shower for the children. The ship with our 3 containers is supposed to come in to port today. Please pray that the ship arrives and that they are able to receive the containers tomorrow. There are 3 areas near
Gonaives that they would like to distribute to and then on Sunday after church they would like to go south and distribute to and around Port-au-Prince. The team has also been able to visit our little school in the poor part of Gonaives. They passed out candy and prayed over the teachers and children. At Maurice's funeral a connection was made and some of his relatives that live about 1 1/2 hours north asked if we could start a Christian church in their village. They said no one else was working in their area. So the team was able to visit the village. Mike said the village was beautiful, not a term used very often in Haiti. It is up in the mountains. Mike said it was remote and had no school. The villagers showed them a piece of land that is about 1 acre, they said they would like to donate the land if we would plant a church in their village. The team walked and prayed over the property. They also lead one man to the Lord. They were also able to pray over the village children and once again pass out candy. They were all really blessed by the experience. Tomorrow Mike will teach our Pastor's association. Please pray that they are blessed and encouraged by what Mike shares. Again, thanks so much for your prayers, through them God just keeps working.
Blessings, Chris

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello again,
The team is doing great. Thanks for your prayers. Mike says it is about 70 degrees with a light breeze. The last time he shared about the weather the team was in the middle of a hurricane. I do not usually get that kind of info. They spent a lot of time interacting with the kids today. Part of the team has medical training, they spent the day helping our medical staff in the clinic. About 2 weeks ago Haiti had a national 3 days of prayer for Port-au-Prince. Mike said that today was the kick off of 43 days of prayer for Port-au-Prince in the Gonaives and Marose area. They had a church service to begin the 43 days. Nathaniel, Nathan and Mike spoke. Mike said many gave their lives to the Lord. Praise God!!! Mike also went down to the docks and checked on the containers, it looks like they will arrive by Thursday and that Mike and the team will be able to get them on Friday. Please pray that all goes smoothly and that they are able to receive them and distribute them according to plan. Tomorrow they will go into Gonaives to feed the children that are poorest among the poor, I have talked about them before, the first 250 children in get to eat that day. It can be a hard day for some team members. It is bitter sweet to me. It is hard to see children hungry, but very rewarding to be able to help feed them. I felt so blessed to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus and literally spoon the rice and beans into their mouths. It is such a honor. Please pray for both the team and the children. Pray also for the missing luggage and especially for the containers. Thanks again and blessings.