Monday, February 1, 2021

It's what we need!



Yes! This is a real picture! Yes! You can see this many stars in the night sky in Marose, Haiti. And Yes! They need HIS PEACE!  And Yes! So do we!

I am writing today, because Nathan and the village of Sedrin need your prayers. The people of Sedrin have decided it is time to take a stand against darkness. 

Every Monday evening Pastor Nathan travels to the small village of Myan. It is quite isolated and is home to several hundred families. Over the past 5 years we have continued to see the hand of God working among the dear people of this small community. 

Last evening, Sunday, when Pastor Nathan was leading a group in the study of God's word and the Life-Giving church, the people began to ask numerous questions about the Kingdom of God and their small community. Nathan shared about making a stand for God and claiming their community for His purposes. The people all in unison began to agree, that taking a stand for God and claiming their community was exactly what they wanted to do.

So tonight, many of our pastors and leaders will be accompanying Pastor Nathan, who will be bringing a large stake that reads "The authority of Jesus Christ" on it.

This is something God has led us to do in the past. And, because of Pass Rein and Badjo's testimony, Nathan understands the testimony of placing a stake in the ground and claiming the "Te" or land for God. Please be praying with us as we come along-side our brothers and sisters in Myan, Haiti...............Tonight will be especially important. But, the follow up will be also. Thank you so much for your willingness to pray faithfully.

Blessings, Chris and Mike