Saturday, December 26, 2020



 "Finish 2020 Strong"   

Hello, hoping this finds you well and hoping you had a nice Christmas.  
2020 is going into the history books as one of the most chaotic years in our lifetime. But you can "Finish 2020 Strong" by making a Life-Giving Difference to the vulnerable in Haiti. For many of us, this year has felt like, no matter what we do, nothing makes a difference any more, but you do make a difference, and you can make a Life-Giving Difference in the lives of others.

Partnering with New Generation Ministries in Haiti, is giving a "helping, hand up," to hard working families, instead of a "hurting, hand out."  Community development includes jobs, job training, along with business and financial education, and apprenticeship opportunities for young men and women who want to rise up out of the poverty and oppression that has held them captive for generations. You are helping Haitians achieve a sustainable, quality of life, one village at a time.

"How can I help?" Good question. I'm so glad you asked. New Generation Ministries is a low overhead organization that pays no staff salaries in the U.S. and personally accounts for every dollar spent in Haiti. We are overseen by the ECFA, the top financial watchdog organization. Giving you the confidence of knowing that your gift is indeed making a real difference.

In-spite of a world pandemic, and  national hardship in Haiti, New Generation Ministries will "Finish 2020 Strong!"  because you have helped!

The "Good Shepherd Children's Village" is thriving. Our 8 schools with over 1200 students are receiving a free quality education, and are open, and doing very well. Our 12 Life-Giving Churches have seen more than 380 new believers, and 200 baptisms in Jesus this year alone. Our medical/dental clinic is helping the poor receive the professional care they need. And we are helping develop communities with jobs and job training, along with micro finance, savings and loans, to help hard working families raise their quality of life. 

"Finish 2020 Strong"    Visit our website, and make a Life-Giving Difference for a family in Haiti today.

Blessings, Chris and Mike

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Some of the new believers in La Hatte


 Miracle in La Hatte

Good evening, 

We wanted to share some exciting news with you.

Recently, Pastor Nathan, (our ministry partner in Haiti), was approached by a fellow pastor from our area, who told him that he thought God was asking him to go into a small village not too far from us, to do an evangelistic crusade. He asked Pastor Nahtan if would we help him. Pastor Nathan told the pastor that he was very busy and was trying to stay focused on what he already had on his plate, instead of taking on more. But he told the pastor that he would pray about it, and let him know. We brought the proposition up in our next pastors and leaders meeting, and asked them to pray also. After a week of praying, many in the group called Pastor Nathan with what they thought was an encouragement from God, to go ahead with the crusade. Pastor Nathan said he also felt the same urging from God.

So we went into the village of La Hatte, to do a short 4-night evangelistic crusade. We had many praying that God would show His love and power to the people attending this event. But we never imagined how much so. Each evening God moved powerfully and some received salvation. By the end of the 4 nights 200 men, women, and young people, had given their lives to Jesus. Many were healed, and many more were delivered from the power of darkness in their lives, setting them free for the very first time.

We have been sending in teams of leaders to give Bibles to these new converts, and to enroll them in new believers classes, new identity classes, baptism classes, and communion classes. We are sincerely trying to help them become more then converts, but new disciples of the Lord Jesus. 

Take heart and be encouraged as you hear these miraculous testimonies. God IS alive and moving in power, and compassion, among the people He loves. Please know that your prayers and financial support are making a difference and helping this ministry follow God into these dark villages. We hope these stories encourage you and build your faith.

When the gospel story tells us that the Good Shepherd will leave the ninety-nine sheep in the pasture, and go looking for the lost one, this is exactly what they are talking about. Our God will not forsake "blessing the poor in spirit who are seeking Him, for they will be found".

Please keep the new believers in La Hatte in your prayers.

Thank you and bless you and your family with a Very Merry Christmas and a hope-filled New Year.

Mike and Chris Leland

Monday, November 30, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so very THANKFUL for YOU and YOUR faithfulness. We hope this letter finds you well and looking forward to Thanksgiving this Thursday.

Usually this week I am packaging up gifts for the children in the Children's Village and for the boys in the Transitional  Home for Christmas. This year we have to do things differently, as travel is restricted and getting  gifts to Haiti is just about impossible this year. 

We still really want to make Christmas special for the children this year. So, after a lot of thought we are going to have Pastor Nathan's wife purchase Church clothing and shoes for the children's Christmas presents this year in Haiti. And of course some candy too :)  She will also have a really nice Christmas dinner for them. And we will have a nice dinner and gifts for the boys in the Transitional Home also.

So, I am inviting you to join us in helping to provide a nice Christmas dinner and church clothing and shoes for both the Children's Village and boy's Transitional Home. Please click on the blue heart near the bottom of this message and specify that you would like your donation to go the Christmas gifts and dinner. We would really appreciate your coming alongside of us and blessing the children this Christmas.

We are also trying to provide full Bibles for new believers in Creole which are $10 each. Or if you prefer, we are trying to purchase chickens for our market place, more about the market place to come. Chicken's are also $10 each. We are so very Thankful for your faithful support, especially through these uncertain times. God is faithful and good.

Many, many Blessings,


Friday, November 6, 2020

 Good evening,

Hoping this finds you well,

The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy Chapter 10, that "God is the Defender of the Orphan." But God is calling each one of us to partner with Him in the compassion work that He does to care for the least of these around the globe.

Thanks to your help, New Generation Ministries has been partnering with God to care for the least of these in Haiti since 2008. The Good Shepherd Children's Village is a safe and healthy environment for more than 60 orphaned children, who are receiving the love, care, and education they need to grow into confident young men and women.

November is "Defend the Orphan Awareness Month," and November 8th is "Orphan Sunday." This is your opportunity to partner with God, and New Generation Ministries in Haiti, to ensure that the children like Telson really do receive the love, care, and education they need. You can change the story of their lives from Orphan, to confident young men and women. Be about changing history to His-Story.....

Visit our website today and partner with us and God, to make a real difference......

Mike and Chris Leland

 The Children's Village

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Mike and Kael


Last night I received a shocking call from Haiti. I was told that our main ministry and school administrator, Kael Fontish had suffered a stroke. Late this morning,  I received yet another call from Pastor Nathan telling me that this morning Kael went to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are all stunned and heartbroken. He was not that old, and in good health. He was a key person in this ministry and a dear close friend to me personally.

It is rare in Haiti to find such a humble leader as Kael. It is indeed a special and humble person who can minister sacrificially, day and night, and shy away from any recognition as a "pastor." 

Kael had such an insatiable appetite for the life-giving church theology. I still remember well, when one afternoon in the early years, Kael came to me to say; "Pastor Mike, I can't believe that I have lived this long without understanding all that Jesus has done for me and that He wants to have a personal relationship with me, WITH ME; CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!" Kael has occupied a precious place in my heart ever since that day.

Kael has a lovely wife, two adult children, and many of close brothers and sisters in the Lord. 

Please pray for all of us, his family, friends, and especially Pastor Nathan, as we mourn the loss of a dear friend, and navigate with heavy hearts, and some now needed administrational changes in the ministry in Haiti. "Kael; you sir, will be deeply missed."....

Mike and Chris Leland

Wednesday, October 14, 2020



God is so good. As we are starting up our churches again, they are taking turns having week long crusades. I want to share a story with you from the Poteau Crusade.   

"Here is another compassionate work of God in the life of one precious grandmother in Haiti. Her name is Theanna; She is 66 years old and a widower of 5 years. She has several children and even more grandchildren, who are all Christians living close to her and taking care of her now. She recently attended our crusade at Poteau Church, where she gave her life to Jesus. She said that she is so glad and joyful now. She wishes that she came to this new belief in Jesus a long time ago. She was a gambler in the past, but has given all that up for Jesus. When we asked if she could read the Bible, she smiled so big, and said no, but "my grandchildren love to come and sit and read it to me." 

What unspeakable joy comes from knowing Jesus in a personal way, and from being reunited with family once again. It is truly miraculous how God is working in the lives of these desperate people in Haiti.

Please pray for Theanna and her family, that the word of God, and the love of God, will grow and continue to unite them together in the name of Jesus.

Thank you so very much for helping us to come alongside of these precious souls and thank you for helping us to purchase Bibles in Haiti, in Creole for them. Please pray for the stability of the Haitian dollar. It makes it so very hard for the poor when the value of the Haitian dollar keeps dropping. For right now Co-vid seems to not be a problem, thank you for continuing to pray, we so appreciate it.

Blessings, Mike and Chris

August 13, 2020

To our faithful followers and Prayer Partners; 

I felt sad that we missed our last fundraiser with you. Mostly because I was really looking forward to seeing you all again. We greatly value your relationship. But in-spite of the inability to hold an official gathering, because of  health and safety reasons, you have kept this ministry going with your prayers and financial gifts to help the children in Haiti.

I am so thankful for you, for even in the midst of these difficult times, you are still making a difference in these vulnerable children's lives. I know that for many of you, this has not been easy. Business is slow, and the economy is not what it once was. So, I understand completely. We continually pray for you, your families, your jobs, and your businesses to prosper in the name of Jesus. We continually pray for your health and safety, as our leaders make every effort to lead our nations in these uncertain times. We care about you.

To be honest, things are very tough right now in Haiti. Food and gas are in short supply, and prices have risen dramatically this past year. Hospitals are completely out of reach for most Haitian families. Haiti's schools have been closed for over a year. (But, all of our rural schools have been operating as usual, because they are out of the big cities, and the view of the opposition.) Churches have been closed for the past 5 months. (But most of our rural churches were started again last month.) The orphanage is running very well and very safe. All precautions that could be taken have been. There has not been a single sickness in the orphanage or the greater staff yet. Praise The Lord.

Our medical clinic has been working steady to help our local communities with healthcare and health education during this pandemic. And our radio station has been a shining light through this time. Teaching, advising, and guiding people. Thousands have come to know that this is where they can find out what market is open and safe, what highways are open and safe, when schools and churches will be open. Also, hundreds have come to know where to find prayer, healing, and deliverance. Many have come to know Jesus as their personal savior while listening to the daily church services. We have worked diligently to give the poor in Haiti what they need in this very hard time.

Because you have continued to  give, we have been able to continue operating in the name and spirit of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ......
But I must challenge you to dig deep. We are having a hard time keeping up. We prayerfully ask you to stretch yourselves on behalf of those who are in even more need than we are. Please consider how you might give, just a little bit more, in the face of these hard times. 
For your reward will be great in Heaven. 
And the reward for the vulnerable people in Haiti will be great right now........


Friday, May 1, 2020

"Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord's people. 
Philemon 1:7


Tonight, Friday, May 1st at 6:00 we want to be living out Philemon 1:7 "Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord's people."  We will be live streaming our annual fundraiser. This will be available for everyone to connect to, no matter where you live. We would very much appreciate you joining us and holding the ministry and Haitian people up in prayer. It is not necessarily how we would choose to raise funds to help the people of Haiti, but God says in Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" So we are moving forward and trusting in Him. Mike will be sharing a short story, some updates and there will be a short video from Pastor Nathan and the children in the Children's Village.

We will also be receiving calls from those of you who need prayer, please be praying for wisdom, as we reach out.

We are using Zoom. Here is the link and information again. 

Please join us to hear an update from Mike May 1, 2020 at 6:00 PM

Alternatively join the meeting on Facebook via Mike Leland timeline

Alternatively join via "Join a meeting button"

Webinar ID: 817 8075 1370
Password: 98264
or call in via phone US: +1 253 215 8782

We hope you will be with us.
Joy! Overwhelming Joy!

 "Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress."
Psalm 107:19.
 Thank you for coming along side the Haitian people!

April 25,2020


We really wanted to connect with you, and let you know that we have been praying for you and your families physical and financial health, and for your jobs and your businesses.

Also, we want to announce to all of you, that our annual fundraiser, planned for May 1st at 6:00 PM, is going full speed ahead, as a Live Stream Event.
This event is critical to the ongoing financial support of the amazing work that you, our prayer partners are doing right now in Haiti. Please read the announcement below for all the information you need to join us. Looking forward to sharing with you.

Blessings, Mike and Chris

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Missing some of my little's!

We are with you!

Good afternoon Prayer Partners,

I just wanted to let you know how much we love you and are praying for you, as well as our brothers and sisters in need in Haiti. For God did not call us only to minister His love and provision in Haiti, but also to our local brothers in the Lord and even to the ends of the earth.

This is a very hard and challenging time that we are facing right now and we are all facing it in some way or another. Here in the Northwest, across the United States, and over most of the world. Some are minimally effected and many severely effected by this virus and the many ramifications of it. Health, jobs, family, finances, isolation, are just some of the many challenges we are facing because of this. Sometimes the biggest challenges are what comes out of us during hard and challenging times. Things like fear, anxiety, stress and greed. 
This is not a time to shut off our emotions. These are hard times and this is real. But God knew that we would face these hard times and He wants us to be honest with Him and bring them to Him. "When we draw near to Him, He will indeed draw near to us." I was struck with the revelation of His peace this morning as I was praying for all of you. (Yes, I pray for all of you, your relationships, your families, and your businesses, that you would be blessed because you have been such a rich blessing to us and the people of Haiti.) 

Philippians 4:4-7 encourages us to "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all, for the Lord is near to us.  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

In John 14: 27 Jesus tells us personally;  "Peace I leave with you; my own peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. So do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

Jesus wants us to have His peace! His peace is His presence. He says "not as the world gives." In the world, peace is the absence of something. The absence of fear, anxiety, or doubt. That's all fine. But in the Kingdom of God, peace is the presence of something. Peace is the presence of Jesus, "The Prince of Peace." If we are a child in our room and are scared of the unknown, we can convince ourselves to have peace because its not likely that something would really happen. But how much more peace comes from our Father coming into the room with us, to reassure us of His provision and protection in our time of need. In Revelations 3, Jesus says; "Here I am, I stand at your room door and knock, if you will hear me and open the door, I will come in to your room and bring my peace to you." (Paraphrased by Mike)

It is in these hard and challenging times that bring us closer to God and proves to us that Jesus really is who He says He is! We are then able to be a light to the world. Because we, in Jesus, cannot be shaken. Though the things of this world can, and indeed will be shaken. We, in Jesus, will not be shaken.........Amen

Please let us know how we might be more specific in our prayers for you. If you would like to join with me, I will be fasting and praying for the condition of the world, all day Monday. Please feel free to respond, call or text me, to let me know................. Bless you, in Jesus, this next week. We love you and are with you in this.........Mike

Please, if you have a prayer request during this time, feel encouraged to share it with us. We would consider it a privilege to lift you up in prayer. 

Many Blessings, Chris and Mike

Missing some of my big ones too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Children from our Poteau School

Good afternoon good friends; This is a very important time to be, and have, good friends. Good friends are our life-line connection to love and encouragement. Good friends keep us balanced and encouraged in "Crisis Times" like this. 
It is in times like this, that it is so important that "we remain in Him, and His word remains in us", and He says that "whatever we ask, it will be done for us." God loves us, and He loves it when our crisis times draw us close to Him. He empowers us, as His beloved children to minister hope and peace and help to one-another, in their time of need. And it is, in our compassionate ministering and encouraging others, that God meets all our needs, in Jesus. "For All of God's promises for us, are YES, and Amen", in Jesus.

As the up-dates on the Corona Virus come to us daily, and sometimes hourly, we can easily get discouraged and become fearful, and with good reason, this is real! But, God did not give us a Spirit of fear. For crisis times like this, God gave us a spirit of power, and of love, and a sound mind." This promise brings me great encouragement to put my concerns in His loving, powerful, hands, and put my attention to encouraging others. God gave His children the keys to His Kingdom. God gave us power in our prayers for one another. God gave us love for one another. And God gave us a sound mind, anchored "in Jesus" to stabilize us from the panic of the world we live in. 

I have been staying in close contact with Pastor Nathan and the ministry in Haiti. They are, like us, under strict government recommendations to stay in their homes until this passes. "And this too shall pass." It is very hard for the Haitian people to understand what are good healthy recommendations, or just more corrupt government mandates being forced upon them. There are currently only 2 reported cases of the virus in Haiti. Neither are Haitians. Pray that this is it..... All of our church congregations are being asked to stay home and pray. Pray for their neighbors and their nation. They are also praying for us and our nation. They are praying for you! The orphanage is doing well, so far, and everyone is healthy. They have put into place good health practices. "Praise God, from whom all blessings flow."

We are very thankful to have so many good friends in this ministry like you. We are encouraged, and we know, that even in these times of crisis, as we remain in Him, we will be able to continue to support the vulnerable people of Haiti through their times of crisis. Please keep them in your prayers as they have been keeping you in theirs. 
Please prayerfully consider how you can extend your love to them, as God extends His love to you...……

We are still hopeful that we will have our New Generation Ministries, Annual Fundraiser Dinner and Auction, on May 1st. But if, like so many other gathering events, it is cancelled, and we are not able to meet together in person, we are already working on plans to offer an on-line alternative event for you. This is our only main fundraising event of the year. We depend heavily on this event to keep this ministry doing what God has called it to do. We are not fearful. We are loved. And we are encouraged that God knows what we, and you need. And God will meet all of our needs in Jesus. 

If any of you have specific prayer needs, or something that I could help you with, please let me know. It is my pleasure to serve you, as you have served me...…….Bless you in the place of His presence...……..Mike

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Pastor Nathan and Madame Nathan

We are so excited to share with you that Pastor Nathan and his wife will be coming to visit this spring!

Mike will be going to Haiti again around the 10th of April. Pastor Nathan and his wife will be traveling back to the Pacific Northwest with Mike April 29th. They will be here for our annual spring fundraiser on Friday, May 1st. So save the date and come and meet Pastor Nathan and his wife. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there. Blessings, Mike and Chris

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Mike, Nathan and Greg at the "Gonaives Airport"


I Just returned last Thursday from Haiti.
I want to personally thank all of you for your prayers. I could literally feel them with me for the first several days that we were in Haiti. I was able to move about the city of Port-Au-Prince as if protected by angels. The things that I had hoped to accomplish, were done easier than I could have ever hoped or imagined.

Chris sent out some very well written prayer partners, describing our experiences. I'm so proud of her. She is gifted. If you haven't had the chance to read them yet, please do. I could not have done them nearly as well myself, so I won't be repeating them.

This trip was partially for connecting again with the people I love and long to see healthy, happy, and whole in the Lord. Also, it was partially to communicate to them the things that God has been speaking to me about the growth and direction of the ministry in Haiti. Also, it was to test the climate, if you will, of the safety of the city, to determine if it would be safe and productive to bring teams in the near future. I was amazed at the clear and positive response I felt to all these objectives.

This trip was one of the most gratifying trips I have taken in resent years. The ministry is going so well and so strong. The leaders are stepping up to a much higher level of spiritual maturity then I have ever seen. God is moving so powerfully by His Holy Spirit, and the Haitian leadership is cooperating with Him. I'm so proud of them. The real benefit of their obedience is going to all the people and children in the 10 villages that we are currently serving.
Pastor Nathan is spreading out the leadership of the ministry to those with the appropriate gifts that God has given them for the job. WOW.

This now sets the stage for exponential growth in many areas of ministry in Haiti. Reaching out to new villages with the Life-Giving message of Jesus. Educating more children and youth to rise up out of poverty and oppression. Developing small communities to a spiritual and practical place of unity and prosperity that will remain sustainable.
"Please sir, give me this spring of living water, so that I won't get thirsty again and need to keep asking for more." (John 4:15)

Thank you again for your compassionate prayers and support for this ministry and the miraculous work that God is doing for the children of Haiti, that He loves so much............Mike

Mike and Chris Leland

Some of our kids!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Breaking the chains of slavery


I want to share with you about the Pastor's conference and thought I would start by quoting what Mike sent me later that evening. 

"Sitting out on the deck. 
Cool and breezy tonight.
No people walking.
No dogs barking.
No music playing.
Sometimes I really love this place."

"Just got home from finishing the pastors conference. It was very powerful. It really made an impact on them and how they will do church. God gave me a prophetic word that parallels 1st Samuel. The high priest Eli had let corruption into the church and so God was cutting the old church off and starting a new move of His Spirit with Samuel. Samuel could hear Gods voice and obey. Eli could no longer hear Gods voice. The Life-Giving church can hear Gods voice. The religious, traditional church can no longer hear Gods voice." 

Jesus laid  his self as a smooth building surface. We are warned to not set stuff that gets in the way of building the church, Mike felt like God was saying Haiti stacks stumbling blocks in the way of God building His church, like shoes, clothing, and religious traditions that keep the people from getting to God. But God says in His word that if you prevent the children from coming to him, it would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea. That's how serious this is to God. After this there was a very powerful time of ministry with many repenting and weeping for what the church had become.  For what they had not done and for shutting the Holy Spirit out of the church, like many churches have done in North America, in the name of being relevant and seeker friendly, We NEED BOTH the WORD OF GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT.

Mike then said,

"All of the pastors pledged to turn away from religion and tradition, and hear Gods voice and obey. And they pledged to become Life-Giving training centers, to equip the saints for ministry."

Nathan said afterwards he received over twenty phone calls from Pastor's whose hearts and eyes had been opened asking to meet again.

Haitian's have many proverbs their culture passes on, one of them is pretty powerful when you really think about it. 

In Creole it is "Chen lan kase nan ponyet men li rete nan lespri." 

In English it is "No longer chains on my wrist but still have chains in my mind."

Basically it is talking about being freed from bondage, chains and shackles, but still having a mind that is enslaved, thinking from a slaves perspective, whether you can see the chains or not.
I know I have been guilty of having a mind that is enslaved, enslaved to listening to the lies satan whispers, enslaved by culture perspective on how things should be done, and enslaved by satan telling me what Christ did on the cross wasn't good enough for me, I am not worthy. I believe God is on the move He wants His church and He is breaking off the chains, He is causing us to see, REALLY see, He is calling us back to Him.

Thank you for your very faithful prayers. The Holy Spirit is moving in Haiti. I can not express enough how much your prayers are doing.

Many Blessings, Chris

Friday, January 31, 2020

New school and church in Denonville


I talked with Mike earlier, he and Greg are doing well. Today they visited our new/old school in Denonville. It's actually a pretty cool story. We had a school in the outskirts of Gonaives, in an area called Marotte. The circumstances were that we were renting and every time the relatives of the property owner, who does not live in the area, needed money they threatened to sell the property out from under us, usually in the middle of the school year, then they would settle if we paid the following year's rent ahead of time, which of course was higher each time. It came to the point where we didn't feel comfortable being paid any further out, and the cost of rent was no longer a fair price. Last year they came to us again saying they needed more money or they were going to sell the land. Mike decided to call their bluff and told them to go ahead and sell it, believing it would take a while as they were asking US/Canadian prices for land in Haiti, well out of reach for our ministry. Nathan said we just needed to buy it, because we had both a school and church there. Mike felt like it would not be a wise financial choice. He said if God wanted us in that area then He would provide a reasonable rent or property for sale. The crazy God part was about a mile away in an area outside of Gonaives, called Denonville, Nathan's Father had property, which Nathan was unaware of and which he had inherited from Nathan's Grandfather, who passed away two years ago, the property had originally been passed down from Nathan's Great Grandfather, and like Myan, Nathan's Grandfather wanted the land to be used for God's purpose's. Long story short, within a week Nathan's father heard about the situation and said we could have the property for free for the school and church to move too. So the above photos are the beginnings of a church and school being built. And it's being used for God's purposes. It's quite a large piece of property and a blessing to the church and school in Marotte, which will now be called Denonville.

Tomorrow morning or this morning (Saturday) depending on when you read this, Mike and Greg will be meeting with the Pastors to share with them and encourage them. They would appreciate your prayers. In the afternoon they will be attending a funeral and possibly preaching during it.

Another cool God story I want to share with you is, a man named Les shared with me at church, that during prayer he saw Mike protected in a sort of glass cloche while in Haiti. I talked with Mike today about trying to get to the bank in Gonaives, he said that there are huge steel barricades all over the roads and he could not drive to the market or bank, but obviously it would not be safe seen leaving the bank and walking a couple of miles home. He and Eric, a Haitian friend who works for us prayed and found back alleys and clear areas of sidewalks, which they drove on in order to get to the bank, Mike walked the last little bit to the bank and the security guard recognized him and walked out of the bank with Mike after his transaction until he could get back to the truck and Eric. Along the way Mike kept meeting Haitians that he knew, God totally had him and Eric in a glass cloche, or bubble as Mike put it.

On that note prayer covering is needed Saturday, as the police were going to move all of the steel barricades to help traffic because things have begun to settle down a bit politically. The only highway going north and south in the country goes through Gonaives. But a gang named La Boto said they would shoot anyone trying to remove the barricades. So the police announced on the radio that the La Boto gang was preventing them from clearing the streets and allowing traffic to move and commerce to happen.They then asked the community to show up and create a mass of people, showing the gang that they are out numbered. So there will be a huge potential for either peace or violence. Please pray for the people, police and the city of Gonaives. God is a God of Peace and He is ultimately in control. Again, thank you for your faithful prayers, they make a huge difference.

Blessings, Chris

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The two year anniversary celebration at Amone-Bout-Nat!


We wanted to thank you for your prayers. Mike was able to safely accomplish most of what he needed to in Port-au-Prince, a huge miracle in and of it's self. Also, Greg and Mike had a good flight up to Gonaives today, where they were met by Nathan. They visited with the children in our Children's Village and then went to our boys transitional home, which is part of our home in Gonaives. They were so appreciative of your prayers. 

Today Nathan told Mike the dates for a few of the main events, so that we can be in prayer for them. The Pastor's Conference will be February 5th and 6th. The big conference for all the villages will be February 8th. Please be in prayer for these events. The theme will be "Equipping the Saints".

On Saturday Mike and Greg will have Christmas with the children. They have brought all the gifts that you helped to gather for the children. Because of the unrest in Haiti we were not able to get the gifts to the children for Christmas. They had a wonderful Christmas dinner and celebration on Christmas. Now they will get their gifts:)

Thank you again for your covering in prayer, I will update when I know more.

Blessings, Chris

Sunday, January 26, 2020


I wanted to thank you for your prayers. Mike and Greg arrived safely in Port-au-Prince today. Usually Mike leaves from the airport and travels directly to Gonaives, but this trip he needed to stay in Port-au-Prince to do some government business on Monday. Please pray for his safety Monday as he travels through Port-au-Prince, Dr. Ralph, one of our physicians will be traveling with him. Please pray for favor and for much to be accomplished. It is so hard to get things done in Haiti, please pray that God's favor rests on them.

Late last night, Saturday, I was studying and the Lord spoke to my heart and I felt like I was supposed to share it with you. So here it is, I hope it encourages you and speaks to you as well. 


I wanted to share a bit of my heart with you tonight. Some thoughts I have had. A few things have come together lately that have spoken to my heart. One is the other night there was an alumni speaker, his name was Nick, at my daughters Consecration of the Hands ceremony for nursing school at SPU, in Seattle. He shared that he looked at his profession as a nurse, as not a job, but his calling. He shared that he believed that his being with people as life was birthed or as they took their last breath, was being the hands and feet of God. He shared that through his relationship with patients and willingness to share about Jesus during their vulnerable times, he had built a relationship with people who had invited him into their lives, who had asked him to perform their funeral, as they had no one else in their life who knew Christ. And to be the 'pastor' that married them to the person they had fallen in love with, also going through cancer treatments before they died, as no one else around them knew Christ. He shared that he took the opportunities that God gave him to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and to speak life. 

I think we are in a battle and the enemy has caused us to fear being the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us. I've asked myself, are we valuing our lives over taking the chance to reach out and help those around us? The other morning as I was getting ready for the day, I started to be fearful as I thought of the what if's and how they could play out in my life, and I heard God say "I am not a God of fear". Life seems hard sometimes, I  think we forget we were born into war. We forget where our real home lies. We are here temporarily, in a way we are just visiting, lets not fear using our short time here fully walking in and embracing all who we can. Let's not be a dim light in the path that others aren't sure is a real light, let us be that sure, steadfast, brilliant light that they cannot help but be drawn to. As for me, I want to take as many with me into eternal life as I can and to do that I need God's perspective. Some things to ponder.

Thank you for listening to me as I share my heart and thoughts and thank you for being faithful in praying, as I have said before, we really depend on your prayers.

Many Blessings, Chris

Below are some photos from Nathan as they shared rice with some of the different communities.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Four of the people who accepted Jesus near Ennery.

Two more ladies from the group that accepted the Lord in their hearts near Ennery.