Friday, January 31, 2020


I talked with Mike earlier, he and Greg are doing well. Today they visited our new/old school in Denonville. It's actually a pretty cool story. We had a school in the outskirts of Gonaives, in an area called Marotte. The circumstances were that we were renting and every time the relatives of the property owner, who does not live in the area, needed money they threatened to sell the property out from under us, usually in the middle of the school year, then they would settle if we paid the following year's rent ahead of time, which of course was higher each time. It came to the point where we didn't feel comfortable being paid any further out, and the cost of rent was no longer a fair price. Last year they came to us again saying they needed more money or they were going to sell the land. Mike decided to call their bluff and told them to go ahead and sell it, believing it would take a while as they were asking US/Canadian prices for land in Haiti, well out of reach for our ministry. Nathan said we just needed to buy it, because we had both a school and church there. Mike felt like it would not be a wise financial choice. He said if God wanted us in that area then He would provide a reasonable rent or property for sale. The crazy God part was about a mile away in an area outside of Gonaives, called Denonville, Nathan's Father had property, which Nathan was unaware of and which he had inherited from Nathan's Grandfather, who passed away two years ago, the property had originally been passed down from Nathan's Great Grandfather, and like Myan, Nathan's Grandfather wanted the land to be used for God's purpose's. Long story short, within a week Nathan's father heard about the situation and said we could have the property for free for the school and church to move too. So the above photos are the beginnings of a church and school being built. And it's being used for God's purposes. It's quite a large piece of property and a blessing to the church and school in Marotte, which will now be called Denonville.

Tomorrow morning or this morning (Saturday) depending on when you read this, Mike and Greg will be meeting with the Pastors to share with them and encourage them. They would appreciate your prayers. In the afternoon they will be attending a funeral and possibly preaching during it.

Another cool God story I want to share with you is, a man named Les shared with me at church, that during prayer he saw Mike protected in a sort of glass cloche while in Haiti. I talked with Mike today about trying to get to the bank in Gonaives, he said that there are huge steel barricades all over the roads and he could not drive to the market or bank, but obviously it would not be safe seen leaving the bank and walking a couple of miles home. He and Eric, a Haitian friend who works for us prayed and found back alleys and clear areas of sidewalks, which they drove on in order to get to the bank, Mike walked the last little bit to the bank and the security guard recognized him and walked out of the bank with Mike after his transaction until he could get back to the truck and Eric. Along the way Mike kept meeting Haitians that he knew, God totally had him and Eric in a glass cloche, or bubble as Mike put it.

On that note prayer covering is needed Saturday, as the police were going to move all of the steel barricades to help traffic because things have begun to settle down a bit politically. The only highway going north and south in the country goes through Gonaives. But a gang named La Boto said they would shoot anyone trying to remove the barricades. So the police announced on the radio that the La Boto gang was preventing them from clearing the streets and allowing traffic to move and commerce to happen.They then asked the community to show up and create a mass of people, showing the gang that they are out numbered. So there will be a huge potential for either peace or violence. Please pray for the people, police and the city of Gonaives. God is a God of Peace and He is ultimately in control. Again, thank you for your faithful prayers, they make a huge difference.

Blessings, Chris

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