Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hoping all is well with you. We hope you are enjoying the early signs of spring.

We wanted to update everyone in regards to the current un-rest in Haiti. This past week the Prime Minister was dismissed. This was a good thing, as he was one of the major instigators of the riots taking place in Haiti. They now have an interim prime minister. Things have settled down for the most part. But there are rumors of more protests this coming week, and the US Embassy still has a level 4 travel alert for incoming visitors.  For that reason we have canceled our April team’s mission trip.

The common people of Haiti are not the ones wanting the political unrest to continue. Several times this past month, when there were dates of planned manifestations, the people ignored them and went about their business as usual, the best they could. The political unrest hurts the common people and does not help the country’s economy. There is still a fuel shortage and many other problems that the people of Haiti face on a daily basis, but the people are persevering against these odds. Please continue to pray for Haiti’s stability and security for the sake of the common people.

Please also pray for Mike, as he is deciding whether or not to go to Haiti on April 1st.  Because of the unrest it has been a longer time between visits than usual for Mike and they are really wanting him to come.

On another note there continue to be many salvations in our churches, especially in Pass Rein, Amone-Bout-Nat and Marose.

This man named Jolistin, says he is so old that he cannot remember his age :) He accepted the Lord one month ago for the first time. He has 5 grown children. He is not married yet. He has spent a lot of time with witch doctors. All of his children have become Christians now and he says he doesn’t feel comfortable outside of the faith. His is a mason by trade. He wants prayer to go deeper in God and he wants “God to keep him until the end”. He also wants to marry the mother of his children and be baptized. Praise God!

This girl named Nanouse, from Bout-Nat, says she accepted Christ 3 months ago and has become part of the church. She is 24 years old and she likes gardening with garlic and tomatoes. She has a low education and a boyfriend. Before accepting Christ, she used to go to the witch doctor, to rara, voodoo and she gambled. She went to the witch doctor because she had a disease, she shared that if she got close to a Christian she would start manifesting an unclean spirit. She says she knows there are so many changes in her life. God has healed her from her disease. He has given her a house. A couple of weeks ago she went to the youth event in Gros morne and there were many troubled youth with unclean spirits and she was able to help pray for them. She asked us to pray for her to be a solid Christian and for her parents and boyfriend to become Christian.

These are just two of the people who recently have given their lives to God. They both say their lives have changed for the better. Please lift them up in prayer, along with the others that are new to Christ.

Thank you so very much for coming  along side the people of Haiti with us.