Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Good Shepherd Choir singing in the square of downtown Gonaives

Nathan leading worship in the square of downtown Gonaives 

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season. Last night we enjoyed a crusade in 83 degree weather, and that was during the evening :) Nathan was asked to lead worship for a crusade in the downtown square of Gonaives. This is where some of you have seen the statue of Dessalines. It is in the heart of the third largest city in Haiti. About 1000 people were in the square, with more in hearing distance as the sound penetrated the downtown area. This area is very busy during the day as it is where the open market starts. It comes alive again after dark. People buy street food in the evening near here and then bring it to the square to eat. Our Good Shepherd choir, made up of people from all five of our churches, was invited to perform at the crusade. There are about  50 members in our choir. Nathan is the director, leading the choir is very life giving for him. It was an honor to have a choir as new as ours be invited to perform in the crusade. After the choir finished performing, while the message was being given, Nathan was doing street evangelism. It was a really great night.

This morning Nathan preached in Pass Rien and Mike preached in Poteau. We had two salvations in Poteau. 

Tonight will be the start of a two week revival in Marose. Mike will be preaching both this evening and Monday evening. Nathan will be leading worship and preaching some of the remaining evenings. He will have other guest speakers too. Becca will be holding a women's bible study training for leaders in Marose three afternoons a week during the revival. Please pray for Nathan, Mike and the other pastors who will be teaching during the revival and Becca as she teaches the women's study. 

Early Tuesday morning Mike and I and three of our children will be flying to the USA. We have not been able to get visa's appointments for the two children we are adopting. Our daughter Becca and her son Felice are here to visit, minister and to be with the two children we are leaving behind. Please pray for her and her son as they are here for Christmas and also for our two children we are trying to adopt. It will be very hard for them emotionally when we go. We already have had some tears. It has been 10 months since I have seen my other children and I have one grandchild I have never seen. So please pray for our family as everyone adjusts. Thank you so much and many blessings,

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The November team from Georgia.