Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday July 31st
See the picture below as construction continues on the new orphanage. We are so excited to see the progress you have helped us make. This is the first of three buildings. It is the dorm building. The building is 140' long and will be divided into separate living quarters, with a nanny for each of 5 to 6 children. This will give them a parent "type" guardian to watch after them. Each child will have his or her own bed, WOW, most have never had one. I just can't express enough, how grateful I, and these kids are for the prayers and support you have so generously given. You have made this progress possible............Mike

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24th 2009
Getting close to our team trip on August 4th. We will be taking medical supplies, computers, and toys for the kids. It will be a good trip. I'm only back for two weeks, then off again for a pastors conference. This will be a fantastic opportunity to encourage and equip these dedicated pastors literally giving their lives away for the sake of the gospel. Please pray for them, and us. We will also be taking with us, a delegation of business people. These are wanting to see how best to invest in business to create jobs and income for the people. This is something that we have prayed for for a long time. Please pray that doors are opened for these opportunities. When I get back I will post some pictures of our orphanage construction progress...........Mike

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th 2009
Just a quick note of appreciation for all the people that have lately been putting their Faith in Action. It is one thing to say that we are so touched by the stories we hear about the children in Haiti. And quite another to do something about it. The poverty and the oppression on these children is almost insurmountable for them to have any chance at an upbringing that will allow them to be sustainable and have a family of their own, if they even live that long. But some of you lately are amazing examples to all of us.
A Garage sale that netted over $10,000. A worship/Dance performance, for" the least of these". A children s walk-a-thon, where families with small children can walk a couple blocks and show first hand how to put even the smallest Faith in Action. A hot dog stand for the support of the participants of the next mission team. These simple acts, are exactly what Jesus was talking about in Mt. 25:31. And these simple acts are what is building a new orphanage for these children and providing them with a new well of clean drinking water, and sending them to free school and feeding them....Get the connection....We do, and we thank you....Very much....Mike

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9th 2009

We are so very excited about all the activity at the Good Shepherd in Marose, Haiti. We are well under construction of the first building of the new orphanage. The building is 140' long, and is divided into 12' X 15' rooms. These will be the living spaces for the kids and nannies. Our approach is to assign a full time nanny to about 5 children. Meeting not only their physical needs, but some love and personal attention as well. All eating will still be done corporately to insure good nutritional meals. Special thanks to our regular supporters and those that attended our 1st annual fundraiser dinner in May. This is the result of your compassionate giving. To help these children have just the very basics of life.

Our next team trip is August 4th. The team is set and getting ready to experience the heart of God. Please pray for them, and their mission.

We would very much appreciate you prayers for the up-coming pastors conference August 24th. This will equip, encourage, and empower selected pastors that have dedicated their lives to advancing the gospel in Haiti.

First Post; Thank you so much to Maria, a wonderful, big hearted Woman, Wife, and Mother, who seeks God and sees with her heart, the things that He sees, and is willing to do something about it. We are very appreciative and inspired by her............

Monday, July 6, 2009

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