Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9th 2009

We are so very excited about all the activity at the Good Shepherd in Marose, Haiti. We are well under construction of the first building of the new orphanage. The building is 140' long, and is divided into 12' X 15' rooms. These will be the living spaces for the kids and nannies. Our approach is to assign a full time nanny to about 5 children. Meeting not only their physical needs, but some love and personal attention as well. All eating will still be done corporately to insure good nutritional meals. Special thanks to our regular supporters and those that attended our 1st annual fundraiser dinner in May. This is the result of your compassionate giving. To help these children have just the very basics of life.

Our next team trip is August 4th. The team is set and getting ready to experience the heart of God. Please pray for them, and their mission.

We would very much appreciate you prayers for the up-coming pastors conference August 24th. This will equip, encourage, and empower selected pastors that have dedicated their lives to advancing the gospel in Haiti.

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