Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Mike, Nathan and Greg at the "Gonaives Airport"


I Just returned last Thursday from Haiti.
I want to personally thank all of you for your prayers. I could literally feel them with me for the first several days that we were in Haiti. I was able to move about the city of Port-Au-Prince as if protected by angels. The things that I had hoped to accomplish, were done easier than I could have ever hoped or imagined.

Chris sent out some very well written prayer partners, describing our experiences. I'm so proud of her. She is gifted. If you haven't had the chance to read them yet, please do. I could not have done them nearly as well myself, so I won't be repeating them.

This trip was partially for connecting again with the people I love and long to see healthy, happy, and whole in the Lord. Also, it was partially to communicate to them the things that God has been speaking to me about the growth and direction of the ministry in Haiti. Also, it was to test the climate, if you will, of the safety of the city, to determine if it would be safe and productive to bring teams in the near future. I was amazed at the clear and positive response I felt to all these objectives.

This trip was one of the most gratifying trips I have taken in resent years. The ministry is going so well and so strong. The leaders are stepping up to a much higher level of spiritual maturity then I have ever seen. God is moving so powerfully by His Holy Spirit, and the Haitian leadership is cooperating with Him. I'm so proud of them. The real benefit of their obedience is going to all the people and children in the 10 villages that we are currently serving.
Pastor Nathan is spreading out the leadership of the ministry to those with the appropriate gifts that God has given them for the job. WOW.

This now sets the stage for exponential growth in many areas of ministry in Haiti. Reaching out to new villages with the Life-Giving message of Jesus. Educating more children and youth to rise up out of poverty and oppression. Developing small communities to a spiritual and practical place of unity and prosperity that will remain sustainable.
"Please sir, give me this spring of living water, so that I won't get thirsty again and need to keep asking for more." (John 4:15)

Thank you again for your compassionate prayers and support for this ministry and the miraculous work that God is doing for the children of Haiti, that He loves so much............Mike

Mike and Chris Leland

Some of our kids!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Breaking the chains of slavery


I want to share with you about the Pastor's conference and thought I would start by quoting what Mike sent me later that evening. 

"Sitting out on the deck. 
Cool and breezy tonight.
No people walking.
No dogs barking.
No music playing.
Sometimes I really love this place."

"Just got home from finishing the pastors conference. It was very powerful. It really made an impact on them and how they will do church. God gave me a prophetic word that parallels 1st Samuel. The high priest Eli had let corruption into the church and so God was cutting the old church off and starting a new move of His Spirit with Samuel. Samuel could hear Gods voice and obey. Eli could no longer hear Gods voice. The Life-Giving church can hear Gods voice. The religious, traditional church can no longer hear Gods voice." 

Jesus laid  his self as a smooth building surface. We are warned to not set stuff that gets in the way of building the church, Mike felt like God was saying Haiti stacks stumbling blocks in the way of God building His church, like shoes, clothing, and religious traditions that keep the people from getting to God. But God says in His word that if you prevent the children from coming to him, it would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea. That's how serious this is to God. After this there was a very powerful time of ministry with many repenting and weeping for what the church had become.  For what they had not done and for shutting the Holy Spirit out of the church, like many churches have done in North America, in the name of being relevant and seeker friendly, We NEED BOTH the WORD OF GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT.

Mike then said,

"All of the pastors pledged to turn away from religion and tradition, and hear Gods voice and obey. And they pledged to become Life-Giving training centers, to equip the saints for ministry."

Nathan said afterwards he received over twenty phone calls from Pastor's whose hearts and eyes had been opened asking to meet again.

Haitian's have many proverbs their culture passes on, one of them is pretty powerful when you really think about it. 

In Creole it is "Chen lan kase nan ponyet men li rete nan lespri." 

In English it is "No longer chains on my wrist but still have chains in my mind."

Basically it is talking about being freed from bondage, chains and shackles, but still having a mind that is enslaved, thinking from a slaves perspective, whether you can see the chains or not.
I know I have been guilty of having a mind that is enslaved, enslaved to listening to the lies satan whispers, enslaved by culture perspective on how things should be done, and enslaved by satan telling me what Christ did on the cross wasn't good enough for me, I am not worthy. I believe God is on the move He wants His church and He is breaking off the chains, He is causing us to see, REALLY see, He is calling us back to Him.

Thank you for your very faithful prayers. The Holy Spirit is moving in Haiti. I can not express enough how much your prayers are doing.

Many Blessings, Chris