Friday, October 14, 2011


Just a short e-mail to let you know of two praise reports. First, each evening last week our church in Marose held revival meetings. God really moved and there were 40 salvation's during the week. Which is wonderful!!!!!!

Second, today the first of two 40ft containers left headed for Haiti, they will be shipped out of Florida. The containers were mostly school supplies and Gleaners soup. There were also some orphanage supplies, building tools, medical supplies and all of the kitchen items from the" mission store" fundraiser, along with about 1200 flip flops. And 3600 pounds of rice. Rice in Haiti right now is $70 for a 50lb. bag, rice in Bellingham is $17.98 for a 50lb. bag of rice. We spent $1294.56 on the rice. In Haiti the same rice would have been $5040.00, which is a savings of $3745.44. We were able to do this because of two very generous donations for food we received. Please pray for safe and inexpensive trucking, shipping, dock fees and transportation from the port to the orphanage. It will be such a blessing to the orphanage, school children, and the community through the medical clinic and church. Thank you to all who donated, gathered supplies, loaded containers, provided the equipment for loading, weighed the trucks and trucked the gleaners food for free from the Okanagan. We literally could not have blessed the four communities in Haiti without your help. God has brought many of us together to literally be his hands and feet. Thank you so much for partnering with us.

Many Blessings,