Sunday, December 26, 2021




Hope you had a nice Christmas. We wanted to share some exciting news with you. We have recently partnered with a well drilling ministry that has been unable to operate due to the unstable political environment. Because of our connections and ministry in Haiti we have been able to hire local crews to begin drilling wells and providing clean drinking water to nearby small villages that previously had none.

In Haiti accessible clean drinking water is a huge problem. This well drilling operation is now, providing;

· Clean healthy drinking water for families that did not have it yesterday.

· Sustainable jobs for skilled and unskilled workers, who previously had none.

· The ability for an increased number of children who can go to school, instead of hauling buckets of water for miles.

· Dramatic increased farming yields, by season, and by year.

· Creating a much higher economic level of community independence.  

In the last few months we have been able to drill four wells in different community areas. And we have also successfully drilled our first high volume agricultural well for the farmer’s association across the river from our headquarters. This well alone will double the current produce, and will affect over 200 family farms, and thousands of community members. It will also be producing feed for our Market Place egg production, and our Tilapia fish farm. Also, we have been approached by companies wanting to contract with us to grow Soybeans and Red Habanero Peppers. The far reaching impact of these wells are literally changing the economic status of an entire region

We would love to have you join us If this good news touches your heart as much as it has ours, Consider giving specifically to well drilling through
And as the year comes to an end we would like to thank you for your faithful support, both financially and prayerfully. We are so blessed to have you partnering with us.
Blessings for the new Year,
Mike and Chris


Friday, December 10, 2021

Merry Christmas From The Children's Village


 Merry Christmas, 

Hope this finds you well. We want to thank you for all of your faithful prayers. We are so very grateful for your coming alongside of us and the people of Haiti.

Our Children's Village has recently been gone over with a fine tooth comb by IBESR, Haiti's central authority for adoption in Haiti and their version of CPS (social services). They randomly check all orphanage's in the country of Haiti. After months of visitations, inspections and paperwork we once again received the highest level of approval which is green. We are so thrilled to be able to share this news with you. 

Some of you have been asking how you can bless the children in the Children's Village this Christmas. Our Christmas list for the Children's Village is on our website. Thank you for desiring to bring Joy and Blessings to the children this Christmas.

We love and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Blessings, Mike and Chris


Merry Christmas

Sunday, November 7, 2021


Erwins and Sunday

Sunday and Kevins



It is Orphan Sunday today.
So, I wanted to highlight an orphan in our Children's Village. We call him Sunday, because he came from the streets into the Children's Village on a Sunday, and the only information we could get out of him was Sunday. He was such a scared little guy. When he first arrived he had an infected scab covering 1/2 his face. He had obviously come from an abusive situation. The other children teased him and called him yellow hair.

He slowly learned to trust us and know he was safe and would be able to eat. It wasn't long before his Cheshire grin won over everyone, his personality went with his grin and the magenta flared sweatpants that we had to practically peel off of him to wash, they were his favorite pants to wear, those or pajama bottoms. :) He has been such a cheerful, happy and helpful child. He has grown into a confident young man now and is attending high school. We have been so blessed by those of you who have chosen to sponsor a child and allow them opportunities in life that they otherwise would not have.

The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy Chapter 10, that "God is the Defender of the Orphan." But God calls each one of us to partner with Him in the care for the least of these around the globe.

Thanks to your help, New Generation Ministries has been partnering with God to care for the least of these in Haiti since 2008. The Good Shepherd Children's Village is a safe and healthy environment for more than 60 orphaned children, who are receiving the love, care, and education they need to grow into confident young men and women.

November is "Defend the Orphan Awareness Month," and November 7th is "Orphan Sunday." Please take this opportunity to partner with God, and New Generation Ministries in Haiti, to ensure that the children like Sunday really do receive the love, care, and education they need. You can change the story of their lives from Orphan, to confident young men and women. Be about changing history to His-Story...   
Blessings, Chris


Sunday opening a gift from his sponsor

Sunday growing up


Monday, October 4, 2021



This is just a quick note letting you know that Mike will be flying out of Gonaives Monday morning. Because of flights available this time, he will be traveling all of Monday and most of Tuesday. Please pray for safe and on time travel connections. Also please lift Nathan up in prayer, it is always a very emotional time for him when Mike leaves.

Thank you so very much for your prayers.

Blessings, Chris

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Children from Poteau



We want to thank you for coming alongside of us and the people of Haiti in prayer. Prayer is so foundational.

I also want to share with you that today, Saturday, Nathan and Mike will be having another Pastors Conference. This conference will be much larger than last Saturday, it will be open for the pastors and leaders of each of our churches. It will also be available for leaders in other areas of our ministry. And it will be open to other Haitian pastors that would like to come. Please be praying for wisdom discernment and leading by the Holy Spirit for Nathan and Mike. Please partner with us in praying for open hearts and for impartation for the participants.

Sunday morning Nathan will be leading worship and Mike will be teaching in Myan. Nathan and Mike were still undecided on which church they will be at for the evening service. Please join us in prayer for the Sunday services.

Blessings, Chris

Best Buds :)


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

JeanDenis at the Pastors Conference

Mike and JeanDenis



The Pastors Conference went really well. Thank you for your prayers, they appreciated them. Today was mostly filled with meetings with Samuel, the Children's Village director, and Lemeque, who is the director over our churches. They also had meetings going over the business plan with the staff for the Market place, and spent time in Gonavies pricing out wholesale goods, frozen product, transportation and rent. Mike also spent time with our older boys in the transitional ministry getting their school supplies, books and uniforms ready, as high school starts in the morning. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Mike will be teaching the bible study in Marose. He would love it if you would join us in prayer for open hearts and understanding, along with some good dialogue. Then on Thursday they will be passing out more Bibles.

Mike also spent time visiting with JeanDenis, our pastor in DeForce, which is part of Pass Rien. I wanted to share his story with you.

JeanDenis was born 5th of 9 children. By the time he was in 9th grade he was on his own. He went to school in Gonaives and worked for family friends in construction. He knew he did not want to return to DeForce and he knew he needed to get more education, so while attending his 13th grade he also attended professional school to become a mason. He had a difficult time paying for both schools and helping to support his family, which is expected of you if you get any kind of work. He was kicked out of school for non payment a few times. He also had a hard time passing  the final exam given by the government because of the schooling he missed. He did pass on his 2nd attempt.

During this time he had friends that kept telling him he needed to come back to DeForce because of a new church. He eventually went back and saw his spiritual life grow dramatically as he saw people in his village get set free, walk away from voodoo, and share amazing testimonies. Then he witnessed the battles between our church and the Madame, who was a Boko, one of the top witch doctors in the country. He was amazed that God kept winning the victories. He said any other organization would have put her out, but Mike invited her to the ceremony changing the name of DeForce to Bon Berger Place de Lumiere, she stood up and gave her life to the Lord and then asked the villagers forgiveness for all the bondage she had created.

He said that sometimes he was uncomfortable with all the miracles and deliverances he saw, but he said "when I shut my eyes I could feel that it was the Holy Spirit and I knew He was leading me in the right direction". He said every one complimented him on how motivated he was, but he said "really people did not know how scared I was, until I began to worship God, then I had no fear, only peace". People started telling him that he had the gift of leadership on him, he said he kept shrinking back because he thought he was too young. He helped with the sound system instead and even though he had no music training, worship moved him and he began to learn worship, because it made him feel close to God. After a time it became apparent that it also moved others, so a few years later he found himself leading worship.

JeanDenis also applied to be a teacher at our school, but once again failed the test. On the 2nd try he passed and was offered a job as a teacher when another teacher was disqualified. A few years after that, in his words "God turned a light on and I realized that I had romantic feelings for a girl who had grown up in my village and was my friend. Then Pastor Nathan and Pastor Mike said I should get married." He bought a little piece of property to build a small house on that was extremely inexpensive, because a Boko, witch doctor, had owned it and everyone one was afraid of it. After he built and was okay, others decided to build around him and now he is in a nice little community of other church members. He has shown such leadership skill that he has been appointed as the pastor of our church, but he considers himself as part of a team of 6 other members who lead the church.

JeanDenis has a strong vision for community growth in Deforce to be a place of light for all the surrounding villages. He is happily married with a baby girl and feels very blessed. He is a joy to be around. We consider him a treasure to the ministry. Please lift JeanDenis and his family, along with the church leadership up to God in prayer.


JeanDenis in the red shirt

JeanDenis at the Pass Rien School


Friday, September 24, 2021

Carlos and His Sister





Good evening,

Thank you once again for your prayers, we really appreciate them. Tomorrow morning, Saturday, the Pastors Conference starts, we would love it if you would join us in praying for Nathan as he leads worship and Mike as he teaches. Please be pray for understanding and impartation. Also, please pray for the Pastors to catch vision and be encouraged.

We would also appreciate prayer for Sunday. Mike will be preaching in Poteau in the morning and then in the evening in a village called Canabra, it is between Marose and Gonaives. Please pray for soft hearts and a hunger for the Word of God.

I also wanted to share about one of our older boys. His name is Carlos, he and his little sister first came to us about 10 years ago. They came from a larger village called Arcahaie. Both their mother and father died during the same month from different circumstances, which left them as orphans. When they first arrived at our Children's Village it was a difficult transition for him to go from a family to being an orphan, he was very protective of his little sister.

Fast forward 10 years, Carlos has spent the last few years living in our boys transitional home, which is attached to our home in Gonaives. The home is for boys who have aged out of the Children's Village, and have potential, but have not yet finished high school. Because of the boys transitional home, he has had the opportunity to finish high school with honors. He has attained what very few are able to attain in Haiti. Here are some stats regarding Haiti and education:

 In Haiti there are no Food Stamps, Head Start, Medicaid, Medicare, Public Health Care, Aid to Families, Job Core, Emergency Food and Shelter Program or Public Housing. 
  • The enrollment rate for primary school in Haiti is 57%, and fewer than 30% of the students reach 6th grade.
  • Secondary schools enroll 20% of eligible-age children.
  • Haiti’s literacy rate is 52.9%.
  • Haiti ranks 177th out of 186 in the world for national spending on education.
  • The Government has advocated the creation of a free public and universal education system for all primary school-age students in Haiti, but there is no government funding program available now or appropriated in the near future to provide for free public education for all children in Haiti.
  • International private schools are primarily operated and funded by American and Canadian missions and churches and they educate 90% of the students.

This summer Mike and Jonas worked with Carlos in regards to his desire to further his education and it looks like he will be attending the University of Notre Dame in Haiti. We are so very proud of him. He is a strong Christian, a hard worker, and very faithful. He will be working towards an Engineering degree. He hopes to be able to open his own business when he graduates and would also like to help our ministry. We are so excited for him. Thank you for partnering with us and supporting our Children's Village.  Please pray for Carlos as he continues walking out his story.

Blessings, Chris

Thursday, September 23, 2021

"God through her life be glorified"



We want to thank you for your prayers, Mike made it to Gonaives safely. He has been spending time visiting the different areas of our ministry.

Today, Mike shared "it is obvious by the response, that I was intended to be here now. I have been very impressed by their handling of the ministry in my absence.
I have been encouraging the staff that they don't just have a job, but a ministry, called and equipped by God for the people of Haiti .
It's more than that they are glad to see me. It's like they have been waiting to show me how well they have been doing, and (wanting to know) what messages I am bringing to them".

Thank you for your coming along side of us to help the Haitian people help themselves. God is allowing us to see the fruit of the seeds planted for the last 13 years. While living in Haiti God blessed us with being able to see the fruit of salvations, healings and deliverances as we came along side of Him. Something not all missionaries are blessed to see during their time serving Him. Now, incredibly, we are so very privileged to see the years poured into prayer, sacrifice, ministering, discipling and leadership training begin to come into fruition. We are so grateful for your part in this. My heart is reminded of the words in a song

"Beyond the burial there’s a resurrection
Your will be done in me
In the stillness all around
You are working all the details out
What’s in me will grow someday
I trust Your timing and Your ways" 

In the chorus are the words:

"He holds the time that I will rise... God through my life be glorified".

May God be glorified through their lives. 

If you are interested in listening to the song here is the link

Blessings, Chris

Monday, September 20, 2021


 Good evening,

As you may know Mike's and my trip to Haiti in July was canceled due to the assassination of the Haitian President. Shortly there after, there was an earthquake in the southern part of Haiti. After talking with pastor Nathan we decided it was not a safe time to travel. While safety has not yet returned in Port-au-Prince, Mike and Nathan feel it is safe for Mike to be in Gonaives. So Mike will be flying to Haiti tomorrow, Monday, evening.

It is on Mike's heart to go and encourage our leadership in Haiti. It is the heartbeat of our ministry to inspire and empower the people of Haiti. Please pray for safe and on time travel. Please pray for health, discernment and Godly wisdom. Also, please pray for vision as Mike and Nathan meet and plan for the ministry. We both need and appreciate your faithful prayers. Thank you for coming along side of the people of Haiti.

Blessings, Chris

Tuesday, August 31, 2021



We wanted to thank you for your prayer support and send you a quick update on the crusade. And Yes, that's a real picture in Haiti at night! It was taken by Joey:) On to the good news. They had 4 salvations on Sunday night and another 4 salvations Monday evening. There has also been healings and people set free. Pastor Nathan said they have been drawing huge crowds. Please continue to pray and lift them up. 

Also we have heard from some of you that the link for the fundraiser dinner was not working. Here is an updated and working link :) just click on it and it will bring you directly to our fundraiser page on our website.

Thank you again for all of your support. We are sooo thankful for you.
Blessings, Chris

Prayer is everything!


Sunday, August 29, 2021

They will be driving a stake into the ground similar to this one, claiming the area for Jesus.


Hope you are all enjoying your last few days of summer. 

I am writing to you today asking for you to stand in battle with us for Pass Rein, one of the mountain villages we minister in. Pastor Nathan and our church in Pass Rein are holding a crusade for eight nights on the the dirt soccer field in their community. Each evening into the night they will be worshiping and praying, they will be battling and contending with God for their community because,
They see the mountain, 
They are in the shadows of evil,
They WILL be fighting on their knees with their hands lifted high,
They WILL be battling and believing God for the mountain to be moved and for the VICTORY that is His.

As I write you today I am reminded of a song by Phil Wickham. The song's chorus says "nothing can stand against the power of our God". Some of the words are;

When all I see is the battle
You see my victory
When all I see is the mountain
You see a mountain moved
And as I walk through the shadow
Your love surrounds me
There's nothing to fear now
For I am safe with You

So when I fight I'll fight on my knees
With my hands lifted high
Oh God the battle belongs to You
And every fear I lay at Your feet
I'll sing through the night
Oh God the battle belongs to You

If you want to listen to the whole song here is a link :)

Will you sing through the night with them? Will you fight on your knees with them? Believing that the battle belongs to Him, that the VICTORY is HIS! There is power in YOUR prayers!

Blessings and thank you for coming along side of us and the people of Haiti.

Mike and Chris

Mike, Chris and Nathan


Wednesday, August 18, 2021


 Good day to you friends;

It is a tragic truth that we have come to in this world, when crime and corruption at this horrific level, are eventually swept under the rug, and the ones ultimately responsible are not brought to justice. But true "justice belongs to the Lord."

Haiti has experienced so much tragedy in recent years. On top of dealing with the assassination of their president on July 7th, Haiti has now had another serious earthquake that has rocked its southern coast. Thousands have died and many thousands have lost their houses, livestock, and businesses. Please pray with us for aid, food, water and help to reach those in need in the southern part of Haiti. 

New Generation Ministries and our Haitian leaders have been busy creating a safe environment in our villages in Haiti. The people of Haiti are very fearful right now. I have written and have translated several messages of peace and hope for the current unstable conditions in Haiti. "The Kingdom of Haiti will fail you, The kingdom of this world will forsake you, but the Kingdom of God will never fail or forsake you." "The peace and security of God's Kingdom is residing in you." " The Holy Spirit is the very person of Jesus living inside you." We are encouraging all in our communities to come to church, worship and fellowship together, and listen to a message of hope and encouragement in Jesus. These messages and helpful instructions have given our pastors and leaders a new way to minister to their congregations. Our radio station is broadcasting the same kind of messages plus practical community service helps like; Where it is safe and where it is not. Where they can find gas and food. And we have extra non-perishable food for those in desperate need.

We have also been busy moving forward with our Marose Market Place Sustainable Development projects. The food and freezer depots are finished, the public restrooms are almost finished, and the egg production building and tilapia fish farm are underway. This will provide jobs, job training, and entrepreneurial opportunities for hard working families. It will provide hope to the people of Haiti. 

Please continue to pray for Haiti. America is pushing hard for a new Presidential Election as soon as possible. Unless this election is handled carefully and correctly, it will just be another big problem to be dealt with in a few years, and another big problem that the poor people will suffer from.

We do want to thank you for coming alongside of the Haitian people and supporting them financially and prayerfully. It is more crucial now than ever that we pray for people as assassinations', earthquakes and flooding from the tropical storm bring more chaos to the people. Please pray that true peace  and hope will reign in their hearts and lives.


Mike and Chris Leland

Saturday, August 14, 2021

 Prayer mountain by Poteau and Bout-Nat


In case you have not seen the news of the earthquake in Haiti today, we wanted to let you know that Haiti experienced another major earthquake this morning at 8:30 AM. It was registered as a 7.2 magnitude, the earthquake that hit Haiti in January of 2010 was a 7.0 magnitude and 100's of thousands died. They have reported 29 deaths so far today. The earthquake was in the southwest part of the Island, mostly in Les Cayes, Jeremie and Jacmel. The earthquake was felt strongly in our villages, but we have no reported destruction or injuries. They just removed the Tsunami warnings. But now there is a warning for a Tropical storm, Haiti just cannot seem to get a break.

Please pray for Haiti, they have had to endure so much trauma. There is so much fear when you are oppressed as a people, and things so far out of your control keep happening that affect you and your family. Only God can remove those fears, only He can be our secure place, only He can give lasting peace and hope to us regardless of the surrounding circumstances. In Romans 15:13 God promises "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Hoy Spirit you may abound in hope". We need to keep coming along side of the people of Haiti. In Psalms 40:1-3 God says "I waited patiently for God to help me; then He listened and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out from the bog and the mire, and set my feet on a hard, firm path and steadied me as I walked along. He has given me a new song to sing, of praises to our God. Now many will hear of the glorious things He did for me, and stand in awe before the Lord, and put their trust in Him".

Believing for the people of Haiti. Thank you for coming along side the Haitian people with us.

Blessings, Chris 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

First reports out said that President Jovenel's wife Martine had also been assassinated. I just found out that she was shot and in critical condition and has been flown to a hospital in Miami, Florida. Please be praying for her.

Thank you and Blessings, Chris


 Please pray for Haiti.

Haiti's President Jovenel Moise was assassinated during the night. They believe a group of hired Venezuelans assassinated him. His wife also was shot, and died hours later. Please pray for their children.

Haiti is facing complete anarchy, looting, burning and rioting. The current Prime Minister will most likely not be able to maintain peace or control of Haiti. There was a new Prime Minister that was not ratified yet. Airports are closed. Please be praying for peace.

Pastor Nathan says that there is a surreal calm right now, because of the shock. Fuel and food shortages are expected. Please be praying. We were going to be in Haiti the last week of July and the first week in August. We will be canceling that trip.

Please support Haiti in prayer for peace and Mercy. Thank you so much for coming along side of our ministry and the people of Haiti.

Mike and Chris 

Love In Action June 22, 2021

Pastor Nathan bringing blocks


Love In Action June 22, 2021

 Good afternoon,

We wanted to share with you what is happening in Myan. God has been moving powerfully in this small village. Myan is a typical rural village that is fairly isolated, and full of darkness and Voodoo. You may remember a couple months ago many of the village people coming to Pastor Nathan and Mike, saying that they were tired of the destruction and brokenness in their village and their families.  They wanted to make a stand for Jesus and turn towards Him only.
We made a huge wooden stake, that displayed the words "JESUS AUTHORITY" on it. And we drove it into the ground in the village square. The people claiming the land for Jesus. Dedicating their lives and families to Jesus.

Ever since then, Nathan and several other pastors have been traveling to the village multiple times each week to worship and teach and pray for people. We have been leading about 5 to 10 new Christians into the Kingdom of God each week. There have been many healings and many demons being cast out of these dear people.

One morning Pastor Nathan led a young single woman with 6 children to the Lord. Right after that some of the older ladies in the village came to Nathan and told him of the condition of the young woman's house. With no husband, the house had been falling apart for the last few years. They said the roof and walls leaked when it rained and the children could not sleep. Pastor Nathan was so moved with compassion for her that he took his own salary and bought some cement and blocks for her. Upon hearing this, men and women from the village came in droves to volunteer to help build her a new house. This is Love and Christianity in action and the village sees it and joins in with it. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

Please be praying for this women and her children. Also pray for blessings on those that reached out being the hands and feet of Jesus. Such a huge blessing seeing the heart changes in Myan.

Thank you for your support, we are so blessed by your coming alongside of us as we help the people of Haiti.

Mike and Chris Leland

June 22, 2021


Monday, April 26, 2021


 Hi friends; 

I'm so glad to send you an up-date to let you celebrate with us, a powerful work that God is doing right now, as we speak, in a small, dark, and isolated village, called Myan. We have ministered in this village for several years. We have been teaching a Bible study and ministry time there every Monday night. Not long ago the people of Myan, along with many of the village leaders, came to us and said that they were fed up with the darkness and Voodoo there, as it was hurting their children and ruining their village. After hearing of the stories of the miraculous spiritual revival at Pass Rien, they asked Pastor Nathan what they could do to receive such favor from God in their village. 

Pastor Nathan and I went to Myan a couple of months ago and we drove a huge stake in the ground, claiming the territory of Myan for the Kingdom of God. All the people prayed and fasted, asking God to move over their village. 

All last week we had an evangelistic crusade in the village of Myan.  During the crusade 56 new believers gave their hearts to Jesus and gained eternal life. Praise God! Thank you so much for your prayer support!

One heart wrenching story, was of a 16 year old girl, who was a reluctant 3rd generation witch doctor. Her parents and grandparents said that she had no choice in the matter. When she refused to take her position as a witch doctor, she said that they made her a sex slave to other women of Voodoo. She cried so hard as she told us of her pain and humiliation that lasted for years, She said; "Satan had broken my life, but now finally, Jesus has given me new life and I am not broken any more!"    

Oh' praise God for this precious young soul. And pray for her complete healing and wholeness in Jesus name......
Also, please continue to pray with us for a powerful move of God over the village of Myan, Haiti.


Mike and Chris Leland

April 13, 2021


April 13, 2021


I arrived home from Haiti at 4:00am on Saturday morning. No time for recovery with a large family that is glad to see me home again.  

It was a great trip in many ways. Getting the chance to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, and all that He has done for us, with thousands of my Haitian friends was an amazing experience. Hundreds of unbelievers came, and many were saved. "Thank you Lord!" and thank you who were with me in prayer and support.

We baptized almost 100 new believers in the rivers near each village. We saw the Holy Spirit fall on so many as they rose up, and were seated with Jesus, in a place of spiritual blessings. 

We also have laid the groundwork for our new Market Place Sustainable Community Development Program, to help hard working families learn best business practices, and entrepreneurial skills, to raise their quality of life. Because our God cares about our life in His Kingdom here and now, not just after we die.

Thank you so much. I could feel your prayers guiding and protecting me as I went.

On another note, we have beautiful flower baskets for sale for Mother's Day, to help support the ministry. I know there are many of you who support us in other countries and I am so sorry you will not be able to purchase them.  We so appreciate you and hope soon to be able to see you.
We are very thankful to Smith Gardens for donating the baskets, 100% of the funds will go to support the ministry in Haiti.

Bless you all.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Up on the mountain

Nathan and Mike praying on the  mountain


 Good evening,

This morning Pastor Nathan, Mike and Lemeque climbed the mountain behind the Children's Village to pray. They spent the first part of the day praying for the ministry and direction and vision. These quiet times together with the Lord are so very vital to the ministry and the relationship. So thankful to know you are praying with us for this ministry.

This evening Mike felt led to go to Marose for bible study. He felt like he needed to share the story in the bible about the man who was leaping and praising God after being healed of leprosy. So he confirmed with the guy teaching the bible study in Marose. As he started to prepare, he was all of the sudden dizzy and sweating and he couldn't get up or walk, he had to hold on to the table. He was pretty sure it was an attack from the enemy, so he started fighting back with scriptures and truths. After about 15 minuets, he said he was starting to feel better, so he kept it up and decided he was going to go to the bible study regardless of how he felt. By the time he arrived there he was much better. He shared and afterwards there were 2 salvations. He felt like God said to pray for peoples minds to be set free and he said most of the people came forward for prayer. It was totally worth pushing through past the enemy, God had the victory. Again, thank you for coming alongside and praying for the people of Haiti.

Tomorrow morning Mike will fly out of Gonaives and into Port-au-Prince, and then to Florida and Washington. Please pray for traveling safety. We appreciate your prayers so very much.

Blessings, Chris

Flying out of Gonaives, it's just a dirt field, but it works.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

April 5, 2021



Pastor Clarvous and Mike baptizing



I want to share a praise report and thank for your prayers. I also want to share some of our challenges and my heart.

On Easter Sunday we saw about 24 people give their lives to the Lord during the morning services. The churches were packed with people hungry for God. Mike said it was an interesting experience for him, because we have been in the process of rebuilding the church in Marose. The walls are up and there is a balcony that goes around most of the church inside. They had set up the benches for people to sit on under the balcony all around. When he started to preach he was in the middle of the church, with people all around and because there is no roof yet he was in the direct sun and extremely hot. A little bit into his message it clouded up and then it started raining. He said the people couldn't believe that he just kept on preaching. They thought he would give up and run out of the rain. 

In the late afternoon most of our churches were able to come together. There were about 1000 people gathered for our all churches Easter Service. Mike said that the church was full, there was standing room only on the porch and the entire church yard in Poteau was filled with people. Nathan leads choirs in two of our villages and one of our younger pastors, Jean Denis leads a children's choir in Pass Rein. There were also two guest choirs. During ministry time Pastor Nathan felt led to ask one of the choirs to pray for one of the other choirs. This led to one of the other choirs praying for the remaining adult choir. Then members from all four choirs started to pray for all the children in the children's choir. I guess it was an amazing spirit led ministry time. So good when so many come together and join in with what God is doing. 

Some of the rural mountain churches were not able to make it to the all churches Easter Service, because of the mudslides and roads and houses that were taken out due to the flash flooding caused by the rains Friday night and Saturday. Please be praying for all the families that were affected. The same people were also not able to come to the Baptism, as the roads were washed out. Mike said the baptism that was supposed to be an all churches event was done in the local communities. Altogether there were about 100 people being baptized. 

One of the challenges when ministering to a third world country is helping them to see the way God brings prosperity and blessings. And NO I am not talking about what most of us would consider prosperity. I am talking about the promises and blessings that we in first world countries see. We pray for the people of Haiti and ask God to bless them. But, their outsides circumstances may never change or improve like we would expect here. They still have no food, no job, no money and may very well feel more responsibility now to support all the children they may have with various partners. Which partner do they now marry? If they were prostitutes' or witch doctors, or killers for hire, how do they make a living now? We in our first world countries can turn from our sinful life styles and work hard and most times live an improved life style. We cannot say life will be better on the outside to these precious people. They might never experience the blessings on the outside. They may not ever experience fulfillment in their physical needs. It can appear to be so hopeless.

But God! We can promise internal fulfillment, we can promise internal prosperity. We can promise freedom in eternity. We can offer hope. But we have to help them to understand that salvation creates joyful identity. We have to help them understand it is their personal relationship with a God who wants to know THEM. It is such a challenge, but when they get it, they have something that can never be taken from them, it can never be lost and its worth everything. My heart breaks for them in some ways, but in other ways, they have very little that can get in the way of their relationship with Him. Please continue to lift our brothers and sisters in Haiti up.

Blessings, Chris

Arnold loves helping with baptisms


Two more baptisms 


Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sharing Communion



We wanted to thank your for your prayers, they have been such a blessing. We also wanted to let you know how you can continue to partner with us in prayer while Mike is in Haiti. 

There have been a few changes in the Easter schedule. Tomorrow morning, Easter Sunday, Mike will be preaching in Marose. Then in the late afternoon Mike will be preaching at a ministry wide Easter gathering at our Poteau church. They are expecting over 1000 people to come. There will be joyous worship and food as they celebrate. Please be praying for the people, Pastor Nathan as he leads worship and Mike as he shares the message. Also please pray for everyone as they travel, last night and this morning they experienced a huge rain storm in Haiti, which trapped some of the people in the more mountainous rural areas. We were supposed to have a ministry wide baptism this morning in Marose, but many were unable to attend because of the rain storm. The baptism  has been rescheduled for Monday morning. We want everyone to be able to attend from these areas tomorrow, so we would really appreciate your prayers.

The Pastors Conference was really good. Mike said the Holy Spirit was strongly moving hearts. It still amazes me when you step out in obedience and God shows up! Mike felt led to share some things that have been on our heart lately. One of which is how easily we forget how broken, hurt and sinful we were when Jesus rescued us. Instead of extending the grace and mercy we received and continue to receive, instead of loving them without accepting their sin, like we were loved by Christ, we sometimes judge them and make them feel unaccepted. The arms of the church is the very place they need to be able to reach out too. He shared this with the pastors and the Holy Spirit came and the Pastors were all on their faces weeping and repenting. The Holy Spirit brought these pastors and leaders back to a truly  compassionate place for the lost.

Again, thank you so very much for your prayers, we are depending on them. 

Happy Easter! He is Lord! He is Risen!
Blessings, Chris


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Getting ready to board in Port-au-Prince.
Had the same pilot as last time.

Papa Mike! Papa Mike! So much joy!



We wanted to let you know that Mike arrived safely in Port-au-Prince, Monday. Thank you for your prayers. In the evening he went out by the gate to the street and said there was absolutely no one on the streets. It is really eerie in Haiti to see empty streets at night. Usually there is almost a second community that comes out at night. But right now it just isn't safe to be out after dark.

Mike arrived in Gonaives, Tuesday, (Yesterday).
First visit was to the Children's Village :) Then he went out to the Boys Transition house, our home with the older boys who have aged out, but are still finishing up school.

He spent the day today getting things ready for Easter Weekend. Tomorrow, Thursday, Mike will be holding a Pastor's Conference for Easter. They are expecting about 100 Pastors. Mike will be sharing vision and passing out sermon notes and silicone 
bracelets to each church for people attending Easter Service. They say Bon Berger - Legliz Ki Bay Lavi, (Good Shepherd - Life Giving Church) on them. Each church will also be getting small crayon packets and coloring pages with the Easter message on them for each of the children attending Easter service. Please be praying for the Pastors and Mike as they gather tomorrow and prepare for Easter.

Please also be praying Friday, as it is the culmination of Rara, which basically is a voodoo party on parade. Usually the Rara's are worse leading up to Easter, and ending on Good Friday.
Mike will be preaching at the Good Friday Service. Thank you so very much for your partnering with us in prayer, we really appreciate it.

Blessings, Chris

Two of our girls


Saturday, March 27, 2021




I wanted to send out a quick reminder that Mike will be flying out to Haiti this Sunday evening. We would appreciate your prayers very much as he travels, teaches and shares with the people and pastors of Haiti. Please pray for open hearts, for eyes to see and ears to hear and minds to comprehend. Also, for God's leading as Mike teaches truths that can change lives according to God's purposes. Your prayers make such a difference. They help to move mountains.

Blessings, Chris

Monday, March 15, 2021


The primary grade rooms

The Kindergarden