Saturday, September 15, 2018


I wanted to share a quote with you from a song in hopes that it will be a blessing to you. In some ways it is a prayer. "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior."

Hope you are enjoying fall. It has been very interesting being home for the fall season. After being gone for 5 years and not experiencing fall I was not aware of the things I missed that are an intricate part of the season. The other evening I cut open a squash and the smell of the wet squash brought back a flood of memories, memories that I was not even aware that I missed. Walking and smelling the wet leaves and soil on a crisp windy day also has brought back soooo many memories. It is interesting how memories associate themselves with smells. God has used some of the summer and fall smells to speak to my heart, it is as if fewer words are needed because multiple senses are being  touched. I hope you are enjoying your time spent with Him this fall.

Early this evening Mike and I, along with Ian and Mary and 2 of our children, will be flying to Haiti for a couple of weeks. Please pray for traveling mercies. Please pray for our children that will be staying here with one of our sons and daughter in law.

One of the goals for this trip will be a 3 day conference, Mike will be teaching approximately 100 pastors and leaders. Please pray for open hearts and minds, and that they will hear the words God wants them to hear and let the rest go. Mary and I will be updating sponsorship photos and we will also be celebrating birthdays in the Children's Village. We have had a hard time finding a welder that has integrity and wants to work for a fair wage, please pray that we can find one who fits in and works well with the other employees.

The revival in Pass Rein went really well. There were nearly 100 salvations :) Thank you so very much for your prayers, they made all the difference.

One woman who committed her life to Jesus shared that her name is Jesula. And that she is 36 years. She is a mother of 6 children but two have died. She says "I was Christian before, but I forsook God.
Satan was attacking me so much and chose me to be a witchdoctor, my grandfather and mother agreed and even made a special house to serve the demons. But when they died 10 years ago, I changed my mind and quit serving satan. However, though I did not serve them anymore they always attacked me so powerfully. Sometimes in the midst of big crowd, they threw me down. Other people came and lift me up.
So during this activity of prayer, my husband asked me to go visit and after the message I gave my life to Jesus."
When asked how do you feel now after this decision? She said "I feel that the persecution decreases so much. I have a new man with me whose wife has just died and with whom I have only one child and the father of my 3 children has also died. I was a saleswoman but now I am poor and unable to work. My persecution was mostly during my sleep but now things are better.."

Thank you so very much for your prayers, they are making a difference. 
Many blessings,