Saturday, April 23, 2022


We are very excited to announce, that once again we have beautiful flower baskets on sale for Mother's Day. We are so thankful to Smith Gardens for donating these amazing baskets, they have been so generous to us. Absolutely 100% of the funds generated from the sale of these baskets will go to support the ministry in Haiti.

There will be a choice of Mixed flower, Begonia, and Fuchsia baskets available. For more details, or to order your flower baskets, please email us at

Another way you can help the people of Haiti would be to share our Facebook and Instagram posts with your friends and family.  Lets get the word out to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

We regret that there are many supporters in other countries that will not be able to purchase these baskets.  We appreciate all of you so much, and hope to be able to see you soon.

Blessings, Mike and Chris

Sunday, April 17, 2022



 Happy Easter!

Praying you have a blessed Easter. So thankful for you. So thankful that Easter is here, it is the day we celebrate our risen Lord and in Haiti it is also the end of rara season for a while. Rara is a voodoo street party which increases in violence the closer to Easter it gets. So even more reasons to celebrate.

Today I would like to share a celebration story. We have been having 3-4 salvations daily in the village of Denonville, one of which was Estella.

Estella was a witch doctor in the village of Denonville and had been hearing about the crusades and revival. She became desperate enough, in her words she was troubled and panicked enough, that she called Pastor Nathan and asked him to come see her. Estella is 40 years old and has had 3 children with two different men. One of the men died and she has given her children away to be restaveks, because she was not able to care for them. Restaveks are child slaves. In 2009 a door to door survey showed there were 173,000 restaveks and 59% of those were girls. There is now estimated to be 100,000 to 500,000 restaveks in Haiti. Estella said that she has never been married and lives in a small room of her sisters. She called Pastor Nathan to ask him about his God. Nathan led her to the Lord. She then chose to renounce voodoo with a public proclamation. Nathan then asked her to publicly burn all of her voodoo things, which we always ask, as it is a huge witness to the rest of the village. It usually brings others who ask why they are burning things and then they want to receive the Lord. The burning of the voodoo things also symbolizes stepping out of the old spirit and makes it less tempting to turn back.

We are praising God as Estella has started attending our New Believer classes and will be getting baptized. Please pray for her as she begins a new way of life.

We are so thankful for your prayers and support as we reach out and help the people of Haiti to help those in their communities.

Blessings and Happy Easter,