Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our new orphanage photo!

Maki Cia


feeding the poorest of the poor


Our last trip

The trip was great. Sorry, I was only able to get on our blog a couple of times and not on our e-mail at all while in Haiti. Between limited power via our generator and towers being out, communication outside of Haiti was very limited. We spent the first night in our daughters village. It was great seeing all the people who we have connected with in her village. Nathan picked us up in the late morning to go to Marose. The church had a 21st anniversary celebration that evening and again Sunday. The celebration on Sunday lasted about 7 hours. There were many pastors who shared. Mike also shared. There were choirs that performed. There was hours of Worship. It was a good day and evening. The next morning the medical clinic was open. It was good to see for myself all the people and their needs being met. Our doctor is seeing about 150 patients every Monday. He sees them until sundown. The emergency room of the Hospital in Bellingham sees about the same amount of people in a day. The difference being that there are many, many doctors and nurses and techs. Our clinic has one doctor, one nurse and one tech. We are in the process of hiring one more nurse to help with the patient load. Please continue to pray that we are able to open up for one more day a week soon. Some of those patients are waiting from early morning till all most sundown outside in the heat to be seen, and 99% of them have walked to get there. I was able to see school in process also, which was very exciting for me. They have to cancel school when ever teams go down,
because the church is where the teams sleep and it is also where school is held. Mike has seen both the medical clinic and the school in action, because sometimes he goes down by himself or with just a couple of people. We were able to talk with each class and teacher and pray over them. On Tuesday we were able to go into the poorest part of Gonaives and feed the children. I loved being able to get down on the ground and feed the little ones so the older children did not eat their share. I prayed over each one as I fed them, such a privilege, knowing some have TB and hepatitis or scabies and even HIV. Knowing
that it is their only meal that day, maybe their only touch physically and spiritually. It is both rewarding and heart breaking at the same time. In the afternoon the pastor's association met. Mike shared and I was asked to share a short message also. Again a such a privilege. We have now taken in the little school in the poor section of Gonaives that Mike had shared at on the last trip. The school where he brought more than 40 children and few adults to the Lord. Pastor Nathan knows the pastor, who felt like God told him to start the school. He has a few teachers who help him, they all volunteer for free including the pastor. We have started to feed these children once a week. We are hoping to sponsor the children in this school for 10$ US per month so that we can feed them 5 days a week and help them get an education like the children in our community of Marose, who we offer a free education and meal and uniform to. Please pray that we are able to get them all sponsored. We were also able to participate in a baptism again. Praise God. I love being a part of other cultures. We brought Maki Cia (our new daughter and half sister to Janae and Joshua) into the United States on December 3rd, because we had visited her several times during the process she received US citizenship as soon as she entered the US. We will retain her Haitian name of Maki Cia as her middle name, like we did with our other children. Her new first name will be Elizabeth. She is so cute. She has two huge dimples when she smiles. So far the adjustment has gone well. Between traveling to many different places in Haiti and then on many flights to and in the states she seems to have bonded quite well so far. Thank you ever so much for all of your prayers. It is such a miracle that she is finally home with her forever family. Many Blessings.