Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I hope this finds you well.

God is so amazing, We rarely go a day without seeing salvations, but sometimes I am surprised by who they are or how they come about. God has a unique plan for each of us, sometimes it seems to require much fasting and prayer to get our attention and then other times, I think we are just on the edge, waiting for someone to ask us if we want to know Jesus.
Sometimes it seems to be as simple as just asking. At the end of the last wedding Mike just simply asked if anyone present wanted to give their lives to Jesus and a young woman said yes. At the funeral for Nathan's nephew Mike looked at me and said this is going to be hard, what am I going to share. There were probably 400 or more people present. I just said the only good I can see coming out of this death would be life. So again near the end of Mike's sermon, he asked if anyone wanted to give their life to the Lord. Within an hour of the service, a women who was at the service called Nathan and said yes, she was a witch doctor and she wanted to give her life to the Lord and she wanted help cleaning out her place and burning all of the voodoo ceremony items she had. We ask all the time now, because we never know what God has been working out in the lives around us.

The voodoo in some ways has increased around us, I am not sure if we are just having more of it revealed to us or if there truly is more going on. But this I do know, God is on the move. And he is calling to His people here. Just a bit ago, voodoo witch doctors in Haiti had plans to crown a voodoo doctor who lives not to far from Perou, one of our villages. There were going to make him a king they said, the witch doctor died before the ceremony took place. I can't answer why some we pray for and others we don't know about until moments before, come to know Jesus. And, I can't answer why some are taken out, and why some like the Madame in Pass Rein, still walk around after having the gospel explained to them many times. But, I believe that if they are still here there is a good chance they will come to Jesus. Please keep praying for their hearts, I am absolutely horrified by what I have seen in the voodoo houses, the amount of evil is hard to understand. Please know that your prayers are very important and every time a witch doctor leaves his or her evil past, hundreds if not thousands of peoples lives are saved. Evil is stopped in its tracks and innocent victims are saved. 

The salvations are encouraging to us and hopefully to you also. In villages like Pass Rein the fruit of discipleship is also very encouraging. One of our leaders in Pass Rein was able to get a cow, a huge blessing to someone in Haiti. His cow is sick and some people of told him to take it to the witch doctor. He announced to the people around that he and his family served God and their life, all of their life was in God's hands. He said he trusted God no matter what the out come was and if anyone wanted to help him they could pray for his cow. What a witness to the community. In Haiti, as we have shared before, admitting you did wrong and asking for forgiveness is rare. And because of fear of what others can do, most people are not willing to say something or someone is doing wrong. I have experienced this more times than I can count. But things are changing in Pass Rein, the people are seeing injustices and they are starting to call wrong, wrong. Another witch doctor in Pass Rein stole 12 goats and some of the people turned him in and were willing to call wrong, wrong. Amazing! The authorities arrived and the people insisted that he was taken to prison. The people's eyes are being opened. God is revealing truth to them. They are willing to humble themselves, ask for forgiveness and make restitution, these are huge strides in the kingdom. Thank you so very much for your prayers.