Monday, September 25, 2017

Backpacks and our new 7th grade class in Pass Rein

Happy Children :)

Backpacks for our Pass Rein school :)

Marose school children with new backpacks :) From our Children's Village

Going back to school with a new backpack :) Pictures from our Marose school


Hope you are enjoying your fall. Due to three hurricanes passing us in the last 2 weeks we have had quite a bit of rain, so it seems a little more like fall despite temps in the mid 90's. We are so thankful for your prayers for Haiti as we have been under the threat of hurricanes, we could feel your support as God watched over and protected this area. As you have been busy with your fall schedule, we have been busy also getting over 1000 children ready for school. In faith we have purchased 1200 backpacks. We purchased these back backs believing God wanted us to give you the opportunity to help us bless each of the children with a backpack. We would really like each of you to go to our website and donate towards helping these children. We were able to obtain the backpacks for $7 each. These are nice quality backpacks that should last a while. Be sure you check out the photos on this blog, they are really cute.

We also wanted to share with you, some very exciting news, we have started offering 7th grade in the afternoons in our Pass Rein school. It is a pilot program, if it works well we will introduce more grades next year. On the first day of school we had two students give their lives to the Lord.

We just finished up 42 days of prayer and worship in Pass Rein. It was a great time of God moving. More healing prayers than I can count and 65 salvations. Thank you so much for praying along side of us.  

Again thanks so much and blessings,