Saturday, January 30, 2010

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing, Brian Doerksen and his band have agreed to partner with us in our continuing effort to help the people of Haiti. New Generation Ministries will be holding a "Help For Haiti" Benefit Concert with Brian Doerksen and Band, Sunday Evening, February 21st at NCCTK Church in Lynden, Wa. More details to come................

Monday, January 25, 2010

Prayer Partners: There has been an amazing out pouring of prayers, love and resources to help the poor and afflicted in Haiti. This morning what New Generation Ministries is doing in relief efforts was shared from the pulpit of churches in several states in the USA and several churches across Canada. It is powerful the compassion that you have right now to put your faith in action. It also has been amazing watching God put the connections together from many places in North America and among many different denominations. It truly has been the body of Christ working together.
It has been one week since we placed the 1st container in the Fairway shopping center. The 1st container is over halfway filled, and filling fast. The 2nd container will be filled with Gleaners dried vegetable soup mix from the Okanagan Gleaners. Okanagan Gleaners is staffed completely by volunteers working to feed the poor. Both of these containers should be full within a week or so and headed to Florida to be placed on a barge to Gonaives, Haiti. I will personally be there to receive them and to make sure they are distributed properly. A 3rd container is now beginning to be filled with building materials, supplies and tools to help create jobs and houses for those who lost theirs. The task before us will be easier if we join together.
Please pray for those who are hurting and in need that God would meet them and save them. Pray for God to show you what you can give and do to serve them out of the abundance of what He has given you, Tell your friends and others in your realm of influence to see what they can do as well. This amazing effort has been made possible by all of us working together to see what God is calling each one of us to do. This way the load does not fall on only a few, but is shared by the contribution of many.
Please continue to pray for food, water and money, We have been told in Gonaives rice is as high as $80 US for 50lbs. We can buy a 50lb bag of rice in Bellingham for $17. It will be a while before things are stabilized again and hopefully not back to normal............
Blessings and many, many Thanks....................Mike and Chris

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There is a well written article on what we are doing in regards to relief efforts for Haiti in the Lynden Tribune. You can read it by clicking on this link at:
There is a good photo included in the article. You can view it by clicking front page in the left hand corner.
Today is the funeral for Stanley's brother. He is one of our interpreters. Please pray for him and his family. He was going to go up to our orphanage on Monday, but has waited because of the funeral.
Again thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just wanted to let those of you who are praying know we have heard from Doctor Ralph, he and is family are safe. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and for the support and encouragement you have shown. Blessings

Monday, January 18, 2010

Things are getting much worse now in all of Haiti. Water is scarce, food is scarce and what food is still available is VERY expensive. I advised Pastor Nathan to buy as much food as he can so that the children don't run out before aid comes. It is not safe to walk the streets because of gangs and desperate people. I have sent Herby and Stanley up to the orphanage to help and to get them away from PAP. I still cannot send our rescue crews to Haiti at this time. All of my contacts in PAP are telling me that it is just too dangerous. It is a time for the military right now. I am in constant contact with reliable sources on or close to the scene, and all are in agreement with this decision for now. I will let you know the minute that I think we can go and be productive and make a difference for the Kingdom of God.
On the home front we continue to make great progress in our relief efforts. At this point how can you help: Glad you asked!
1) Prayer, for the people of Haiti. For salvation to come to them, for healing to the hurting and comfort to the mourning. For safety for those remaining and for the children left with no home or family to be rescued.
2) Prayer, for my family and I. The enemy has been nipping at our heels at every turn, The list is too long to say, and I wouldn't want to give him any credit by mentioning them, but it is hard to stay focused with continual harassment.
3) Bring donations. We are filling 3 containers with food supplies, medical supplies, building supplies and tools. The list is on our website at: The list is also in the column on the right side of this page. The containers are in the west parking lot of the Fairway shopping center in Lynden, Washington.
4) Money, sorry to be blunt but it will take a lot of money to ship the containers to the people who need it. We have connected with wholesale company's that are giving us good deals on food supplies for this relief project. Your donations will be multiplied like the fishes and the loaves. You can mail us a check or go on line to our web site and donate.
5) Tap into your sphere of influence. Friends, neighbors, bosses, relations with store owners and managers, or companies that would give or donate if they had a relationship with someone who ministered in Haiti and knew that their donation would make a difference...............Thank you and bless you..........Mike

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prayer Partners: Conditions in Haiti are getting worse and will get a lot worse before they get better. Looting, stealing and desperate actions are all over the country. Water is very scarce, Food is becoming scarce fast. The banks and Western Union have been closed for so long that money is scarce, and the cost of any available supplies are rising fast. I have instructed Nathan to stock up on any foods that he can afford, until I can get more to him. He has to have a couple guy's go with him for protection. We have emptied the shelves of our medical clinic to help those hurting in Port-Au-Prince. We have been feeding more in the community that either lost their supplies or can no longer afford food because of the rising cost. Please continue to pray for them and the ability to get food and feed those in need around them as well. Please consider contributing to the huge financial burden that this is causing.
We have had several good qualified volunteers standing by to go to the disaster site to help in person, but all the warnings have indicated that it is just not safe right now. The American Embassy has issued evacuation notice for all Americans to leave Haiti. I am very appreciative of those that would sacrifice their own time energy and money to go help those in need, but as the leader of this ministry, I cannot feel right about engaging until I get a better indication of the safety of the team. I will keep you all posted.
We have also just added a 3rd container to the effort of relief and rebuilding. This container is designated for building supplies, lumber. hardware, tools and related supplies. These materials and supplies are either very expensive or not available at all in Haiti. Please consider how you could help with this cause.............Thank you very much for your prayers and support for the Haitian people.............Mike

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is Chris writing. We wanted to let you know that our relief teams are on hold. At this time there are no commercial planes allowed to fly into Port-au-Prince. We have been in contact with 3 people in Haiti, we have been told that things are getting worse, because of lack of water and food. The desperation level is high. We will let you know when we can fly out. We have 2 teams waiting. One way we have been able to help is with our medical clinic. They have ambulances going to hospitals and medical clinics asking for medications and supplies. Nathan gave them everything we had to help out. So those of you that have helped supply our medical clinic have helped the earthquake victims. We would appreciate prayers for our doctor, his name is Dr. Ralph we still have had
no contact with him. Nathan and Herby have had no contact with him either. He lives in Port-au-Prince, his wife is pregnant and due soon. I know you have all been praying please keep on, it truly does make all the difference. Thank you also for the out pouring of help we really appreciate it. For those of you that have asked, the container is in the Fairway shopping center's east parking lot and will be open tomorrow morning at 10:00 A.M., but donations can also be received at North County Christ the King Church during regular business hours. They are located in the same parking lot.
Thanks again and Blessings,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We have been asked to clarify how a Canadian could donate to the relief efforts for Haiti. We believe we are about 1 month away from having non-profit charity status in Canada. If that is the case, we would be able to receipt gifts given for the relief effort. You can donate on line through our website at, there is both a Canadian and a US paypal button. You can also send checks to New Generation Haiti Canada Ministries, 24104 63 Ave.,Langley, B.C.,V2Y2G3.
Thanks so much. Blessings Chris

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayer Partners: I am so thankful to you, Prayer Partners for you prayers and support in this devastating disaster that has come upon Haiti. Although our orphanage in Gonaives has been spared and all the children and staff ore OK, many friends and relatives have been killed or hurt in this disaster.
New Generation Ministries is stepping up to the plate to do what we believe God is calling us as part of His body to do to aid and support our brothers and sisters in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. We have just purchased 2 - 40' steel shipping containers. Our plan is to fill them with first aid and relief supplies. We will ship them as soon as possible to the needed area. The containers will be sitting in the Fairway shopping Center parking lot until full. Donations of non-perishable food, rice, beans, peanut butter, dry baby formula, dry pedialite, diapers, plastic plates, bowls, and silverware can be received at that location. As things get a bit more organized, we will have people willing to pick up donations. Monetary donations will help as we are working with wholesale food suppliers to purchase these items in large quantities. Please make out checks to: New Generation Ministries 354 W. Badger Rd. Lynden, Wa 98264 or go on line and donate at our website
We will also be putting together a relief / rescue team to go to Haiti as soon as proper arrangements can be made. Qualified people can contact me re: questions and scheduling for this mission.
Please continue to pray for the people and children of Haiti, for their rescue, healing, comfort, safety, and salvation in Christ Jesus. More to come....Mike
Prayer Partners: We have finally made personal contact with Pastor Nathan. He is at the orphanage now, and all is OK. Very traumatic, but no damage. All the children and staff are fine........Thank God.......Please keep praying for Haiti. all reports at this time are that Port-Au-Prince is devastated, Thousands dead, and more hurting. We have canceled our team trip that was to leave on Saturday. We have been trying to line up tickets to take a relief team to Haiti to help with life recovery. We have not been able to get anything yet. Please keep praying for the people that are alive but trapped in the rubble. The orphanage where our children came from has had severe damage but no loss of life. Sure glad our children are with us now. I will give another up-date later today............Mike
Prayer Partners: As you may have heard, there has been a devastating earthquake in Port-Au-Prince Haiti this afternoon. We still have not been able to speak directly with any of our partners in the New Generation Ministries. We have had sketchy reports of no to minor damage in the Gonaives area. This is where our ministry is. We do know now that the damage in the Capital City of Port-Au-Prince is severe, and many have lost their lives and many more are hurting. Please pray for the least of these in this poorest of the poor countries that is continually hit by the worst that the devil can through at it. These too are the ones God loves. Please Pray that we can connect with our brothers in Haiti to verify that God has protected our children and staff. Please Pray that somehow God's good will come quickly from this devastating disaster..I am planning to leave for Haiti with a small team on Saturday. Please Pray that we are able to get in and be a help to those in need..............Mike
Prayer Partners: Haiti has just been struck by a severe 7.0 earthquake. The center seems to be near Port-Au-Prince, the capital of the country. I have not been able to call any of my people and get though yet. I will up-date you as soon as I have anything to up-date.............PLEASE PRAY w/ FAITH FOR GODS PEOPLE....................Mike