Monday, January 18, 2010

Things are getting much worse now in all of Haiti. Water is scarce, food is scarce and what food is still available is VERY expensive. I advised Pastor Nathan to buy as much food as he can so that the children don't run out before aid comes. It is not safe to walk the streets because of gangs and desperate people. I have sent Herby and Stanley up to the orphanage to help and to get them away from PAP. I still cannot send our rescue crews to Haiti at this time. All of my contacts in PAP are telling me that it is just too dangerous. It is a time for the military right now. I am in constant contact with reliable sources on or close to the scene, and all are in agreement with this decision for now. I will let you know the minute that I think we can go and be productive and make a difference for the Kingdom of God.
On the home front we continue to make great progress in our relief efforts. At this point how can you help: Glad you asked!
1) Prayer, for the people of Haiti. For salvation to come to them, for healing to the hurting and comfort to the mourning. For safety for those remaining and for the children left with no home or family to be rescued.
2) Prayer, for my family and I. The enemy has been nipping at our heels at every turn, The list is too long to say, and I wouldn't want to give him any credit by mentioning them, but it is hard to stay focused with continual harassment.
3) Bring donations. We are filling 3 containers with food supplies, medical supplies, building supplies and tools. The list is on our website at: The list is also in the column on the right side of this page. The containers are in the west parking lot of the Fairway shopping center in Lynden, Washington.
4) Money, sorry to be blunt but it will take a lot of money to ship the containers to the people who need it. We have connected with wholesale company's that are giving us good deals on food supplies for this relief project. Your donations will be multiplied like the fishes and the loaves. You can mail us a check or go on line to our web site and donate.
5) Tap into your sphere of influence. Friends, neighbors, bosses, relations with store owners and managers, or companies that would give or donate if they had a relationship with someone who ministered in Haiti and knew that their donation would make a difference...............Thank you and bless you..........Mike

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