Friday, January 15, 2010

This is Chris writing. We wanted to let you know that our relief teams are on hold. At this time there are no commercial planes allowed to fly into Port-au-Prince. We have been in contact with 3 people in Haiti, we have been told that things are getting worse, because of lack of water and food. The desperation level is high. We will let you know when we can fly out. We have 2 teams waiting. One way we have been able to help is with our medical clinic. They have ambulances going to hospitals and medical clinics asking for medications and supplies. Nathan gave them everything we had to help out. So those of you that have helped supply our medical clinic have helped the earthquake victims. We would appreciate prayers for our doctor, his name is Dr. Ralph we still have had
no contact with him. Nathan and Herby have had no contact with him either. He lives in Port-au-Prince, his wife is pregnant and due soon. I know you have all been praying please keep on, it truly does make all the difference. Thank you also for the out pouring of help we really appreciate it. For those of you that have asked, the container is in the Fairway shopping center's east parking lot and will be open tomorrow morning at 10:00 A.M., but donations can also be received at North County Christ the King Church during regular business hours. They are located in the same parking lot.
Thanks again and Blessings,

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