Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayer Partners: As you may have heard, there has been a devastating earthquake in Port-Au-Prince Haiti this afternoon. We still have not been able to speak directly with any of our partners in the New Generation Ministries. We have had sketchy reports of no to minor damage in the Gonaives area. This is where our ministry is. We do know now that the damage in the Capital City of Port-Au-Prince is severe, and many have lost their lives and many more are hurting. Please pray for the least of these in this poorest of the poor countries that is continually hit by the worst that the devil can through at it. These too are the ones God loves. Please Pray that we can connect with our brothers in Haiti to verify that God has protected our children and staff. Please Pray that somehow God's good will come quickly from this devastating disaster..I am planning to leave for Haiti with a small team on Saturday. Please Pray that we are able to get in and be a help to those in need..............Mike

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