Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hello from Mike,

 Great to be back here in Haiti again. So many good things happening here. 

 The move of God in Marose is amazing. There have been close to 100 conversions from darkness and voodoo to new life in Jesus in the past 3 months. There is a small area in Marose, on the north edge of the village called Wash-Platt. It is a very poor and dark part of town. This seems to be where the concentration of the Holy Spirit is moving. Most of the people in this area have little or no education, they are very poor, and they participate in voodoo and witchcraft. Satan has scattered them like sheep. The are continually helpless and harassed. Now God has seen them and had compassion on them and is saving them. Last night I was able to encourage a group of about 50 new believers by telling them that no matter what Satan or the world said, they were now a child of God, adopted into His family, with His name, and with His eternal inheritance.

   One man said that he had had a dream where he heard an angel knocking at his gate in the middle of the night. At first he was afraid and grabbed his machete to defend himself. But the angel said not to be afraid, but to turn his life over to Jesus. He said that it would not be possible because he had done many terrible things in his life. The angel told him if he would give his old life to Jesus, he would receive a new life. Even though it was quite late and very dark by the time we finished, the man insisted that he be baptized in the river. How could we do anything else.....WOW 

   One woman said that life had been so hard for her that she stayed under the influence of alcohol for 30 years, and couldn't remember anything else. Now she was truly free....

   Thanks to your generous giving, we were able to give each of these dear ones a new Bible. They were so proud. their smiles reached from ear to ear.

   I am preparing for a large Pastors Conference for Friday and Saturday. Please pray that the true word of God reaches the hearts of these men, cutting through all the religion and tradition that holds this country in the strongholds of death and destruction.

I will send photos..