Saturday, March 31, 2018

Getting baptized from our Children's Village.

Gathering at the church for the baptisim.

All of the ones to be baptized.

The beginning of the parade.

Some of the people watching.

Baptizing three at a time.

And three more

Praying over each before they are baptized.

So proud of them.

Pastor Clervis, Mike and Nathan

Looking down at Sedrin's church from the road.

Road through the mountains to Sedrin.

Going down the steps into the church.

The valley in Sedrin.

Looking up at the moon.

Little one practicing a dance for Poteou church.

He loves puzzles.

Proud of his creation.

Working together.


Our newest little girl.

Magna tiles are great.


Learning to ride.


We wanted to update you on what is happening in Haiti. We  also wanted to thank you for praying for power and internet. The power has been amazing the last few days. It has only been out for short amounts of time. And the internet was also fixed a few days ago. So thankful.

We have had a revival each night since last Sunday, except for tonight. Nathan had all of the pastors take a turn preaching at a different life giving church then their usual one. Kind of like musical pastors J All of our churches are within an hour from Marose. It was a lot of fun. God really moved. Every night in the churches we were at, we had 30 – 50 people come forward for prayer. Sometimes God’s focus seemed to be more on the women and sometimes it was more on the men or the youth. There were salvations, deliverances and healings. Thank you so much for praying. We will update you more on the revivals as we hear more. Tomorrow Mike will be sharing in Pass Rein for Easter and Nathan will be in Marose. Just like in Canada and America, there will be people that usually do not come to church regularly that will come for Easter, please pray that God moves among them and they respond to him.

Today was an especially busy and exciting day. We started with Mike teaching the pastors conference while I played with the children in our Children’s Village. I have a prayer and play room where I have 6-8 children come in to play at a time with educational toys and they are able to play freely without concern that someone will ruin what they are doing or pick on them. I try to make it a time where they are respected and feel special.

Later we visited in the community of Marose and had a wonderful opportunity to visit with the father of one of our children. Up to today he has participated in RaRa and other voodoo things. Today our daughter was brave enough to persist in asking him to accept Jesus. Both Mike and I also spoke with him and tried to encourage him. He gave all kind of reasons why he could not accept Jesus. We talked of other things and then all of the sudden he asked Mike to pray with him to accept Jesus. So our precious daughter had the blessing of having her American father help her lead her Haitian father to the Lord with her. A very precious gift.

In the afternoon we went back to the Children’s Village and we celebrated 12 of the children’s birthdays with prayer, singing, laughter and cake for all, I made 6 sheet cakes J

After the birthday party we headed to church and met with 24 people who wanted to be baptized. We had a small marching band head up the parade of people as we went to the river. Carlos one of the older boys from our Children’s Village chose to be baptized. Please remember to lift him up in prayer as well as the other new believers.

After the baptism we walked back to the Children’s Village to show them some episodes of the Three Stooges. The laughter in the room was contagious. True comedy is timeless and funny in any language.

I will post photos on the blog of all the events of the day.

Please continue to pray for the ministry here in Haiti, we truly depend on your prayers. There are times when we can literally feel them.



Friday, March 30, 2018

Nathan's grandma and I


I wanted to share with you a bit tonight. It seems like sometimes when we have been waiting on an answer to prayer we can become discouraged by the timing of God’s response. Psalm 27:14 says “Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD”. Sometimes it seems a bit harder to take courage then at other times. The last two days I have struggled to take courage.

Tonight though God gave me a gift. It had absolutely nothing to do with our prayers, but it gave me courage and peace.

We arrived in Poteau for tonight’s revival on time. Haiti has its own time thoughJ. We walked into the church and they hadn’t even begun to set up. After a few minutes we wandered back outside and Mike noticed Grandma (Nathan’s grandma) sitting on her front porch. She lives on the church grounds. We went to greet her and the first words out of her mouth were “Nou te marenn ansanm” "We were Godmothers together". In Haiti a “marenn” is the female witness for a marriage ceremony instead of bridesmaids and maids of honor. I love that we have that connection and that it is special to her also. She invited us to sit on the porch with her. As we sat we talked a bit, but mostly enjoyed each other’s company in silence. There was a cool breeze blowing ever so gently, it reminded me of the breath of God. As we talked I noticed how thin she had become. She is in her early 90’s, the average life expectancy was 52, a few years ago. God has blessed her with a long life. She has had both a long and interesting life, I cannot come close to imagining all of the hardships and joys she has experienced. This past few months have been very hard for her. She lost her husband 2 months ago. He was an evangelist and quite a character, he passed on his heritage to Nathan and 3 of his cousins. She also lost her sister of 95 years, 3 days ago. As we sat I experienced some of her peace. I smiled at her and said she could see the world go by sitting here on her porch. She said yes, she could see and hear church without leaving her porch and during the week days she could see and hear all the children at school (the school is on the same property as the church and house). She could also watch the community come and pump water from the well the church has for them. She can hear the giggles and see the happy faces. She can see the mamas and the new babies. She can watch the little children playing tag. The life of the community passes before her. As we sat the moon rose, it looked full and beautiful. We sat together for just short of an hour. She had such a peace about her, recently she had shared with Nathan that she was done, she was ready.

Worship started in the church and as we said goodbye and walked towards the church, I realized that this might have been the last time I spent with her. I started to cry realizing the gift that both she and God had given me. It still brings tears to my eyes as I type this, what a privilege to know her, to share bits of life together. She and her husband have always welcomed us with open arms. Her husband knew what we were here for long before anyone else understood. He would preach from the front that people needed to listen. To understand. To take the gift being offered. Nathan’s grandma imparted love and peace. She helped put a bit of life into perspective. I love it when God speaks through his people, even, maybe mostly when it is without words. I am thankful for our time, it was a good gift.

Thank you for your prayers.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

March 19, 2018


As we are preparing to leave for Haiti tomorrow, we would really appreciate your prayers. This trip will include a few different things than the normal, (so what is normal?). Both Chris and I will be going with 2 of our children, Lydia and Jonathan. We hope to be signing their final adoption papers in Port-au-Prince on the 20th. Please pray with us for this, as we have been working, hoping, and praying for this for almost 8 years. We have had so many heart-breaking setbacks along this journey, but we have never given up, we have just given it to God, over and over and over.

   We will also be orchestrating a major Life-Giving Church effort for Easter. 11 churches will be participating in this effort to reach the people of Haiti with the "good news" that Jesus has risen and we who are in Jesus, have risen with Him. Please pray for the powerful work of the Holy spirit to draw all men, and women, unto Himself. "For Jesus is the true giver of life."

   Easter is not a well recognized holiday in Haiti, as it comes at the end of 2 months of celebrating Karnival and then RaRa, both are Voodoo holidays. Most of Haiti is held captive to the strongholds of Voodoo, but over the past few years we have seen an amazing new receptivity to the good news of the gospel of Jesus. And there are other small ministries like ours reporting hundreds of conversions per year. Your continued support of  New Generation Ministries has seen almost 5,000 new believers in the past 6 years. 

   The eyes of Haitian people who have been in the dark for generations and generations are being opened. Please pray with us for these New Generations of Haitians who can see this new  revelation of the great love and mercy of our God....... Thank you so much......

March 11, 2018

Mike here,

As I was preparing to teach a conference to 200 pastors and leaders in Haiti, I asked God to show me how to help them really understand His amazing grace. 
   Here's the true story;

   It was nearing the end of an 8 night crusade in Poteau, Haiti. We had seen an amazing turnout of people. Many had been saved, and many had been set free from demons and addictions. I had just finished preaching, and was resting off to the side of the stage while others were praying. I was exhausted, and was just marveling at the move of God that we had seen so far.

   As I looked around, my eye caught something off in the distance coming towards me. It was hard to make out at first. As it came closer, I could hardly believe my eyes. It looked like 2 men carrying something strange, and a woman pointing and directing them this way. As they came even closer, I could see that the 2 men were carrying a young man, but the young man was so crippled and bound up, that he was as stiff as a board. He was in such a peculiar position that he could neither sit nor stand on his own.

   The woman came right up to me and asked if I could help them. The woman was the mother of the young man, and the 2 men were just helpers. The mother said that the boy had been this way for about 5 years. She had taken him to many witch-doctors, but they had only succeeded in taking her goats, and her chickens, and all her money, but could not do anything for her son. She was poor, and scared, and desperate for some real help. Finally some friends of hers told her to go to God. But how, and where? They said to try going to the crusade happening just down the road. 

   My heart was moved with compassion for her, but I felt so helpless. And then I heard God say; "Let me show you my grace." I quickly called for several pastors to come and help me pray for them. I told them that, "if they would just ask, they would see God!" In just a few minutes we could see movement in the boy. He sat down on the bench, that he was previously just leaning against. His face began to change. In a few more minutes he began to smile, and sit up-right. We were so encouraged. It was hard to believe what we were seeing, right before our eyes as we prayed. 

   After only 15 or 20 minutes, the young man was completely restored, and shouted out; "Hallelujah !" It was so amazing..... I was crying, the mother was crying, the people around us were screaming and jumping up and down. 
I asked the young man if he was a Christian and he said "I don't think so, but I would like to see more of Jesus." I said; "Indeed son, since your body is now full of Jesus, then your soul should be also."
We lead the young man, the mother, the 2 men, and several others to a new life in Jesus right then and there....

   A few short weeks later, I was teaching the pastors conference on grace. Could I have had any better example, or story about true grace then that?.........

February 21, 2018

 Hi everyone,

  This is Mike writing. I wanted to share the dates of our up coming fundraiser. Please save the date of May 19th, we would love to see you there. 

   I just returned from a trip back to Haiti. It was a great trip that confirmed many things for me about this ministry. Teaching pastors and leaders how to plant and minister "Life-Giving Churches" is God's highest and greatest purpose for the people of Haiti, and that is our highest priority as well. God continues to produce much amazing fruit from this ministry. 

   We continue to confront the strongholds of Voodoo and witchcraft everywhere we go, with amazing success. One local witch doctor had a very vivid dream one night just before I arrived in Haiti. In the dream He heard someone knocking at his gate in the middle of the night. He was scared and grabbed his machete to defend himself. It was an angel of the Lord at his gate that called out to him; "Put away your machete and come to Jesus. He is calling for you." The man saw " twin white machines in his dream. All the next week, Pastor Nathan held a crusade very close to this mans house. Each night the man would look for the twin white machines, but only seeing one white machine, he held back, not going to the crusade at all. On the last night of the crusade, I joined Pastor Nathan to preach at the crusade. Because we were both there, and had driven separately, there were now two matching white trucks parked outside the crusade. When the man saw this, He knew that Jesus was indeed calling him. He came and gave his life to Jesus, and renounced all Voodoo right in front of his whole community. He insisted on being baptized right after the service even though it was very late. He shared his life's testimony and then was baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.....WOW

   Since being here more than in Haiti, I have had many great opportunities to speak at churches and groups about the amazing work that God is doing in Haiti. If you would like to hear some more great stories and a challenging message, please let us know, we would love to share with your group. 

   Thank you again, and God bless you for your continued, faithful support of the people of Haiti............