Saturday, March 31, 2018


We wanted to update you on what is happening in Haiti. We  also wanted to thank you for praying for power and internet. The power has been amazing the last few days. It has only been out for short amounts of time. And the internet was also fixed a few days ago. So thankful.

We have had a revival each night since last Sunday, except for tonight. Nathan had all of the pastors take a turn preaching at a different life giving church then their usual one. Kind of like musical pastors J All of our churches are within an hour from Marose. It was a lot of fun. God really moved. Every night in the churches we were at, we had 30 – 50 people come forward for prayer. Sometimes God’s focus seemed to be more on the women and sometimes it was more on the men or the youth. There were salvations, deliverances and healings. Thank you so much for praying. We will update you more on the revivals as we hear more. Tomorrow Mike will be sharing in Pass Rein for Easter and Nathan will be in Marose. Just like in Canada and America, there will be people that usually do not come to church regularly that will come for Easter, please pray that God moves among them and they respond to him.

Today was an especially busy and exciting day. We started with Mike teaching the pastors conference while I played with the children in our Children’s Village. I have a prayer and play room where I have 6-8 children come in to play at a time with educational toys and they are able to play freely without concern that someone will ruin what they are doing or pick on them. I try to make it a time where they are respected and feel special.

Later we visited in the community of Marose and had a wonderful opportunity to visit with the father of one of our children. Up to today he has participated in RaRa and other voodoo things. Today our daughter was brave enough to persist in asking him to accept Jesus. Both Mike and I also spoke with him and tried to encourage him. He gave all kind of reasons why he could not accept Jesus. We talked of other things and then all of the sudden he asked Mike to pray with him to accept Jesus. So our precious daughter had the blessing of having her American father help her lead her Haitian father to the Lord with her. A very precious gift.

In the afternoon we went back to the Children’s Village and we celebrated 12 of the children’s birthdays with prayer, singing, laughter and cake for all, I made 6 sheet cakes J

After the birthday party we headed to church and met with 24 people who wanted to be baptized. We had a small marching band head up the parade of people as we went to the river. Carlos one of the older boys from our Children’s Village chose to be baptized. Please remember to lift him up in prayer as well as the other new believers.

After the baptism we walked back to the Children’s Village to show them some episodes of the Three Stooges. The laughter in the room was contagious. True comedy is timeless and funny in any language.

I will post photos on the blog of all the events of the day.

Please continue to pray for the ministry here in Haiti, we truly depend on your prayers. There are times when we can literally feel them.



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