Tuesday, November 5, 2019

November 2,2019 Pray For Haiti

November 2, 2019


We want to thank you for your faithful prayers. As most of you know, the people of Haiti have been living with political unrest for many months now, with the last 7 weeks being extremely difficult. Pastor Nathan, our partner in Haiti, and our church leaders are planning two days of prayer and fasting for the people of Haiti. They will be praying and fasting this coming Friday and Saturday, November 1st and 2nd. Mike and I would love it if you would be willing to join them for all of or part of the two days, in whatever capacity you would feel led.

As a way of encouraging Nathan, our church leaders and the people of Haiti, I would love it, if you would send us a response, letting us know how and/or when you would be coming alongside and joining them. Also, if you had any words or encouragements to share that we could pass along, letting them know they are not forgotten. Please pray and consider how you might reach out and give hope. Thank you so very much.

Blessings, Chris

November 2, 2019

Saturday, October 26, 2019

A rainbow in Haiti, hope on the horizon.


We wanted to let you know that Mike has canceled his flight to Haiti for this coming Tuesday. We were hoping that things would be getting better, but things are actually worse. Because of the manifestations, which are closing down the only highway that runs through the length of Haiti, basics like food, gas and propane are not able to be delivered. Schools in the cities are closed until January, the few that dared to try and remain open have been threatened. (We do have schools open in our rural and mountain villages.) Even banks are not able to get money from Port-au-Prince up to their branches in other parts of the country. Electricity is rare and if you find gas it is 'black market' gas. Food is extremely limited to just what is very local. We have decided that it is not safe for Mike to be traveling and not wise to be placing himself in a position of being a burden on the people we love and minister with. 

Although the current political situation looks so hopeless right now, there is actually a light on the horizon. If the current President can hold on, then most of the corrupt Senators, who have been fueling and funding the protests or manifestations, will be out of office, because their terms will have ended.

The word is already out on the streets that schools and businesses will be able to return to normal then. Please pray with us for the people of Haiti, for our pastors as they minister and share the gospel. The people have, for all intents and purposes, been living in a war zone in many parts of Haiti, including Gonaives. Please pray for Gods protection, peace, provision and wisdom as they try to negotiate their days.

We also would appreciate prayer for Mike tomorrow, Sunday, as he preaches in Centralia, WA. Pray that his words challenge, inspire and encourage the people.

Thank you to all those that have so very generously given towards the children's Christmas in the Children's Village. Since Mike will not be flying to Haiti, we are looking into shipping the gifts.

We are so thankful for you faithful prayers, especially through this very hard time for the people of Haiti.


October 14, 2019

Laura and Jeff with some of the children from the Children's Village.

October 14, 2019


We wanted to share with you an opportunity to bless the children in our Children's Village this Christmas. But first, I want to briefly update you on Haiti and the political unrest that continues in Haiti. Every day there are news stories of manifestations. The poor in Haiti are continuously being subjected to the greed for power by a select few. Schools are closed and business  are struggling, many people are not able to meet the basic needs of their families. Please continue to pray for the country of Haiti and its people. As my friend Kathy Brooks in Haiti says "God is a God of Peace not of Chaos."

Fortunately for New Generation Ministries, most of our churches, schools, and villages are out in the rural areas, away from all the protesting and problems of the main cities. We are seeing a powerful move of God's grace, in bringing many desperate souls into the Kingdom of God. Please keep praying for them.

This Christmas we thought you might enjoy a tangible way of blessing the children. We would like to bless each of the children and the Mama's (nanny's), along with the Children's Village director and his assistant with the Christmas gift of new church clothes and some small fun items. Below is a list of items needed and the quantity. Please let us know if you would like to either purchase the items or donate towards the items. Thank you so very much for caring for the children.

Items that are needed are; 

100 full size Candy canes 
100 fruit snacks (rolls, leathers or bags)
100 count gift bags 10" X 13" X 5" approx.
200 gallon zip lock bags
For the girls
1 church dress size 12 months
2 church dresses size 2/3
2 church dresses size 4
3 church dresses 6/8
10 church dresses size 10/12
4 church dresses size 14/16
4 church dresses size 18 or woman's XS
For the boys
4 dress shirts size 4/5
8 dress shirts size 6/8
10 dress shirts size 10/12
7 dress shirts size 14
7 dress shirts size 16
2 dress shirts size 18
2 dress shirts size 20
4 dress shirts size men's XS

Boys dress pants preferably black, navy or Khaki.
4 dress pants size 4/5 slim
8 dress pants size 6/8 slim
10 dress pants size 10/12 slim
7 dress pants size 14 slim
7 dress pants size 16 slim
2 dress pants size 18 slim
4 dress pants size 20 slim

24 hot wheels (matchbox size)
17 bags marbles
18 hair bows (for ages 1 year to 12 years)
20 hair ornaments/accessories (for ages 14 years - 18 yrs)                                                                      32 boys hair combs
8 bottles of nail polish
15 each of red pens, black pens, and blue pens.
10 girls bracelets

For the mama's
10 body creams or heavy hand lotion.
10 bracelets
12 hair ornaments
1 church blouse size S
1 church blouse size L

For the men
2 dress shirts size mens XS w/tie
2 dress shirts size mens S w/tie
2 dress shirts size mens XL w/tie

Shipping and/or baggage fees for extra suitcases.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Mike will once again being flying into Haiti on November 5th. He would like to bring the Christmas gifts with him. So we would need the items by October 31st.

Thank you so very much for blessing the children and those who care for them.                      Blessings, Chris

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Some of the children from our Children's Village


We wanted to keep you up to date on the unrest in Haiti, so you would be able to join us in praying for Haiti. As you know Mike's last trip to Haiti was quite eventful, as it started out by Pastor Nathan and Mike being held up by gun point on their way to Marose from the airport. A few weeks after that, things seemed to calm down and there were less manifestations and violence. So after a few weeks Mike decided to purchase a ticket and plan a pastors conference. He was supposed to fly out tonight, but the political unrest has returned to Haiti. There have been country wide manifestations again, along with violence. So with sadness he and Nathan talked and decided there was too much risk involved with traveling to Port-au-Prince to the airport to pick him up. The violence is affecting children attending school, business owners and employees getting to the work place and people being able to purchase much needed gas, supplies and food. The opposition only seems to care about overthrowing the current president and government, even at a great cost to the people.They are still paying for manifestations and violence. They are encouraging gang actions and lawlessness. Please once again join us in praying for the people of Haiti. Pray for protection and that their needs will be met. Also pray for the ability for children to attend school and for the people to be able to keep their businesses open and running.  Gas was up to 9$ per gallon, now it is pretty much nonexistent. In Haiti gas is not just needed for transportation, but also for generators, as they are usually the most reliable form of power. It also affects the delivery of much needed supplies. Nathan said the value of their dollar has fallen drastically. Just 2 years ago in September it took 63 gourdes to buy 1 US dollar, now it takes 95 gourdes to buy 1 US dollar. This alone is causing hunger and a greater lack of ability for families to  care for themselves.

On the positive side we are seeing God move in mighty ways. There has been a large increase in salvation's, baptisms and discipleship. The people are so hungry for God. There has been an increase of witch doctors also realizing they are lacking the power Christ has and giving their lives over to Jesus. It has been amazing to watch, especially in the communities of Pass Rein, Amone-Bout-Nat and Badjo. Please pray that God continues to draw hearts to Him. Pray that our pastors have wisdom and discernment as they reach out to the most needy and poor.

Another very real problem that we are finding is with the increase of witch doctors giving their lives to God, and walking away from their current source of income, there are not many jobs available for them. This is affecting them and their families. It also has the potential to cause them to fall away. Please pray for them to find work in a society that already is difficult to find a job in. I believe God can find them work and meet their needs, bringing the glory to Him. God is a God of restoration and hope. He is the author of their story,

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, for coming along side the people of Haiti with us.

Blessings, Chris
The market in Gonaives

Thursday, August 29, 2019

David is the little boy in the middle with the yellow shirt.

At the transitional home from left to right, Roseny, David and Emmanuel.

Celebrating! From left to right, Emmanuel, Jean Miller, David and Roseny.


We hope you are enjoying the end of your summer.
We wanted to share some great news with you. David or O Jess, as some of you might know him by, has been with us in the Children's Village since the very beginning. He was very shy as a child growing up. Like many little boys in Haiti he loved playing soccer and he still does. He was and is one of the quietest kids I know. When he aged out of the Children's Village, he moved into our transitional home for boys, which is part of our home in Gonaives. He has been a great addition, quietly fitting in with the other boys. He had a difficult school year in 8th grade, with barely passing grade marks. Nathan had a talk with him. We also had a talk with him, explaining that part of the privilege of  being in the transitional house was to keep his grades up. We asked some of the other boys to help him, especially in math. We prayed. They prayed. David took it seriously and did his best this past school year. The school exams are graded by the government, so you do not receive the scores til mid to late August. We just received the news that David was laureate
for his school. We are so thrilled! He had such an amazing turn around. Thank you so much for coming along side of David by supporting the boys transitional house and this ministry.

Blessings, Chris

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

August 14, 2019



I wanted to share a powerful story with you tonight. The head witch doctors in Haiti, got together and decided they would call a country wide meeting, ceremony and sacrifice for three days in the city of Gonaives. The reason they chose Gonaives, is because Gonaives used to be the capital of Haiti, and after their overthrow of the French occupation they performed their sacrifices, literally, to satan in Gonaives. Sacrifices dedicating the country of Haiti to satan for 200 years. Gonaives is considered the heartland of voodoo. A little more then 200 years has passed and they are struggling to keep control. So, last night was the first night of this meeting, ceremony and sacrifice, and very few showed up. They were so frustrated that they went to Badjo, one of the villages we minister in, trying to gather participants and no one was interested. They next went to Soukri and no one was interested. Both Badjo and Soukri are considered two of the three important villages for voodoo. And the witch doctors are struggling to get things going.

And now for the rest of the story...God is on the move through small homegrown ministries like ours. Thanks to your faithful prayers, bringing the light to the many villages we minister in, many have turned their hearts and lives over to Christ and are becoming an army, choosing the light over the darkness. Last night, Nathan said we had over 1000 attending an all night prayer and worship in Marose alone. I cannot express how exciting this is. Many work for years and are never able to see the fruit of their labor, and God is blessing all of us so much with the ability to SEE, actually SEE the fruit. He is so, so good.

I want to share one of many stories with you. It is about a man named Getro, who is 27 years old. He has become a new Christian this week. He shared that his mother and father died when he was 11 years old. He fled to the Dominican Republic and said that he lived okay for awhile, but he was accused of stealing and was put in prison. When he was released he fled back to Haiti and became (in his words) a drunk, fighter-man and a smoker. He was once again incarcerated in jail for 3 days in Haiti, last month. While in jail Pastor Nathan visited the prison, brought food and preached. In the Haitian jails relatives and friends outside of the jail or prison have to bring food and supplies. The government supplies nothing for prisoners. When he was freed he came to Nathan and gave his life to the Lord. He says that when he sleeps, he sees visions of himself preaching the gospel. He is a mason by trade, has 2 brothers and 1 sister, he has NEVER attended school. He says that when he prays he feels like God has control of his mind, and BIG TEARS come out from his eyes.

Getor asks for prayer to help him have a deeper change in his life. Please pray for Getro, pray for the deeper change he wants with God. Pray that he walks in the calling God has on his life. And pray, ever so much that God in His mercy would keep invading the darkness with His light. Pray that these three nights the witch doctors have set aside would show them WHO has the power and authority.

Blessings upon blessings for your faithful prayers.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

He is our victory! Please keep praying.

“The war is over, turn around
Lay your weapons on the ground
The smoke is fading before the light
The dead are coming back to life
He has made a way for all, mercy waits where sinners falls
He is our victory.”
The song is by Bethel and called “The war is over ” you can google it and listen to it.
As I listen to God through the words of this song,
I am struck by how he holds us
How he loves us
How he lavishes us with the gifts he chooses to allow us to experience
How very blessed we are to be allowed to live the life we live.
Praising Him!
As I write this I am pretty sure Mike is well. Although I have not heard from him in about 8 hours. Nathan’s cousin never met Mike last night, but God made a way for him. This morning when Mike arrived at the airport ALL of the luggage scanners were down. They stopped each traveler and hand searched EACH piece of luggage. Mike said they sorted through everyone’s dirty laundry. They did this even as the planes were boarding. This caused flights to leave the airport late. When Mike finally did make it on a plane they told him that he would miss all his flights. When he arrived in Miami they confirmed this. After he was re-booked on his flight to Dallas, they delayed the plane. Which caused him to miss his new flight to Seattle. He received new flights, boarded the plane, only to sit on the Tarmac of the Miami airport and watch the rain. That was the last I heard. But I SEE the miracles God has provided. I SEE the covering. I SEE the protection. I SEE God’s goodness. I SEE how He loves us. I See His mercies. I SEE how He lavishes us with gifts. I SEE how He blesses us with the life we live. He is our victory!
I hope and pray that you are SEEING His mercies too.                                Thank you for your prayers, please keep faithfully praying for Mike, Nathan and the country of Haiti, which we love so much.
Blessings, Chris
Praise God!!! Mike made it to his flight in the fields of Gonaives. Here are Nathan and Mike by the plane, Mike with Haiti Frog on his shoulder. Haiti frog is our granddaughter's and has made multiple trips to Haiti, either with Grandpa or our granddaughter Genesis. On this trip she gave Haiti frog to Grandpa as a surprise.

We are Praising God 
and Thanking you for your faithful prayers. Mike and Nathan made it to the field in Gonaives and the pilot in the plane could see Mike. Mike was able to fly south to Port-au-Prince. We are so grateful. Please continue to pray as Mike went to a cousin of Nathan's for the night in Port-au-Prince, you can not stay over night in the Haitian airport. He will be brought to the airport in Port-au-Prince very early in the morning for the flight out of Haiti.

There are many reports from friends in Haiti, of innocent people in villages being killed violently. The whole country is a mess. In the past most of the violence and manifestations have been in Port-au-Prince, but the past couple of weeks they are everywhere. Satan has declared war. Prayer warriors you are being called to fight in prayer. Below is what Mike wrote. Please continue to lift Haiti and its people up in prayer. They need protection, hope, peace and freedom from oppression. 

Thank you so very much,

The two couples that spontaneously got married after the baptism's.

Five of the twenty baptism's in Amone Bout Nat

Monday, June 17, 2019


Today after church, Nathan called Mike and told him to meet him in Amone Bout Not. He said that he had been sharing with the community about baptism and that now there were about 20 people who wanted to be baptized.  Mike and Nathan were sharing with the people that it was not good for them to be living together and not married. Two of the couples said they wanted to get married right then and there. So Mike and Nathan held two impromptu weddings right then and there in Amone Bout Nat today. :) 

The manifestations in Port-au-Prince and Gonaives have increased. Because Mike is supposed to fly out early Tuesday morning, they thought it would be better for Mike to leave for Port-au-Prince tomorrow, Monday. Also because of the increased manifestations, multiple friends have not been able to travel back and forth to Port-au-Prince, and there are reports that the main highway going North and South is worse then when Mike arrived in Haiti 2 weeks ago, that with the fact that they were robbed at gunpoint on the trip from the airport going to Marose, Mike has been looking for an alternative way to travel to the airport. It appears that God has met his need. He found out that a small plane will be flying from Port-au-Paix to Port-au-Prince. He talked with them and they said they have one available seat and if my Mike can make it to a designated field in Gonaives and they see him, they will land and pick him up. So our huge prayer need would be that Mike is able to make it to the field tomorrow and be seen and picked up. From the airport there is someone who will be picking him up and bringing him to their home for the night in Port-au-Prince and then back to the airport early in the morning for his flight stateside. We would really appreciate your prayers for tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday as he travels. Also please continue to pray for peace and ORDER among the chaos in this country, as Kathy, a dear friend in Haiti, puts it, "God is a God of order, not of chaos".

Blessings, and thank you for your faithful prayers.


Aprons made for our workers from the sewing group at  NCCTK in Lynden and gifts for the mama's from Melissa, who lives in 100 Mile House, BC. Thank you!!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Baptism's in Marose


I wanted to give a quick update and request for prayer.

Last Saturday Nathan and Mike baptized 20 new believers. When we have a baptism sometimes there are on lookers at the river that ask if they can be baptized also, usually one of the pastors will then spend  some time talking with them and explain what they will be choosing. Last Saturday there were 3 on lookers who chose to be baptized.

Today, this Saturday there will be another baptism, last Saturday was in Pass Rein, this time it will be in Marose, although we have heard that an additional 12 people from Pass Rein want to come down to Marose and be baptized with the Marose village people. Please be praying that once again there will be on lookers who choose to give their hearts to Jesus and be baptized. Please also pray for the church leaders who will be teaching the new believers classes and reaching out to them. Mike will be preaching in Pass Rein, Sunday morning and would appreciate prayer for that as well.

Mike said that the second Pastors conference went really well. At first it was going to be cancelled due to all the unrest in Gonaives. But Nathan said even though he told the Pastors of the cancellation, they started showing up, so many so, that Nathan called Mike and asked him to try getting there through back roads. He said it went very well and was worth the risk for everyone. Please keep praying for safety for Nathan, Mike and our leaders.

Mike said that the manifestations and violence are getting worse in Gonaives. It has affected business, schools, the marketplace and most of the peoples lives. He said that when you get to the main road there are people stationed along the road letting everyone know if it is safe to be on the main road or not. If not they all walk around the corner a block and wait a while for the manifestation to pass. The people are trying to go about their daily business, but it is getting more and more dangerous. It was supposed to be getting better. We have friends in Haiti that were not able to get back to Gonaives for a week and another one that found a small ministry plane to get her back to Gonaives yesterday. It is so hard on the people trying to go about their daily business. Please pray for the people. These manifestations are paid for by the opposition and not the choice of the regular people.

Please continue to faithfully pray. We need your prayers very much so.

Blessings, Chris

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Do you hear a whisper?

Do you hear a whisper?


I wanted to share another piece of my heart. Hopefully it encourages you. Two weeks ago we traveled to 100 Mile House, B.C. We had the opportunity to share twice and Mike preached three times. One of the reoccurring themes while we were there, was a call to encourage people to ask God and listen, really listen to what he is calling you to. And then to step out and take the risk. That it does not matter how old or young you are, where you have been, how badly you have failed, how broken you’ve been. You have a story to share and you have the credibility, the power to speak into lives, because you have walked through YOUR story with God. Know that it is worth it. It is worth the risk, the cost, the unknown to step out on the water and Go where ever he may call you. It will not be the same for everyone. For some it may be overseas, like us being called to Haiti. But it may also be reaching out to the broken right around you, right where you are. It could be anything in between. But bottom line you will never feel complete, never feel all the joy and blessing if you do not ask, if you do not take the risk, if you do not allow Him to ask you to walk on the water. You have been created for a purpose. Trust Him it’s worth it. It will come with a cost. He promises if we follow Him we will be treated like He was. Will you? Will you risk it? Will you walk on water with Him? It’s where the fullness of life lies…

Love in Christ,
Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, June 10, 2019