Saturday, October 26, 2019


We wanted to let you know that Mike has canceled his flight to Haiti for this coming Tuesday. We were hoping that things would be getting better, but things are actually worse. Because of the manifestations, which are closing down the only highway that runs through the length of Haiti, basics like food, gas and propane are not able to be delivered. Schools in the cities are closed until January, the few that dared to try and remain open have been threatened. (We do have schools open in our rural and mountain villages.) Even banks are not able to get money from Port-au-Prince up to their branches in other parts of the country. Electricity is rare and if you find gas it is 'black market' gas. Food is extremely limited to just what is very local. We have decided that it is not safe for Mike to be traveling and not wise to be placing himself in a position of being a burden on the people we love and minister with. 

Although the current political situation looks so hopeless right now, there is actually a light on the horizon. If the current President can hold on, then most of the corrupt Senators, who have been fueling and funding the protests or manifestations, will be out of office, because their terms will have ended.

The word is already out on the streets that schools and businesses will be able to return to normal then. Please pray with us for the people of Haiti, for our pastors as they minister and share the gospel. The people have, for all intents and purposes, been living in a war zone in many parts of Haiti, including Gonaives. Please pray for Gods protection, peace, provision and wisdom as they try to negotiate their days.

We also would appreciate prayer for Mike tomorrow, Sunday, as he preaches in Centralia, WA. Pray that his words challenge, inspire and encourage the people.

Thank you to all those that have so very generously given towards the children's Christmas in the Children's Village. Since Mike will not be flying to Haiti, we are looking into shipping the gifts.

We are so thankful for you faithful prayers, especially through this very hard time for the people of Haiti.


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