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October 14, 2019


We wanted to share with you an opportunity to bless the children in our Children's Village this Christmas. But first, I want to briefly update you on Haiti and the political unrest that continues in Haiti. Every day there are news stories of manifestations. The poor in Haiti are continuously being subjected to the greed for power by a select few. Schools are closed and business  are struggling, many people are not able to meet the basic needs of their families. Please continue to pray for the country of Haiti and its people. As my friend Kathy Brooks in Haiti says "God is a God of Peace not of Chaos."

Fortunately for New Generation Ministries, most of our churches, schools, and villages are out in the rural areas, away from all the protesting and problems of the main cities. We are seeing a powerful move of God's grace, in bringing many desperate souls into the Kingdom of God. Please keep praying for them.

This Christmas we thought you might enjoy a tangible way of blessing the children. We would like to bless each of the children and the Mama's (nanny's), along with the Children's Village director and his assistant with the Christmas gift of new church clothes and some small fun items. Below is a list of items needed and the quantity. Please let us know if you would like to either purchase the items or donate towards the items. Thank you so very much for caring for the children.

Items that are needed are; 

100 full size Candy canes 
100 fruit snacks (rolls, leathers or bags)
100 count gift bags 10" X 13" X 5" approx.
200 gallon zip lock bags
For the girls
1 church dress size 12 months
2 church dresses size 2/3
2 church dresses size 4
3 church dresses 6/8
10 church dresses size 10/12
4 church dresses size 14/16
4 church dresses size 18 or woman's XS
For the boys
4 dress shirts size 4/5
8 dress shirts size 6/8
10 dress shirts size 10/12
7 dress shirts size 14
7 dress shirts size 16
2 dress shirts size 18
2 dress shirts size 20
4 dress shirts size men's XS

Boys dress pants preferably black, navy or Khaki.
4 dress pants size 4/5 slim
8 dress pants size 6/8 slim
10 dress pants size 10/12 slim
7 dress pants size 14 slim
7 dress pants size 16 slim
2 dress pants size 18 slim
4 dress pants size 20 slim

24 hot wheels (matchbox size)
17 bags marbles
18 hair bows (for ages 1 year to 12 years)
20 hair ornaments/accessories (for ages 14 years - 18 yrs)                                                                      32 boys hair combs
8 bottles of nail polish
15 each of red pens, black pens, and blue pens.
10 girls bracelets

For the mama's
10 body creams or heavy hand lotion.
10 bracelets
12 hair ornaments
1 church blouse size S
1 church blouse size L

For the men
2 dress shirts size mens XS w/tie
2 dress shirts size mens S w/tie
2 dress shirts size mens XL w/tie

Shipping and/or baggage fees for extra suitcases.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Mike will once again being flying into Haiti on November 5th. He would like to bring the Christmas gifts with him. So we would need the items by October 31st.

Thank you so very much for blessing the children and those who care for them.                      Blessings, Chris

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