Friday, January 26, 2018

Some of the new believers from the village of Marose

We wanted to let you know that Mike is on his way to Haiti. We would really appreciate your prayers for on time flights and safe travel.

The Holy Spirit has really been moving in the village of Marose. Nathan has been seeing many come to the Lord that are heavily involved in witchcraft and vodoo and many leaders of rara. He has been experiencing a move of the Spirit setting those with strong generational chains and bondage's free. There have been over 75 salvations in the months of December and January. Six of those salvations were witch doctors. Some of the salvations have involved whole families.

Mike asked Jonas our translator to interview a few of the people. One woman said that she has never been married, but has 11 children. That she is a rara dancer and that her family has been involved in rara for generations. She has chosen to be the first in her family to walk away from rara and choose Jesus. Praise the Lord!

One younger man said that he travels back and forth between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He was here for carnival and rara early last spring, when the bus hit and killed over 40 rara dancers. He said that he had been thinking about rara and voodoo and Jesus ever since. In his own words he said "I think about it and now I choose Jesus and flee the world's pleasure". God's light is shining bright in Marose.

One of the witch doctors said that he is 42 years old and has 12 children by 4 different women. He gave his life to the Lord. He says " my decision is forever, goodbye to satan and glory to God".

It is wonderful to see whole families, that have been steeped in voodoo, witchcraft and rara seeing the light and choosing new life with Jesus. Please pray that these new believers stay connected and grow, also that God continues to move in others in the village of Marose.