Tuesday, June 18, 2019

He is our victory! Please keep praying.

“The war is over, turn around
Lay your weapons on the ground
The smoke is fading before the light
The dead are coming back to life
He has made a way for all, mercy waits where sinners falls
He is our victory.”
The song is by Bethel and called “The war is over ” you can google it and listen to it.
As I listen to God through the words of this song,
I am struck by how he holds us
How he loves us
How he lavishes us with the gifts he chooses to allow us to experience
How very blessed we are to be allowed to live the life we live.
Praising Him!
As I write this I am pretty sure Mike is well. Although I have not heard from him in about 8 hours. Nathan’s cousin never met Mike last night, but God made a way for him. This morning when Mike arrived at the airport ALL of the luggage scanners were down. They stopped each traveler and hand searched EACH piece of luggage. Mike said they sorted through everyone’s dirty laundry. They did this even as the planes were boarding. This caused flights to leave the airport late. When Mike finally did make it on a plane they told him that he would miss all his flights. When he arrived in Miami they confirmed this. After he was re-booked on his flight to Dallas, they delayed the plane. Which caused him to miss his new flight to Seattle. He received new flights, boarded the plane, only to sit on the Tarmac of the Miami airport and watch the rain. That was the last I heard. But I SEE the miracles God has provided. I SEE the covering. I SEE the protection. I SEE God’s goodness. I SEE how He loves us. I See His mercies. I SEE how He lavishes us with gifts. I SEE how He blesses us with the life we live. He is our victory!
I hope and pray that you are SEEING His mercies too.                                Thank you for your prayers, please keep faithfully praying for Mike, Nathan and the country of Haiti, which we love so much.
Blessings, Chris
Praise God!!! Mike made it to his flight in the fields of Gonaives. Here are Nathan and Mike by the plane, Mike with Haiti Frog on his shoulder. Haiti frog is our granddaughter's and has made multiple trips to Haiti, either with Grandpa or our granddaughter Genesis. On this trip she gave Haiti frog to Grandpa as a surprise.

We are Praising God 
and Thanking you for your faithful prayers. Mike and Nathan made it to the field in Gonaives and the pilot in the plane could see Mike. Mike was able to fly south to Port-au-Prince. We are so grateful. Please continue to pray as Mike went to a cousin of Nathan's for the night in Port-au-Prince, you can not stay over night in the Haitian airport. He will be brought to the airport in Port-au-Prince very early in the morning for the flight out of Haiti.

There are many reports from friends in Haiti, of innocent people in villages being killed violently. The whole country is a mess. In the past most of the violence and manifestations have been in Port-au-Prince, but the past couple of weeks they are everywhere. Satan has declared war. Prayer warriors you are being called to fight in prayer. Below is what Mike wrote. Please continue to lift Haiti and its people up in prayer. They need protection, hope, peace and freedom from oppression. 

Thank you so very much,

The two couples that spontaneously got married after the baptism's.

Five of the twenty baptism's in Amone Bout Nat

Monday, June 17, 2019


Today after church, Nathan called Mike and told him to meet him in Amone Bout Not. He said that he had been sharing with the community about baptism and that now there were about 20 people who wanted to be baptized.  Mike and Nathan were sharing with the people that it was not good for them to be living together and not married. Two of the couples said they wanted to get married right then and there. So Mike and Nathan held two impromptu weddings right then and there in Amone Bout Nat today. :) 

The manifestations in Port-au-Prince and Gonaives have increased. Because Mike is supposed to fly out early Tuesday morning, they thought it would be better for Mike to leave for Port-au-Prince tomorrow, Monday. Also because of the increased manifestations, multiple friends have not been able to travel back and forth to Port-au-Prince, and there are reports that the main highway going North and South is worse then when Mike arrived in Haiti 2 weeks ago, that with the fact that they were robbed at gunpoint on the trip from the airport going to Marose, Mike has been looking for an alternative way to travel to the airport. It appears that God has met his need. He found out that a small plane will be flying from Port-au-Paix to Port-au-Prince. He talked with them and they said they have one available seat and if my Mike can make it to a designated field in Gonaives and they see him, they will land and pick him up. So our huge prayer need would be that Mike is able to make it to the field tomorrow and be seen and picked up. From the airport there is someone who will be picking him up and bringing him to their home for the night in Port-au-Prince and then back to the airport early in the morning for his flight stateside. We would really appreciate your prayers for tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday as he travels. Also please continue to pray for peace and ORDER among the chaos in this country, as Kathy, a dear friend in Haiti, puts it, "God is a God of order, not of chaos".

Blessings, and thank you for your faithful prayers.


Aprons made for our workers from the sewing group at  NCCTK in Lynden and gifts for the mama's from Melissa, who lives in 100 Mile House, BC. Thank you!!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Baptism's in Marose


I wanted to give a quick update and request for prayer.

Last Saturday Nathan and Mike baptized 20 new believers. When we have a baptism sometimes there are on lookers at the river that ask if they can be baptized also, usually one of the pastors will then spend  some time talking with them and explain what they will be choosing. Last Saturday there were 3 on lookers who chose to be baptized.

Today, this Saturday there will be another baptism, last Saturday was in Pass Rein, this time it will be in Marose, although we have heard that an additional 12 people from Pass Rein want to come down to Marose and be baptized with the Marose village people. Please be praying that once again there will be on lookers who choose to give their hearts to Jesus and be baptized. Please also pray for the church leaders who will be teaching the new believers classes and reaching out to them. Mike will be preaching in Pass Rein, Sunday morning and would appreciate prayer for that as well.

Mike said that the second Pastors conference went really well. At first it was going to be cancelled due to all the unrest in Gonaives. But Nathan said even though he told the Pastors of the cancellation, they started showing up, so many so, that Nathan called Mike and asked him to try getting there through back roads. He said it went very well and was worth the risk for everyone. Please keep praying for safety for Nathan, Mike and our leaders.

Mike said that the manifestations and violence are getting worse in Gonaives. It has affected business, schools, the marketplace and most of the peoples lives. He said that when you get to the main road there are people stationed along the road letting everyone know if it is safe to be on the main road or not. If not they all walk around the corner a block and wait a while for the manifestation to pass. The people are trying to go about their daily business, but it is getting more and more dangerous. It was supposed to be getting better. We have friends in Haiti that were not able to get back to Gonaives for a week and another one that found a small ministry plane to get her back to Gonaives yesterday. It is so hard on the people trying to go about their daily business. Please pray for the people. These manifestations are paid for by the opposition and not the choice of the regular people.

Please continue to faithfully pray. We need your prayers very much so.

Blessings, Chris

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Do you hear a whisper?

Do you hear a whisper?


I wanted to share another piece of my heart. Hopefully it encourages you. Two weeks ago we traveled to 100 Mile House, B.C. We had the opportunity to share twice and Mike preached three times. One of the reoccurring themes while we were there, was a call to encourage people to ask God and listen, really listen to what he is calling you to. And then to step out and take the risk. That it does not matter how old or young you are, where you have been, how badly you have failed, how broken you’ve been. You have a story to share and you have the credibility, the power to speak into lives, because you have walked through YOUR story with God. Know that it is worth it. It is worth the risk, the cost, the unknown to step out on the water and Go where ever he may call you. It will not be the same for everyone. For some it may be overseas, like us being called to Haiti. But it may also be reaching out to the broken right around you, right where you are. It could be anything in between. But bottom line you will never feel complete, never feel all the joy and blessing if you do not ask, if you do not take the risk, if you do not allow Him to ask you to walk on the water. You have been created for a purpose. Trust Him it’s worth it. It will come with a cost. He promises if we follow Him we will be treated like He was. Will you? Will you risk it? Will you walk on water with Him? It’s where the fullness of life lies…

Love in Christ,
Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, June 10, 2019

Update to Gunpoint and Prayers

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. We are so very thankful for them. They have been so obviously answered during this trip. Nathan is struggling still with being held up at gunpoint with Mike, I think being faced with mortality just became too real for Nathan. Prayers would be greatly appreciated as he processes what they went through.
Today the opposition to the president of Haiti paid people to protest. So there were manifestations throughout the country of Haiti. Mike drove through some of the back streets in Gonavies to avoid several today. At least in Gonaives we know the back streets. Mike said last night, he prayed for rain to come, to stop the protests. And today it rained, not for the normal 20 minuets or so, but for a few hours, time enough for the police to clear the main road and for the rain to discourage the protesters, they do not like to be out in the rain in Haiti. While living in Haiti people thought my kids were weird, because they would run and play in the rain. It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest and my kids missed rain. Manifestations are supposed to be happening tomorrow also. Please keep praying for Nathan, Mike, our ministry and others like ours, and the country of Haiti.
Today I read an opinion on a group site I belong to, written by a man named Jonathan Carver. He shared that he thought Haiti must represent something extremely critical for it to be the target of so much trouble. He shared from the book of Daniel about  Michael the archangel contending over Israel during their captivity, which was a direct result of their doing, but God wanted to show Himself strong as a deliverer for them. As Daniel fasted, prayed and sought God, an angel of God came to enlighten him of the battle in the heavens that was manifesting politically on the earth. Jonathan said he believes that what is happening in Haiti is not just a political and economic situation. I agree wholeheartedly that this is not just an earthly problem, but one with spiritual significance. The manifestations are supposed to be happening tomorrow also. Please keep praying for Haiti and it's people.
Yesterday Nathan and Mike baptized 20 new believers in Pass Rein.  Next Saturday in Marose they will be baptizing at least another 15. Praise God! And thank you for your faithful prayers.
This morning Mike taught in Poteou. Tomorrow evening he will be teaching bible study in Pass Rein and then again on Wednesday evening in Marose. Please pray for soft hearts both evenings. Then on Thursday Mike will be teaching another Pastor's conference. We would really appreciate your continued prayers for the conference. It will be mostly on unity, but will include vision and direction also.
Some of you may remember our asking prayer, for pastor Antonio from Debarrie, who ministers in Badjo. He had surgery a little while ago and had complications requiring a second surgery. We have been concerned for him. Today after church Mike was able to visit with him. Mike said he looked better and Antonio said that he felt better. Please keep him in prayer, he is key to the ministry in Badjo. Again thank you for your faithful continuing prayers.

Blessings, Chris

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Broken bridge in Cabaret


Thank you sooo much for your prayers for Mike and Nathan as they traveled from Port-au-Prince, north to Marose. So many verses come to mind tonight John 6:39, Deuteronomy 31:6, Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 46:1, and Thessalonians 3:3 which says “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one”. God was faithful today and protected Mike and Nathan. A bridge in Cabaret, just south of Acahaie, one of the hot spots I mentioned, broke this morning. Nathan could not get to the airport to pick Mike up. One of our friends, who is also a doctor in our clinic, lives in Port-au-Prince, so he picked Mike up and drove him to the broken bridge, Mike then walked from there to meet Nathan. He said it was chaos, truck drivers trying to toss their goods to trucks waiting on the other side of the bridge, thousands of people trying to figure out travel on the only highway going from Port-au-Prince to the northern part of the country, and having a bridge break, bringing ALL traffic to a stop. Then after connecting with Nathan, a group of motorcycles surround them and held them up at gunpoint. Mike said he was glad that it was just him and Nathan, as it was very unnerving having a gun in your face. Because they were on motorcycles, they were just after small things, so they did not take any luggage, but they took phones, money and wallets. Nathan unfortunately lost two good phones and his wallet, which had no money in it. The night before Mike left, I felt like God said to take a fake wallet and a broken phone. So when Mike met up with Nathan he hid his good phone and wallet. When they were held up minutes later, he had the broken phone and fake wallet (one of our kid’s play ones, complete with pretend credit cards and a few real dollars). God protected them, we know of others that have been shot, these men robbed them and then left. We are so thankful. God was faithful. Just minutes later UDMO, the Haitian police arrived for crowd control, they reported the robbery to the police, but probably nothing will come of it. I know we are constantly saying how important your prayers are to us, I hope you know that today they made all the difference.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
On another note, Mike and Nathan would love your prayer covering this Friday and Saturday, for the first of two Pastors conferences. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open ears, minds and hearts. Also please pray this Sunday, as Mike has been asked to preach in Pass Rein. And again thank you for YOUR prayers.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


This evening, Tuesday, Mike will be traveling to Haiti. The political atmosphere has settled down in some ways. Although there are still major problems within the government of Haiti. We have cancelled three trips and Mike is hoping that things have settled down enough for him to travel. There still are hot spots, especially in Port-au-Prince. There also are a few hot spots on the only highway in the country going north. The areas of Acahaie, Saint Marc and the cut off for Dessalines are the main hot spots traveling north. We are asking prayers for Mike and Nathan as they negotiate these areas, especially on Wednesday. But we would also appreciate your ongoing prayers for the people of Haiti who have to travel along this highway and for the government. The president of Haiti is trying to bring peace and stop corruption, but he is fighting against huge opposition, that does not want to loose their control of Haiti.

Mike will be teaching two pastor conferences while in Haiti,  trying to come along side of the leaders God has called us to partner with. One will be on "Unity of the Saints" and one will be on "Equipping the Saints for Ministry" these conferences are among a series of teachings that are leading our Haitian churches towards sustainable life giving ministry to their own people.

Mike will also be spending time with the leaders of our Children's Village, our schools and medical clinic and our transitional home for boys building relationships, which is key to the success of this ministry.

He will try to keep us updated as to prayer needs and stories.  We really appreciate your continued prayers for the ministry and the people of Haiti. YOU are making a huge difference in their lives.