Tuesday, June 4, 2019


This evening, Tuesday, Mike will be traveling to Haiti. The political atmosphere has settled down in some ways. Although there are still major problems within the government of Haiti. We have cancelled three trips and Mike is hoping that things have settled down enough for him to travel. There still are hot spots, especially in Port-au-Prince. There also are a few hot spots on the only highway in the country going north. The areas of Acahaie, Saint Marc and the cut off for Dessalines are the main hot spots traveling north. We are asking prayers for Mike and Nathan as they negotiate these areas, especially on Wednesday. But we would also appreciate your ongoing prayers for the people of Haiti who have to travel along this highway and for the government. The president of Haiti is trying to bring peace and stop corruption, but he is fighting against huge opposition, that does not want to loose their control of Haiti.

Mike will be teaching two pastor conferences while in Haiti,  trying to come along side of the leaders God has called us to partner with. One will be on "Unity of the Saints" and one will be on "Equipping the Saints for Ministry" these conferences are among a series of teachings that are leading our Haitian churches towards sustainable life giving ministry to their own people.

Mike will also be spending time with the leaders of our Children's Village, our schools and medical clinic and our transitional home for boys building relationships, which is key to the success of this ministry.

He will try to keep us updated as to prayer needs and stories.  We really appreciate your continued prayers for the ministry and the people of Haiti. YOU are making a huge difference in their lives. 


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