Tuesday, June 18, 2019

He is our victory! Please keep praying.

“The war is over, turn around
Lay your weapons on the ground
The smoke is fading before the light
The dead are coming back to life
He has made a way for all, mercy waits where sinners falls
He is our victory.”
The song is by Bethel and called “The war is over ” you can google it and listen to it.
As I listen to God through the words of this song,
I am struck by how he holds us
How he loves us
How he lavishes us with the gifts he chooses to allow us to experience
How very blessed we are to be allowed to live the life we live.
Praising Him!
As I write this I am pretty sure Mike is well. Although I have not heard from him in about 8 hours. Nathan’s cousin never met Mike last night, but God made a way for him. This morning when Mike arrived at the airport ALL of the luggage scanners were down. They stopped each traveler and hand searched EACH piece of luggage. Mike said they sorted through everyone’s dirty laundry. They did this even as the planes were boarding. This caused flights to leave the airport late. When Mike finally did make it on a plane they told him that he would miss all his flights. When he arrived in Miami they confirmed this. After he was re-booked on his flight to Dallas, they delayed the plane. Which caused him to miss his new flight to Seattle. He received new flights, boarded the plane, only to sit on the Tarmac of the Miami airport and watch the rain. That was the last I heard. But I SEE the miracles God has provided. I SEE the covering. I SEE the protection. I SEE God’s goodness. I SEE how He loves us. I See His mercies. I SEE how He lavishes us with gifts. I SEE how He blesses us with the life we live. He is our victory!
I hope and pray that you are SEEING His mercies too.                                Thank you for your prayers, please keep faithfully praying for Mike, Nathan and the country of Haiti, which we love so much.
Blessings, Chris

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