Monday, June 10, 2019

Update to Gunpoint and Prayers

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. We are so very thankful for them. They have been so obviously answered during this trip. Nathan is struggling still with being held up at gunpoint with Mike, I think being faced with mortality just became too real for Nathan. Prayers would be greatly appreciated as he processes what they went through.
Today the opposition to the president of Haiti paid people to protest. So there were manifestations throughout the country of Haiti. Mike drove through some of the back streets in Gonavies to avoid several today. At least in Gonaives we know the back streets. Mike said last night, he prayed for rain to come, to stop the protests. And today it rained, not for the normal 20 minuets or so, but for a few hours, time enough for the police to clear the main road and for the rain to discourage the protesters, they do not like to be out in the rain in Haiti. While living in Haiti people thought my kids were weird, because they would run and play in the rain. It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest and my kids missed rain. Manifestations are supposed to be happening tomorrow also. Please keep praying for Nathan, Mike, our ministry and others like ours, and the country of Haiti.
Today I read an opinion on a group site I belong to, written by a man named Jonathan Carver. He shared that he thought Haiti must represent something extremely critical for it to be the target of so much trouble. He shared from the book of Daniel about  Michael the archangel contending over Israel during their captivity, which was a direct result of their doing, but God wanted to show Himself strong as a deliverer for them. As Daniel fasted, prayed and sought God, an angel of God came to enlighten him of the battle in the heavens that was manifesting politically on the earth. Jonathan said he believes that what is happening in Haiti is not just a political and economic situation. I agree wholeheartedly that this is not just an earthly problem, but one with spiritual significance. The manifestations are supposed to be happening tomorrow also. Please keep praying for Haiti and it's people.
Yesterday Nathan and Mike baptized 20 new believers in Pass Rein.  Next Saturday in Marose they will be baptizing at least another 15. Praise God! And thank you for your faithful prayers.
This morning Mike taught in Poteou. Tomorrow evening he will be teaching bible study in Pass Rein and then again on Wednesday evening in Marose. Please pray for soft hearts both evenings. Then on Thursday Mike will be teaching another Pastor's conference. We would really appreciate your continued prayers for the conference. It will be mostly on unity, but will include vision and direction also.
Some of you may remember our asking prayer, for pastor Antonio from Debarrie, who ministers in Badjo. He had surgery a little while ago and had complications requiring a second surgery. We have been concerned for him. Today after church Mike was able to visit with him. Mike said he looked better and Antonio said that he felt better. Please keep him in prayer, he is key to the ministry in Badjo. Again thank you for your faithful continuing prayers.

Blessings, Chris

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