Sunday, February 20, 2022

Lemeque and Nathan



A few weeks ago I shared a story about Fedler, today I would like to share his brother Lemeque's story, Lemeque is our Pastor over the Pastors.

"My name is Lemeque. I am 39 years old. I am one of the pastors of the mission Good Shepherd. I am leading the church of Poteau and God uses me and the first older pastor to make great impacts on the village for his glory. According to the way pastor Mike sees the Lord is using me, so he charged me the responsibility to be over the other pastors.

I have not been grown with father and mother since at 12 years old, because they left the country since 1996 to go to America. My father never comes back since then, but my mom had chance to come back twice, The last time was in my grandma's funeral. In the past two years after my mom have gone, they were really eager to see us going to live with them in America, but they failed. For the time being, even my brothers who are in the states discourage me to go stay for ever because of my responsibility that I have in Haiti. 
This is where I feel God wants me. When our parents had just left Haiti to be separated with us, we were sad during a good moment, but God made our grandparents good to care about us like our father and mother. Our dad and mom sent money to my grandparents to provide for school, food and other things. We were helping them in the garden by harvesting lemon, okra, millet and bananas, so we were useful to them. I am the first son of 6 sons of my mother. We are the only 2 of the 6 sons who live in Haiti now.

I have never dreamed to be a pastor. Until I have been 25 years old when I really grabbed the Lord Jesus as my savior.

I am married since 2015, but unfortunately God doesn't decide yet to bless us with children and this is a matter for which I claim your prayers the most! We have spent lots of money in different hospitals mostly in Port-au-Prince. Some times we refuse some doctor's appointment to go to pray.

With our village we let them know after God the church is there to back up them in the trying moments. And we go to visit them during their absence."

Lemeque is a well respected pastor who truly is a servant leader. Please hold him and his wife up in prayer. Please join with us also to pray that the Lord would bless them with children. 

The crusade in Denonville, had 36 salvations, thank you so much for praying into the crusade. Nathan and a team have been preaching in Denonville each Sunday and holding two Bible studies a week in the village. They have had another 14 salvations since the crusade. Please pray for the new believers. Pray also for leaders who feel called to step into ongoing leadership roles and to become part of the community in Denonville.

Blessings, Chris