Sunday, September 18, 2016

Roseny getting his quilt from my daughter Rebecca's church.

Roseny joining us in the Transitional Home for boys.

Altine in his school uniform, this will be his last year of high school.


Hope you are enjoying your fall. This time of year for our ministry is extremely busy as we open our schools and enroll our high school students in school in Gonavies. Our transitional home for boys is growing also. We wanted to let you know that another one of our older boys has aged out of our Children's Village. Roseny has been in our Children's village since September of 2008. He turns 18 next month, but we thought it would be better for him to transition when school starts. So, Roseny is now living with us in our transitional home for boys. He makes a good addition as he has been the top in his class for many years, which makes for a good role model for studying :) Please remember to keep him in your prayers as he transitions. 

This coming school year will be Altine's last year of high school in Haiti, and his last year with us in the transitional home. Altine has been in our Children's Village since the beginning and in the boy's transitional home for a few years now. Traditionally the 13th grade is the hardest year of school in Haiti. The government of Haiti seems to want completion of an education to be difficult to obtain. We have been told this by many. Please keep him in your prayers this year. We want him to be successful.

On another note, thank you to all who helped and participated in our ministry's garage sale for our school children. The garage sale was very successful in spite of the rain. We really appreciate your help blessing the children. 

Please also keep the Madame (Mariette) in your prayers as she learns how to walk in a new life, everything changes for a witch doctor when they become a Christian, their source of  income is gone, sometimes they are rejected by family, things that seem as simple as how they spend their time. It is also difficult to feel loved and forgiven by the very people who were their enemies. Please also pray for her husband as he still has not accepted Jesus into his life yet.

Thank you so much for your prayers,

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

 Hello everyone. You can just feel it in the air. Everywhere you go, everything is a buzz of "Back to School Again." Even Facebook is full of everyone's back to school photos. They are sentimental treasures to be cherished by parents and grandparents for generations. School is such a rich part of our American culture.
   But in Haiti, it's not such a rich part. In fact, for too many poor and vulnerable children, it's not a part at all.... New Generation Ministries has established 5 "life-giving" schools in Haiti, serving  over 1300 students who do not have the opportunities that we have here in America; to go to school, to learn the basic skills of education, to get ahead, to get a real chance at life.... A chance that most poor children in Haiti never get. 
   Your financial support for these poor and vulnerable school children in Haiti will go directly to help them get registered for class, get a school uniform, get school supplies, and food. Most of you know, all to well, how much it costs to send your own children "Back to School again." New Generation Ministries is sending 1300 of our children "back to school again." We really need your help. 
   We don't regularly use this "Prayer Partners email to ask you for donations, but once in a while, a great opportunity comes along. A great investment opportunity for you, with tremendous pay-offs. Helping these children receive a good education is the very best way to break the chains of poverty and oppression that has held the people of Haiti down for many generations.....
​ ​
send a generous gift to help these children get "back to school again." Please don't  assume that others are meeting this need. You can help. Please visit our website at the address below..

   Thank you in advance for helping these precious children of God, get a real chance at life....

Thank you again for helping us to come along side of the Haitian people. 

Mike and Chris

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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Praying and claiming the grounds and voodoo temple for Jesus.

The church praying and praising in the compound.

Some of the voodoo items that were removed and destroyed.

The Madame cutting down some of the voodoo things.

A painting used in voodoo.

This is called a "gad" and is used in voodoo.

Some of the things used in voodoo that were destroyed.

One of the altars in the compound.

Tearing down one of the altar areas in the compound.

Starting the fire.

The fire destroying the voodoo things from the compound.

Singing and praising in voodoo camp 1.

Climbing the trees to take down the voodoo flags.

The Madame at voodoo camp 1.

Another building and a fire in voodoo camp 1.

Demolishing a building in voodoo camp 1.

Looking up at a building in voodoo camp 1.

Marching to voodoo camp 2.

Looking up at voodoo camp 2.

voodoo building in camp 2

Burning voodoo things at camp 2

Marching to the mountain.

Climbing the mountain to the two Mapoo trees
where voodoo worship is now destroyed.


One of the most pivotal spiritual events of this ministry has happened. Through our prayer partner’s, people all over the world have been praying for the village of Pass Rein and The Madame. We have known for a long time that the salvation of The Madame of Pass Rein was key to God’s work in Pass Rein.

We have the most exciting news. Yesterday huge battles were fought and won in the spiritual realm. The results of many years of prayers, your prayers and ours! This is the story and it Glorifies God!

When we first felt called to Pass Rein the main opposition came from a woman we call The Madame, she is a witch doctor and a boko, which is someone over many witch doctors. She has been connected to the highest levels of witch doctors in Haiti. She has had children with the highest witch doctor, who is now dead. We have witnessed to her many times over the last 5 plus years. We have since met her daughter who lived in the US, who has prayed for her for over 20 years. I think it was May of 2011 that we brought one of the first teams to Pass Rein. The Madame has done many horrible things in her life, she is responsible for many deaths and has performed human sacrifices, and she has controlled the area and the other witch doctors for years. But she has also witnessed the transformation of Pass Rein, she has witnessed the power of the witch doctors diminish, she has watched the empire she built of voodoo, prostitution, cock fighting, gambling etc. fall apart. She has voiced her frustration that her powers no longer work in Pass Rein or against us. She has watched her attempts to have Nathan and Mike killed, (4 that we are aware of) fail.  We have shared many stories surrounding the Madame with you, our prayer partners. You have joined us in praying and fasting for her, many times over the years. Many of you have shared pictures and words, with us. And I know some of you have faithfully prayed for her along with us.

Well yesterday God let us once again have the honor of battling for her soul with him. THE MADAME GAVE HER LIFE TO THE LORD! The Madame asked Nathan to come to her compound in Pass Rein. Nathan called and let us know, Mike had a meeting with Ian and Mary and the Marose Organization for Transformation, so Mike took me up to Pass Rein to pray with Nathan. Mike spent some time praying, but he needed to help with the meeting in Marose, so he left. Then the Madame said she wanted Nathan and one of the men in the church to go to her other house in Gonaives and get the rest of her voodoo things so they could be burnt in Pass Rein with the rest of the voodoo paraphernalia. So I stayed in her compound and kept praying with one of the church leaders. We prayed over many children and adults that were under her control. We spent time talking with her husband about Christ. The rest of the leaders in the Pass Rein church showed up to pray. Then just before Nathan arrived back at the compound, the church of Pass Rein started showing up. I counted as 146 Christians filed in to pray. Within a few minutes Nathan arrived back in Pass Rein with the Madame’s daughter who was strongly advocating for what was taking place. The church sang and prayed and walked over the grounds of the compound claiming it for Jesus. Then they started taking down the voodoo alters and piled up the voodoo items for a large bonfire. After that, the whole church marched on to the voodoo camp and burned and destroyed the items there along with some of the buildings used for evil. They lit another fire and then we marched further up the mountain to another voodoo camp and did the same. Praise, songs and prayers, at each place and reclaiming the place for GOD. We also climbed the rest of the mountain just as dark was falling to the last place the church was aware in Pass Rein connected to the Madame and voodoo. Afterwards we climbed back down the mountain side and formed a circle and prayed and worshiped together. Three other people when we were in the different voodoo camps camp up and asked if they could receive salvation. To my knowledge all of the people in the compound, around 20 people, along with THE MADAME gave their lives to the Lord. Her husband did not, also one other older man did not. God moved powerfully and removed one of the largest blocks to the people of Pass Rein, she had been likened to Pharaoh in the bible. We even told her the story of Pharaoh and told her she needed to let the people go. Thank you so much for partnering with us and the people of Pass Rein. God is so Awesome!!!! All praises and glory to Him!!!!!!!

Many Blessings!!!!!


Saturday, September 3, 2016


We wanted to share a very exciting day with you. We started the morning with 8 weddings. We enjoy weddings here in Haiti, but two of the weddings were very special to us, both couples are our neighbors. One of the couples came to the Lord late last fall and the other couple came to the Lord this past August. We were honored to be asked by one of the couples to be their Marenn and Parenn. This is like a best man, maid of honor or like godparents. They do not usually have all the participants of an American or Canadian wedding, just a Marenn and a Parenn. Mike also preached and I took photos. I missed having Mary with me to help with photos. She missed being there by just hours :) The weddings were in the Poteou church, afterwards we went to Pass Rein to celebrate with a meal, as most of the couples were from Pass Rein. 

Later in the day we went back up to Pass Rein to pray for a man who wanted to give his life to the Lord, He was a professional murderer, who wanted to ask for forgiveness and for Jesus to come into his heart. God had already done all the work this man just wanted to know how to receive salvation. Amazing!

We also had the opportunity to share the gospel with the husband of the Madame (head witch doctor) in Pass Rein. He did not chose to accept Jesus today, but defiantly is pondering his life choices. There were 5 of us sharing with him today. There is a strong battle going on for his soul, please continue to pray for both of them. 

Later in the early evening, Mary and Ian arrived. They have been greatly missed here in Haiti. They spent 6 months of the past year with us in Haiti and have come back for a short visit. 
We are looking forward to spending some time together ministering. 

Tonight was also very, very exciting. Mike preached this evening in Pass Rein at the crusade and we had 51 people come forward for salvation! God is so awesome! 4 people were also healed of seizures and 2 came forward for bleeding issues and one man was delivered. In the past 4 days there were 8 salvations one night and 12 on another night. God is moving powerfully, it has been so encouraging to be allowed to be a part of his work here. Sometimes the day to day life is so difficult I get lost in the small perspective of the day. Out of the last four days the city has had power for about 4 hours each evening and then no power at all for two days. It is hard to do life in this heat with no fan or ice to keep your food safe. And it is hard to keep a phone charged or a laptop, and impossible to have internet with no power. I also get tired of the dark by 7 in the evening. Our generator had not been working well and fried the water pump for the well at our house, needless to say my perspective was rather limited by late last night. But God in his mercy gave us many victories today and again I am humbled by those around me that have struggles so much bigger then mine. Thank you so much for all of you that support us. We are in such need of your prayers to push through and keep on doing the work. We really appreciate the support. Tomorrow night (Sunday) is the last night of the crusade, please keep praying for open hearts and minds.