Tuesday, September 6, 2016


One of the most pivotal spiritual events of this ministry has happened. Through our prayer partner’s, people all over the world have been praying for the village of Pass Rein and The Madame. We have known for a long time that the salvation of The Madame of Pass Rein was key to God’s work in Pass Rein.

We have the most exciting news. Yesterday huge battles were fought and won in the spiritual realm. The results of many years of prayers, your prayers and ours! This is the story and it Glorifies God!

When we first felt called to Pass Rein the main opposition came from a woman we call The Madame, she is a witch doctor and a boko, which is someone over many witch doctors. She has been connected to the highest levels of witch doctors in Haiti. She has had children with the highest witch doctor, who is now dead. We have witnessed to her many times over the last 5 plus years. We have since met her daughter who lived in the US, who has prayed for her for over 20 years. I think it was May of 2011 that we brought one of the first teams to Pass Rein. The Madame has done many horrible things in her life, she is responsible for many deaths and has performed human sacrifices, and she has controlled the area and the other witch doctors for years. But she has also witnessed the transformation of Pass Rein, she has witnessed the power of the witch doctors diminish, she has watched the empire she built of voodoo, prostitution, cock fighting, gambling etc. fall apart. She has voiced her frustration that her powers no longer work in Pass Rein or against us. She has watched her attempts to have Nathan and Mike killed, (4 that we are aware of) fail.  We have shared many stories surrounding the Madame with you, our prayer partners. You have joined us in praying and fasting for her, many times over the years. Many of you have shared pictures and words, with us. And I know some of you have faithfully prayed for her along with us.

Well yesterday God let us once again have the honor of battling for her soul with him. THE MADAME GAVE HER LIFE TO THE LORD! The Madame asked Nathan to come to her compound in Pass Rein. Nathan called and let us know, Mike had a meeting with Ian and Mary and the Marose Organization for Transformation, so Mike took me up to Pass Rein to pray with Nathan. Mike spent some time praying, but he needed to help with the meeting in Marose, so he left. Then the Madame said she wanted Nathan and one of the men in the church to go to her other house in Gonaives and get the rest of her voodoo things so they could be burnt in Pass Rein with the rest of the voodoo paraphernalia. So I stayed in her compound and kept praying with one of the church leaders. We prayed over many children and adults that were under her control. We spent time talking with her husband about Christ. The rest of the leaders in the Pass Rein church showed up to pray. Then just before Nathan arrived back at the compound, the church of Pass Rein started showing up. I counted as 146 Christians filed in to pray. Within a few minutes Nathan arrived back in Pass Rein with the Madame’s daughter who was strongly advocating for what was taking place. The church sang and prayed and walked over the grounds of the compound claiming it for Jesus. Then they started taking down the voodoo alters and piled up the voodoo items for a large bonfire. After that, the whole church marched on to the voodoo camp and burned and destroyed the items there along with some of the buildings used for evil. They lit another fire and then we marched further up the mountain to another voodoo camp and did the same. Praise, songs and prayers, at each place and reclaiming the place for GOD. We also climbed the rest of the mountain just as dark was falling to the last place the church was aware in Pass Rein connected to the Madame and voodoo. Afterwards we climbed back down the mountain side and formed a circle and prayed and worshiped together. Three other people when we were in the different voodoo camps camp up and asked if they could receive salvation. To my knowledge all of the people in the compound, around 20 people, along with THE MADAME gave their lives to the Lord. Her husband did not, also one other older man did not. God moved powerfully and removed one of the largest blocks to the people of Pass Rein, she had been likened to Pharaoh in the bible. We even told her the story of Pharaoh and told her she needed to let the people go. Thank you so much for partnering with us and the people of Pass Rein. God is so Awesome!!!! All praises and glory to Him!!!!!!!

Many Blessings!!!!!


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  1. Praise God! This is AWESOME news!! Our God is MIGHTY to save!