Saturday, September 3, 2016


We wanted to share a very exciting day with you. We started the morning with 8 weddings. We enjoy weddings here in Haiti, but two of the weddings were very special to us, both couples are our neighbors. One of the couples came to the Lord late last fall and the other couple came to the Lord this past August. We were honored to be asked by one of the couples to be their Marenn and Parenn. This is like a best man, maid of honor or like godparents. They do not usually have all the participants of an American or Canadian wedding, just a Marenn and a Parenn. Mike also preached and I took photos. I missed having Mary with me to help with photos. She missed being there by just hours :) The weddings were in the Poteou church, afterwards we went to Pass Rein to celebrate with a meal, as most of the couples were from Pass Rein. 

Later in the day we went back up to Pass Rein to pray for a man who wanted to give his life to the Lord, He was a professional murderer, who wanted to ask for forgiveness and for Jesus to come into his heart. God had already done all the work this man just wanted to know how to receive salvation. Amazing!

We also had the opportunity to share the gospel with the husband of the Madame (head witch doctor) in Pass Rein. He did not chose to accept Jesus today, but defiantly is pondering his life choices. There were 5 of us sharing with him today. There is a strong battle going on for his soul, please continue to pray for both of them. 

Later in the early evening, Mary and Ian arrived. They have been greatly missed here in Haiti. They spent 6 months of the past year with us in Haiti and have come back for a short visit. 
We are looking forward to spending some time together ministering. 

Tonight was also very, very exciting. Mike preached this evening in Pass Rein at the crusade and we had 51 people come forward for salvation! God is so awesome! 4 people were also healed of seizures and 2 came forward for bleeding issues and one man was delivered. In the past 4 days there were 8 salvations one night and 12 on another night. God is moving powerfully, it has been so encouraging to be allowed to be a part of his work here. Sometimes the day to day life is so difficult I get lost in the small perspective of the day. Out of the last four days the city has had power for about 4 hours each evening and then no power at all for two days. It is hard to do life in this heat with no fan or ice to keep your food safe. And it is hard to keep a phone charged or a laptop, and impossible to have internet with no power. I also get tired of the dark by 7 in the evening. Our generator had not been working well and fried the water pump for the well at our house, needless to say my perspective was rather limited by late last night. But God in his mercy gave us many victories today and again I am humbled by those around me that have struggles so much bigger then mine. Thank you so much for all of you that support us. We are in such need of your prayers to push through and keep on doing the work. We really appreciate the support. Tomorrow night (Sunday) is the last night of the crusade, please keep praying for open hearts and minds. 


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