Sunday, September 18, 2016


Hope you are enjoying your fall. This time of year for our ministry is extremely busy as we open our schools and enroll our high school students in school in Gonavies. Our transitional home for boys is growing also. We wanted to let you know that another one of our older boys has aged out of our Children's Village. Roseny has been in our Children's village since September of 2008. He turns 18 next month, but we thought it would be better for him to transition when school starts. So, Roseny is now living with us in our transitional home for boys. He makes a good addition as he has been the top in his class for many years, which makes for a good role model for studying :) Please remember to keep him in your prayers as he transitions. 

This coming school year will be Altine's last year of high school in Haiti, and his last year with us in the transitional home. Altine has been in our Children's Village since the beginning and in the boy's transitional home for a few years now. Traditionally the 13th grade is the hardest year of school in Haiti. The government of Haiti seems to want completion of an education to be difficult to obtain. We have been told this by many. Please keep him in your prayers this year. We want him to be successful.

On another note, thank you to all who helped and participated in our ministry's garage sale for our school children. The garage sale was very successful in spite of the rain. We really appreciate your help blessing the children. 

Please also keep the Madame (Mariette) in your prayers as she learns how to walk in a new life, everything changes for a witch doctor when they become a Christian, their source of  income is gone, sometimes they are rejected by family, things that seem as simple as how they spend their time. It is also difficult to feel loved and forgiven by the very people who were their enemies. Please also pray for her husband as he still has not accepted Jesus into his life yet.

Thank you so much for your prayers,

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