Wednesday, September 7, 2016

 Hello everyone. You can just feel it in the air. Everywhere you go, everything is a buzz of "Back to School Again." Even Facebook is full of everyone's back to school photos. They are sentimental treasures to be cherished by parents and grandparents for generations. School is such a rich part of our American culture.
   But in Haiti, it's not such a rich part. In fact, for too many poor and vulnerable children, it's not a part at all.... New Generation Ministries has established 5 "life-giving" schools in Haiti, serving  over 1300 students who do not have the opportunities that we have here in America; to go to school, to learn the basic skills of education, to get ahead, to get a real chance at life.... A chance that most poor children in Haiti never get. 
   Your financial support for these poor and vulnerable school children in Haiti will go directly to help them get registered for class, get a school uniform, get school supplies, and food. Most of you know, all to well, how much it costs to send your own children "Back to School again." New Generation Ministries is sending 1300 of our children "back to school again." We really need your help. 
   We don't regularly use this "Prayer Partners email to ask you for donations, but once in a while, a great opportunity comes along. A great investment opportunity for you, with tremendous pay-offs. Helping these children receive a good education is the very best way to break the chains of poverty and oppression that has held the people of Haiti down for many generations.....
​ ​
send a generous gift to help these children get "back to school again." Please don't  assume that others are meeting this need. You can help. Please visit our website at the address below..

   Thank you in advance for helping these precious children of God, get a real chance at life....

Thank you again for helping us to come along side of the Haitian people. 

Mike and Chris

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