Sunday, November 7, 2021


Erwins and Sunday

Sunday and Kevins



It is Orphan Sunday today.
So, I wanted to highlight an orphan in our Children's Village. We call him Sunday, because he came from the streets into the Children's Village on a Sunday, and the only information we could get out of him was Sunday. He was such a scared little guy. When he first arrived he had an infected scab covering 1/2 his face. He had obviously come from an abusive situation. The other children teased him and called him yellow hair.

He slowly learned to trust us and know he was safe and would be able to eat. It wasn't long before his Cheshire grin won over everyone, his personality went with his grin and the magenta flared sweatpants that we had to practically peel off of him to wash, they were his favorite pants to wear, those or pajama bottoms. :) He has been such a cheerful, happy and helpful child. He has grown into a confident young man now and is attending high school. We have been so blessed by those of you who have chosen to sponsor a child and allow them opportunities in life that they otherwise would not have.

The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy Chapter 10, that "God is the Defender of the Orphan." But God calls each one of us to partner with Him in the care for the least of these around the globe.

Thanks to your help, New Generation Ministries has been partnering with God to care for the least of these in Haiti since 2008. The Good Shepherd Children's Village is a safe and healthy environment for more than 60 orphaned children, who are receiving the love, care, and education they need to grow into confident young men and women.

November is "Defend the Orphan Awareness Month," and November 7th is "Orphan Sunday." Please take this opportunity to partner with God, and New Generation Ministries in Haiti, to ensure that the children like Sunday really do receive the love, care, and education they need. You can change the story of their lives from Orphan, to confident young men and women. Be about changing history to His-Story...   
Blessings, Chris


Sunday opening a gift from his sponsor

Sunday growing up