Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today the celebration went very well. In fact it is still going on. The celebrations here last hours it started around 2:00 and it is 6:30 now. For some reason we can not use our e-mail here the last few days. But I have been able to use our blog so I am writing this on the blog and will try to get our son to paste this on our e-mail to send it out. Tomorrow we will watch school and be here to see and maybe help with the Medical clinic. We will probably be meeting with the Pastor's association on Tuesday, and then feed the poor in Gonaives. Bonding with our daughter has been going very well. God has been amazing, she already pushes others away and wants just me. She is still very quiet, but very sweet and so pretty. Thank you for your prayers. They really make such a difference. Blessings
P.S. Miss Amanda size18 months leaves plenty of growing room, I over quessed size 2 :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We have arrived. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We spent the day and night at Russka Village with our new daughter.It has been so good. She is very quiet and shy, not like her siblings. Janae has told Mike when he asked her if she could be quiet that she" likes to be loud". Maki Cia (Elizabeth) has a very sweet spirit. It was so nice to see friends we have made there. Mike gets to see them every time he goes down to Haiti. I have not been there for a year and a half, because I have felt like it was important to be home so that Janae and Joshua could adjust. This morning we drove up to Marose
to the orphanage. Again it was good to see everyone. A year and a half is way to long. They had a celebration tonight, I guess they have every night this week. They are celebrating their 21st anniversary. Mike and Nathaniel are going to be doing baptisims in the morning and there will be a large community wide service in the afternoon. Mike will be one of the speakers. He would appreciate prayers that the Holy Spirit is with him as he shares and with Nathan and Nathaniel.
Thanks for your prayers, Blessings Chris

Thursday, November 26, 2009


We get to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We fly out today and will be able to get our daughter tomorrow,( Friday). We will stay in her village for the day and one night. Saturday will go up to the orphanage. We will be back next Thursday, December 3rd. I will try to update while we are down there depending on internet access. Please keep praying for us and the rest of our children here at home. This will be the first time we have both left Joshua and Janae for this long. Thank you soooooo much.
Blessings Chris
Prayer Partners: This list of contacts was formed for the main purpose of informing our supporters of up-dates to events, trips and projects, and to request prayer for the ministry and the children. I have been very apologetic in the past for using this list to ask for prayer for myself and or my family. The further we get into this ministry and the work that God has called us to, the more we realize that we stand or fall. we succeed or fail based on our faith and the prayer support that we get. Haiti is a very hard place to minister. It is a very poor, depressed, and spiritually dark nation. But without a doubt this is what He has called us to. Your support in prayer is as vital to us and the work we are doing, as water is to the people of Haiti.
Two of the personal things that I have asked for prayer for have been 1) the healing of our 20 year old adopted son Jesse of cancer of the thyroid. This prayer was powerfully and swiftly answered for us because of your prayers. 2) the adoption process for our daughter in Haiti to be as short as possible. It has now been 16 months since we started. In recent weeks my wife has been praying and planning, by faith, to have her home for Christmas. Now, thanks to your prayers, this will be true. Chris and I will leave on Thursday to go pick up our own daughter and bring her to our own forever home.
I will no longer apologize for asking for your prayers. They are necessary to our survival, and to keeping our hand to the plow that He has called us to........................................Thank you and bless you as you continue to pray for me and my family, as we will serve the Lord.....................Mike

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Glad to be home again. This trip was short and purposeful, but God showed himself strong in our ministry in Haiti. Just three of us went this time. Myself, my son-in-law Andrew, and Scott from Canada. We went mainly to see the long awaited well be drilled by Starfish Ministries. They started drilling on Thursday and were making pretty good progress, but no water yet. We had prayed long and hard for this one. On Sat evening the guy's came to me and asked if they could drill on Sunday. I felt that since it was a ways up the hill and the sound did not carry to the church, that it would be OK if they stopped for church service. As I was giving the message to the congregation, I knew that the guys were listening from behind the curtain,( because they were dirty from thier work), so I interrupted the service by telling the congregation how important this was to all, and asked the guy's to come out front to get prayed for. They reluctantly did, and we did, and they went back to work. Two hours later the struck water, good water, lots of good water. On Monday morning they were packed up and on their way to another job. Thanks guy's, and thanks God.
The next victory was the opening of the free Medical Care Clinic. With Dr. Ralph, the nurse, and the Tech, Pastor Nathan and I prayed and dedicated the clinic as God had spoken to us and given us the vision almost a year earlier. We were actually helping the sick in Haiti. We saw over 140 patients that first day. They had started lining up at 2:00 in the morning to be seen. It was so heart warming to see the needs finally being met. God, you are sooo good.
Those were the victories, but this was the miracle.........We were asked by a local pastor to come see his school in the poor part of Gonaives. We did, and Pastor Nathan spoke to them for a few minutes, and then asked me to give the children a message,( he loves to put me on the spot like that). So I told them how very special each one of them was to God, how much He loved them, how he was with them and would never leave them, and how he so wanted them to walk with Him, and have relationship with Him. Then we asked if any of them wanted to receive Christ into their hearts as their savior, before we were done we had brought 45 children and 3 adults into the Kingdom of God. WOW, it is always so humbling to see God work in spite of us..................................
Two major victories and a miracle, and several other blessings along the way. I would say that it was a good trip. and I can't wait to get back there and see more. Feeding children, giving medical attention, loving, educating, encouraging, blessing, and caring. Because that's what He does.......Mike

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank you so much for your prayers. Jesse's scan showed that they removed all the cancer. All he has are tests left to establish more baselines for follow ups in the future, that way they have something to compare it to. So as soon as they can get his medication balanced he will be good to go. Praise God !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has been so merciful !!!!!!!!!!!!! I spoke with Mike after our doctor appointment. It took a few tries over the course of an hour, but I reached him. He said that all the pastors in the association were asking about Jesse, it has been a blessing knowing that they have been praying for him in Haiti also. Not a coincidence that he is Haitian. Now Mike will be able to share with them the results before he leaves. Mike and the team had just finished helping Emory feed the children in the poor part of Gonaives. He said it went well. Tomorrow they start traveling home. We would appreciate your prayers once again. Remember to keep checking the blog, I have posted some photos and will post more after they are home from this trip. The address is Just a thought for the day, on the way home from the doctor's I was listening
to music and the words of one song jumped out at me and caused me to think about my perspective.
They were "How can I further your kingdom when I am so wrapped up in mine?
Many Blessings,

This is a photo of Elizabeth Maki Cia. Our daughter waiting in Haiti. She is with 3 of our other children.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is Herby
I talked with Mike this afternoon. He met with the pastor's association today. They have added the pastor from the school they visited earlier in the week. Mike said they had a good meeting. The team was able to put the pipe in the well yesterday, all 80 or so feet of it. I guess it is pretty heavy by the time you are adding the last piece. But it is in. Mike and Nathan were able to meet the president of the Red Cross in Gonaives to discuss the medical clinic today. Our doctor also choose to stay on Tuesday and work for free in order to attend to the patients he was unable to see on Monday, which says a lot about his character and heart. He has to travel to reach our clinic he is not local. Tomorrow the team will be feeding the poorest children in Gonavies. Please pray for them and the children they will be serving. Again, as I have shared before this is not an easy task. But something we are called to do. We have worked out arrangements for our translator Herby to live at the orphanage. This will be a huge help, both to Nathan and Us. We are very excited, as this is something we have been talking and praying about for a few months. Thank you so much for your continued prayers.
Blessings Chris

Monday, November 9, 2009

The digging of the
well has been a success. Vince and his team are on their way to the second well they are digging. Please pray they are successful there also. Tomorrow our team will be putting in a pipe to keep the well open until we get the pump and tanks. Thanks so much for your prayers. The grand opening of the medical clinic was a success. Mike said there were about 200 people in line last night ( 2:00 A.M. this morning). Dr. Ralph saw patients until he was exhausted Mike said, which was about 90% of the patients. He will be open again next Monday. Pastor Nathan took our team to a school in the poorer part of Gonaives today. Mike said a lot of them were very malnourished. They asked Mike to share a message with the children and 40 children gave their hearts to the Lord along with 3 adults. God is so merciful. One of the mothers at the school had 3 really sick children, one with an eye infection, and they were very malnourished. Our team took them back to Dr. Ralph, he gave the one with the eye infection medication and then gave them pedialyte and peanut butter to take home. It is so good to be able to help. Mike has asked for prayers for the team that God would continue to work thru them and with them. Also he would like prayer for the construction that they would make wise decisions. On a lighter note, when Nathan went into Gonaives today, people in the bank and those he knew in the streets stopped him to ask who Mr. Mike was, and where he was, they said they enjoyed his teaching. Another day full of God's blessing, thank you very much for your prayers, they are much needed
Blessings Chris

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I just heard from Mike. Wow, what a day! Church went well, Mike gave the message and then had Vince and the rest of the well drilling team come up front to be prayed over. After church they went back to drilling and hit water at 65 feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They kept drilling to 75 feet the rest of the day. Tomorrow they will drill to 85 feet, they said digging 20 feet down into the water should provide lots of clean water. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as the orphanage building goes they have all the steel in place and are supposed to have the cement for pouring the roofs tomorrow. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Please pray that the cement comes. They have spent time with the kids at the river and playing soccer (which is the only sport I have seen Haitians get into, the kids love it). Another interesting event happened today, Nathan loves bringing Mike places with him, sometimes it is more cultural, and sometimes he will bring Mike to a church near by and then ask him to preach. Today Mike said just when he thought Nathan could not stretch him or surprise him anymore Nathan brought Mike to the radio station in Gonaives. Gonaives is about 20 to 30 mins. away, also approximately the 3rd largest city in Haiti. When they reached the radio station he told Mike that he had arranged for Mike to preach over the radio. So Mike was broadcast over the radio this afternoon.
The way God works sometimes is amazing.
Tomorrow is the grand opening of the medical clinic. Another praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be open every Monday starting tomorrow. Thanks so much to those of you who are helping to support the nurse and doctor. They will have a dedication ceremony with prayer and blessings. So far a great trip. Thank you ever so much for your prayers.
Blessings, Chris
For the many, many of you who have asked (thanks),
Jesse is doing okay, but could use your prayers this coming week. For those who do not know. Jesse is our 20 year old son. He had thyroid surgery last month and they found cancer in one side of his thyroid. The surgeon made the call durning surgery to remove the other side also. When they sent his thyroid to the lab they found
a microscopic spot of cancer when they disected his thyroid. Standard care says if you have one spot and the organ has been removed you are done with treatment
unless something comes up again later. If you have three or more spots you do radiation treatment. Jesse had two spots one obvious to the surgeon and one microscopic. We have been told if you ask a dozen endocronologists half would say do the treatments and half would say not to do them. We have asked more questions and have found out that radiation is cumulative in your body. In other words it builds up. I do not remember the dosage measurements, but we were told at 100 of them
there is a significant risk of secondary cancer in patients 20 years later some where else in thier body. Jesse's dosage would be 50. At my age I might take my chances, but at 20 years old I think I would not choose radiation. So we are opting for doing a scan using a dosage of 13 that is supposed to show whether any cancer is left, This
would be used as a baseline for tests in the future to compare with. He has to be off all thyroid medication for a few weeks and be on a low sodium diet (very boring) for
a few weeks, before they can administer the scan.He has been doing this, which is why we have had no new to report to those of you who have asked. He had a lab Friday and takes the radiation on Monday and has the scan done on Wednesday. We are told the results
in the doctors office on Thursday. If this is clear, Jesse has chosen to trust all is taken care of and he will continue to be tested at recomended times. Please pray the test is accurate and he is clear of cancer. And that God is with us. Thanks sooooooooooooooo much! Many Blessings.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hello everyone,
Mike called tonight, the team has reached the orphanage. Thanks for your prayers. They have started digging the well. They are at 58 feet and optimistic. Tommorrow Mike will be sharing at church. Andy will be running the sound equipment and Scott will be video taping. Please continue to pray for success with the well, and for Mike as he teaches. Many thanks.
The team has arrived safely in Haiti and are on their way to the orphanage.This is about a 5 to 51/2 hour drive. Please pray for safe traveling. Again, I will let everyone know more when I do. Please keep praying for the well drilling to be successful. Blessings, Chris

I just dropped the November team off at the Seattle airport late last night. The main goal this trip is digging our well. Yeah! Please pray for safe travel and that we find a good source of water to tap into. Please pray that all machinery works for our well and for a couple of other wells in Haiti that two from our church are going to dig. Also that our sound board makes it to the orphanage. This is the last piece to the Pastor's association's sound equipment for their revivals. I will update more when I hear from Mike.
Again a huge thank you for your prayers they are so important.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

and yet another.................

Here is another photo from the last trip.

Home again........ For me it is a bitter / sweet thing. When I am here, I miss being in Haiti, and when I am in Haiti, I miss being here with my family. For those that go as a part of a team, it is also a bit of a transition. The need is so great, yet the love from the kids and locals is also so warm and friendly, it is hard sometimes to transition back into our regular routine. Our prayers are that we never quite transition all the way back to where we were. That we now have a better understanding of the heart of God for the people of the world. Here in North America, we spend the majority of our time, energy, and money on our comforts and our pleasures. In countries like Haiti, all of their time, energy, and money are spent on survival......Not much time to rest as we gear up for the next trip. November 6th thru 16th. ( Please pray for me as I work to keep my business going enough to take care of my family and pay my personal bills.)
Current status in Haiti is that Construction of the new orphanage is going well. Relations with the kids and the locals are going extremely well. And our efforts to build up and encourage the local pastors are beyond our best expectations. Please continue to pray for us as you are part of our team, definitely making a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti.
P.S. We are excited to be putting the finishing touches on our remodeled website as we speak. Look for it coming soon to a computer near you.................Mike