Thursday, November 26, 2009

Prayer Partners: This list of contacts was formed for the main purpose of informing our supporters of up-dates to events, trips and projects, and to request prayer for the ministry and the children. I have been very apologetic in the past for using this list to ask for prayer for myself and or my family. The further we get into this ministry and the work that God has called us to, the more we realize that we stand or fall. we succeed or fail based on our faith and the prayer support that we get. Haiti is a very hard place to minister. It is a very poor, depressed, and spiritually dark nation. But without a doubt this is what He has called us to. Your support in prayer is as vital to us and the work we are doing, as water is to the people of Haiti.
Two of the personal things that I have asked for prayer for have been 1) the healing of our 20 year old adopted son Jesse of cancer of the thyroid. This prayer was powerfully and swiftly answered for us because of your prayers. 2) the adoption process for our daughter in Haiti to be as short as possible. It has now been 16 months since we started. In recent weeks my wife has been praying and planning, by faith, to have her home for Christmas. Now, thanks to your prayers, this will be true. Chris and I will leave on Thursday to go pick up our own daughter and bring her to our own forever home.
I will no longer apologize for asking for your prayers. They are necessary to our survival, and to keeping our hand to the plow that He has called us to........................................Thank you and bless you as you continue to pray for me and my family, as we will serve the Lord.....................Mike

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