Monday, November 9, 2009

The digging of the
well has been a success. Vince and his team are on their way to the second well they are digging. Please pray they are successful there also. Tomorrow our team will be putting in a pipe to keep the well open until we get the pump and tanks. Thanks so much for your prayers. The grand opening of the medical clinic was a success. Mike said there were about 200 people in line last night ( 2:00 A.M. this morning). Dr. Ralph saw patients until he was exhausted Mike said, which was about 90% of the patients. He will be open again next Monday. Pastor Nathan took our team to a school in the poorer part of Gonaives today. Mike said a lot of them were very malnourished. They asked Mike to share a message with the children and 40 children gave their hearts to the Lord along with 3 adults. God is so merciful. One of the mothers at the school had 3 really sick children, one with an eye infection, and they were very malnourished. Our team took them back to Dr. Ralph, he gave the one with the eye infection medication and then gave them pedialyte and peanut butter to take home. It is so good to be able to help. Mike has asked for prayers for the team that God would continue to work thru them and with them. Also he would like prayer for the construction that they would make wise decisions. On a lighter note, when Nathan went into Gonaives today, people in the bank and those he knew in the streets stopped him to ask who Mr. Mike was, and where he was, they said they enjoyed his teaching. Another day full of God's blessing, thank you very much for your prayers, they are much needed
Blessings Chris

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