Saturday, November 28, 2009

We have arrived. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We spent the day and night at Russka Village with our new daughter.It has been so good. She is very quiet and shy, not like her siblings. Janae has told Mike when he asked her if she could be quiet that she" likes to be loud". Maki Cia (Elizabeth) has a very sweet spirit. It was so nice to see friends we have made there. Mike gets to see them every time he goes down to Haiti. I have not been there for a year and a half, because I have felt like it was important to be home so that Janae and Joshua could adjust. This morning we drove up to Marose
to the orphanage. Again it was good to see everyone. A year and a half is way to long. They had a celebration tonight, I guess they have every night this week. They are celebrating their 21st anniversary. Mike and Nathaniel are going to be doing baptisims in the morning and there will be a large community wide service in the afternoon. Mike will be one of the speakers. He would appreciate prayers that the Holy Spirit is with him as he shares and with Nathan and Nathaniel.
Thanks for your prayers, Blessings Chris

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