Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is Herby
I talked with Mike this afternoon. He met with the pastor's association today. They have added the pastor from the school they visited earlier in the week. Mike said they had a good meeting. The team was able to put the pipe in the well yesterday, all 80 or so feet of it. I guess it is pretty heavy by the time you are adding the last piece. But it is in. Mike and Nathan were able to meet the president of the Red Cross in Gonaives to discuss the medical clinic today. Our doctor also choose to stay on Tuesday and work for free in order to attend to the patients he was unable to see on Monday, which says a lot about his character and heart. He has to travel to reach our clinic he is not local. Tomorrow the team will be feeding the poorest children in Gonavies. Please pray for them and the children they will be serving. Again, as I have shared before this is not an easy task. But something we are called to do. We have worked out arrangements for our translator Herby to live at the orphanage. This will be a huge help, both to Nathan and Us. We are very excited, as this is something we have been talking and praying about for a few months. Thank you so much for your continued prayers.
Blessings Chris

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