Sunday, November 8, 2009

For the many, many of you who have asked (thanks),
Jesse is doing okay, but could use your prayers this coming week. For those who do not know. Jesse is our 20 year old son. He had thyroid surgery last month and they found cancer in one side of his thyroid. The surgeon made the call durning surgery to remove the other side also. When they sent his thyroid to the lab they found
a microscopic spot of cancer when they disected his thyroid. Standard care says if you have one spot and the organ has been removed you are done with treatment
unless something comes up again later. If you have three or more spots you do radiation treatment. Jesse had two spots one obvious to the surgeon and one microscopic. We have been told if you ask a dozen endocronologists half would say do the treatments and half would say not to do them. We have asked more questions and have found out that radiation is cumulative in your body. In other words it builds up. I do not remember the dosage measurements, but we were told at 100 of them
there is a significant risk of secondary cancer in patients 20 years later some where else in thier body. Jesse's dosage would be 50. At my age I might take my chances, but at 20 years old I think I would not choose radiation. So we are opting for doing a scan using a dosage of 13 that is supposed to show whether any cancer is left, This
would be used as a baseline for tests in the future to compare with. He has to be off all thyroid medication for a few weeks and be on a low sodium diet (very boring) for
a few weeks, before they can administer the scan.He has been doing this, which is why we have had no new to report to those of you who have asked. He had a lab Friday and takes the radiation on Monday and has the scan done on Wednesday. We are told the results
in the doctors office on Thursday. If this is clear, Jesse has chosen to trust all is taken care of and he will continue to be tested at recomended times. Please pray the test is accurate and he is clear of cancer. And that God is with us. Thanks sooooooooooooooo much! Many Blessings.

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