Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Glad to be home again. This trip was short and purposeful, but God showed himself strong in our ministry in Haiti. Just three of us went this time. Myself, my son-in-law Andrew, and Scott from Canada. We went mainly to see the long awaited well be drilled by Starfish Ministries. They started drilling on Thursday and were making pretty good progress, but no water yet. We had prayed long and hard for this one. On Sat evening the guy's came to me and asked if they could drill on Sunday. I felt that since it was a ways up the hill and the sound did not carry to the church, that it would be OK if they stopped for church service. As I was giving the message to the congregation, I knew that the guys were listening from behind the curtain,( because they were dirty from thier work), so I interrupted the service by telling the congregation how important this was to all, and asked the guy's to come out front to get prayed for. They reluctantly did, and we did, and they went back to work. Two hours later the struck water, good water, lots of good water. On Monday morning they were packed up and on their way to another job. Thanks guy's, and thanks God.
The next victory was the opening of the free Medical Care Clinic. With Dr. Ralph, the nurse, and the Tech, Pastor Nathan and I prayed and dedicated the clinic as God had spoken to us and given us the vision almost a year earlier. We were actually helping the sick in Haiti. We saw over 140 patients that first day. They had started lining up at 2:00 in the morning to be seen. It was so heart warming to see the needs finally being met. God, you are sooo good.
Those were the victories, but this was the miracle.........We were asked by a local pastor to come see his school in the poor part of Gonaives. We did, and Pastor Nathan spoke to them for a few minutes, and then asked me to give the children a message,( he loves to put me on the spot like that). So I told them how very special each one of them was to God, how much He loved them, how he was with them and would never leave them, and how he so wanted them to walk with Him, and have relationship with Him. Then we asked if any of them wanted to receive Christ into their hearts as their savior, before we were done we had brought 45 children and 3 adults into the Kingdom of God. WOW, it is always so humbling to see God work in spite of us..................................
Two major victories and a miracle, and several other blessings along the way. I would say that it was a good trip. and I can't wait to get back there and see more. Feeding children, giving medical attention, loving, educating, encouraging, blessing, and caring. Because that's what He does.......Mike

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