Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today the celebration went very well. In fact it is still going on. The celebrations here last hours it started around 2:00 and it is 6:30 now. For some reason we can not use our e-mail here the last few days. But I have been able to use our blog so I am writing this on the blog and will try to get our son to paste this on our e-mail to send it out. Tomorrow we will watch school and be here to see and maybe help with the Medical clinic. We will probably be meeting with the Pastor's association on Tuesday, and then feed the poor in Gonaives. Bonding with our daughter has been going very well. God has been amazing, she already pushes others away and wants just me. She is still very quiet, but very sweet and so pretty. Thank you for your prayers. They really make such a difference. Blessings
P.S. Miss Amanda size18 months leaves plenty of growing room, I over quessed size 2 :)

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