Saturday, December 29, 2018

Hello, We wanted to say Happy New Year to you and thank you for all you have helped do this past year! Here are some photos of our school children!

 2018 is almost over!
2019 is almost here!

      Let's finish strong!       
 Let's make it a winner!

   2018 has been a great year of "coming along-side" the people in Haiti, helping them reach out to the poor and needy in their own country. Your help has created jobs, clothed and fed orphans, given medical attention to the sick, food to the hungry, and education to the illiterate.

   It is because of your caring heart, and generous financial gifts, that these poor children in Haiti, can go to school, and rise up out of the poverty and oppression that has been holding them back. You are making a real difference in the world. You are making life better for countless children and their families, because you care.

   We are so amazed at the ways God continues to move in the hearts and lives of the people in Haiti. You have helped us plant 11 Life-Giving churches, that are boldly taking "the good news of Jesus" to the people who need it most. Each Life-Giving church is seeing tremendous growth in attendance and involvement.

   But it hurts us to see precious children, stuck in poverty, not able to go to school, get a good education, and break free from the chains of poverty and oppression.

   Please help them with this simple life-changing opportunity. "SCHOOL" It helped us! It will help them!
Give generously to put more children in school in 2019.

    2018 is almost over!     
2019 is almost here!
    Let's finish strong!       
Let's make it a winner!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

50% of primary age children in Haiti are not attending school.

"It's People like You, who are making a difference!"

    We hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas Season, and that you have received our letter informing you about our year-end campaign to help vulnerable children go to school, get a good education, and rise up from their families poverty and oppression. Oppression that has held Haiti captive for generations. It's people like You, who care about these children, and who have come along-side these children to make a difference.

    Education is the best way to help children rise up from the poverty that has held them and their families down.

   With your partnership, New Generation Ministries has put schools or children's programs in 10 rural villages in Haiti, allowing over 1,000 poor children just like this, go to school, and get a good education.

   We all want to make a difference in our lifetime.

   "This is making a difference!"

   Because of You, we are well on our way to reaching the goal of $100,000 to help more children go to school, get an education, and live a much different life.

   Please make this campaign a winner. A winner for the children. Then we all become winners.

            "Winners are difference makers!"

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Good Morning Friends,

   In an effort to build awareness of our mission to help poor children in Haiti, and raise the urgent funds needed to send young children to school, we are running a year-end campaign for "Education."  "Education is the best way to help children in Haiti rise up out of the poverty and oppression that has held them captive for generations." Education is easy for everyone to get behind, as a way of helping poor children in an under-developed nation like Haiti. 

   As a "Prayer Partner" of this mission you might ask, "How can we best help?" This is a great question. You will be receiving several different kinds of notifications about this campaign in the coming days; ie a Direct-mailer, Telephone calls, E-mails, Facebook and Blog posts, and Instagram posts, all giving you opportunities to help with this urgent need.

1) You can PRAY, for the success of this campaign, and our mission to help stem the tide of illiteracy, poverty, oppression, and joblessness, by sending children to school in Haiti.

2) You can GIVE FINANCIALLY, to help these children receive the quality of education that is a basic need, for a better quality of life, everywhere else in the world.

3) You can ADVOCATE, to your friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors, about the mission, and how you are involved in helping to educate the next generation of children in Haiti. Share your mailers and Facebook posts with them, and encourage them to join with you in this mission.

   All of us can do these 3 things, to make a difference for these children and their families, to have real chance for a better life. And isn't that what we all want; a better life? Please feel free to reply to us personally, with your questions about our mission, or this campaign.

   Thank you for your faithful prayers. May the Lord richly bless you and your family this Christmas season..........

   Mike and Chris Leland

Monday, November 19, 2018

A monument in Port-au-Prince Haiti depicting soldiers at the battle of Vertieres.

Thank you so very much for your prayers for the team, as they traveled home. They ended up leaving for the airport in Haiti at 3:00 A.M. Saturday morning. They made it to the airport by daybreak. They did pass through about a dozen blockades of rocks and tires, but a large truck ahead of them was breaking through each of the blockades, so they were able to maneuver through them. Thank you so much for praying.

As I shared in the previous email, the Haitian government has said that the opposing political group backed by the former ruler Aristide, is planning major riots in an attempt to cause a coup this coming week in Haiti. The manifestations are supposed to start in Cap Haitian Monday, tomorrow.

Here is a little bit of the history; The Haitian Revolution officially came to an end in 1803 when rebels defeated French troops on November 18 at the Battle of Vertieres. On January 1, 1804,  Governor-for-Life Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared the island free and renamed it 'Haiti.'

Because of this, Aristide's followers have chosen this date as the day to initiate a coup. They have already unsuccessfully tried to initiate a coup with issues revolving around gas prices, bribing and coercing senators and the prime minister to join their side. The coup is supposed to take place between the 18th and 21st of November. Please be praying for the country of Haiti and its people. They have already walked through so much hardship. This manifestation has the potential to set Haiti back as a country. Please pray for safety and stability. Pray against property loss and loss of life. Pray for God's peace.

Thank you so much, blessings,

Friday, November 16, 2018

Kaol Bel

I am sending this email out to you asking for prayer.

The Haitian government has said that the opposing political group backed by the former ruler Aristide, is planning major riots in an attempt to cause a coup this coming week in Haiti. The manifestations are supposed to start in Cap Haitian this coming Monday the 18th.

Here is a little bit of history; The Haitian Revolution officially came to an end in 1803 when rebels defeated French troops on November 18 at the Battle of Vertieres. On January 1, 1804,  Governor-for-Life Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared the island free and renamed it 'Haiti.' Because of this they have chosen this date as the day to initiate a coup. They have already unsuccessfully tried with issues revolving around gas prices, bribing and coercing senators and the prime minister to join their side. The coup is supposed to take place between the 18th and 21st of November. Please be praying for the country of Haiti and its people. They have already walked through so much hardship. Pray for safety and stability. Pray for God's peace. Pray against property loss and loss of life.

Because of the upcoming coup, the government has turned the power off, hoping to curtail unwanted night activity. The unrest  has the possibility of affecting the team. They are supposed to be flying out of Haiti during the day on Saturday. There is a possibility of early manifestations as pressure builds. The team is planning on leaving for Port-au-Prince around  4 am, hoping to avoid any issues. Please pray for the team and their safety. They are not overly concerned that they will have any problems on Saturday, they are just trying to be wise. We know people in different areas on the way to Port and they will be calling ahead in order to avoid any possible problems.

On a different note the team is doing great. They have been visiting some of our schools. Today they spent some time visiting the children in our Pass Rein school. The team has also been staying in the Children's Village, playing with the children and spending time with them in the play and prayer room.

The pastor's conference started today, Thursday, and will continue through Friday. It is going great. Please continue to lift the team and the conference up in prayer. They are really enjoying their time in Haiti.

I want to thank you for faithfully praying for the people of Haiti, the ministry and our family.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

On the way to Kaol Bel in Saint Michel de Latt

I wanted to get an update on the team in Haiti out to you and also share the "rest of the story". I love it when we know part of a story and have no idea what God is doing behind the scenes.
The team is doing great. There has been virtually no power in our area in Gonaives for about 6 days now. So communication has been limited. Hard to make a phone call when your phone is dead.
The team has been very busy. They arrived in Gonaives in the evening last Friday. Saturday morning Jeff and Laura went out to stay in the Children's Village, Greg and Mike met with our core group of pastor's. Sunday morning Mike preached in Bout Nat, our newest village. They had a very powerful ministry time, there were some words of knowledge, healings, a deliverance and four salvations. The message was on being set free and how to keep walking in that freedom. The team went to Poteau for church in the evening. 
Tomorrow they will be celebrating the birthdays of some of the children in the Children's Village, with cake, small gifts, prayer and lots of singing.
This coming Thursday and Friday, Mike and Nathan will be holding a larger pastor's conference. Please be praying for open hearts and spirits. Also, please pray for Nathan as he leads worship and Mike as he teaches, that they will be guided by the Holy Spirit.
Also please continue to pray for health, safety and direction for the team as they continue to minister.
And now for the "rest of the story".....
The team went to visit another one of our newer villages today. It is about a 2 to 2 1/2 hour trip each way, mostly because of the road conditions. The area is called Saint Michel and the village is called Kaol Bel. The pastor that we have connected with has been coming faithfully to the pastors teachings and conferences for about a year now. We knew there was a connection, but did not know how that connection had come about.
When they visited Kaol Bel today Mike and Nathan spent quite a bit of time talking with the pastor. He shared that his father had become a Christian when he was a young man and newly married. This was 60 years ago, and he is 86 years old now, 30+ years beyond the average life expectancy in Haiti. God is good. Mike asked if his father was still alive, and if so did he live close by? The pastor said yes and asked if Nathan and Mike wanted to speak with him?
When the father came, he shared that right after he received Jesus into his heart he felt like he was supposed to share Jesus with his neighbors. He said that he also had a dream during that time and that in the dream he felt like he was supposed to start a church in his village and two other villages. One of those villages was in a strange place called Pass Rein. For those of you that do not know, we felt called to Pass Rein about 6 years ago, we have a church there now and there has been 1000's of salvations, including many witch doctors in the last 6 years. The area where we minister was called De Force, The Place of Darkness. The community has transformed so much since Jesus has been shared with them, that about 2 years ago, they petioned the government and changed the name of their village to Bon Berger, Place de Lumiere, with means Good Shepherd, Place of Light.
The father shared that 60 years ago he had a sister that moved to a different area in Pass Rein after she married. Nathan asked where in the Pass Rein area the church was and who was the pastor now? Come to find out that we know and work with the pastor. He regularly comes to our pastor training's and teachings. He helps whenever we hold crusades in the Pass Rein area. It was such a blessing to make this connection and understand the history.
Then as they talked further Mike and Nathan found out that this father had asked his son to take over the church a year ago when he was 85. The son said no and was preparing to move into the city area of Saint Michel. But then God met the son in a dream and he said that in the dream Jesus brought him a bucket and told him he needed to water Kaol Bel, until the community grew fruit for the kingdom of God, and that a black man and a white man would visit him to confirm that this is what Jesus wanted him to do. And now Nathan and Mike had come to visit him.
Then he shared that Kyle, our school administrator had been best friends with his brother growing up until his brother died. He also shared that Kyle's mother was best friends with his aunt, the father's sister that had married and moved to Pass Rein, and that she had been part of that church plant.

It is so amazing being part of a puzzle that God builds and orchestrates before we even know the puzzle is going to be built. The seeds of prayer in the church of Kaol Bel and Pass Rein go back 60 years at least. We have such a big and awesome God. His timing is incredible and continues before and after our lifetime. His intricate plans blow me away sometimes. He transcends time and knows all. Please join us in praying for the pastor, his father who is also a pastor and the people of Kaol Bel. I will attach some photos of a previous trip we made to Saint Michel, and will post photos of the pastor and his father when I receive them from the team. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Blessings, Chris
Our November team, Mike, Greg, Laura and Jeff. 

November 8, 2018 Leaving on a jet plane.

The November team is on their way. Please keep them in your prayers. They will be flying through the evening and into the night, arriving in Port-au-Prince around noon and then traveling by truck. Pray for open hearts and eyes to see where and what God is doing. Thank you so very much.

Beginnings of a church in Bout Nat

Church in Bout Nat

Worshiping in Bout Nat

November 6, 2018 On our way again.

We have a team leaving for Haiti this coming Thursday, November 8th. We would love it if you would lift them up in prayer. They will be flying out in the evening.

One of the things the team will be doing is traveling to Bout Nat, our newest village and ministering to the people in the community. There has been approximately 40 salvation's since the crusade, bringing the total to over 100. We have set up a temporary structure for church in Bout Nat and there have been about 100 people coming to church. During the week we have started a simple outreach to the children in the community. Joel, one of our leaders from Pass Rein has felt called to Bout Nat and has started a new believer’s class on Wednesday evenings.

Joel has been a blessing and a great addition to our ministry.  He was among the first new believers in Pass Rein 6 years ago. He has been faithful ever since. He regularly attends the pastor's conferences, he goes to bible school and he helps out at every crusade. He is a great worship leader and has a huge heart for new believers, which is what has drawn him to Bout Nat. He married a very Godly Christian women from a nearby village, about 4 years ago. They have desired children since they were first married and are thrilled to be expecting their first child this January. Please keep Joel and his growing family in your prayers along with the community of Bout Nat.

The team will also be visiting some of our churches and schools in other communities. They will spend time at our Children's Village with the children. And they will also stay at our boys transitional house, interacting with the older boys.

On the 15th and 16th of November, Mike and Nathan will be holding another pastor's conference. We would appreciate prayer for open hearts and understanding as Nathan and Mike impart training and vision to our pastors and leaders.

This Sunday November 11th is Orphan Sunday, please remember to lift the orphans up in prayer and reach out to them and be the hands and feet of Jesus. 


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Earthquake damage to one of the houses in Perou.


We wanted to update you on Haiti and thank you for your prayers. Overall our ministry received just small amounts of damage. Injuries in Peru were small and consisted of things like broken arms. We did sustain damage to our new school building in Perou. Also some of the homes of people in our ministry were damaged. Marose also experienced damaged homes as did Wash Plat, which is the next village north of Marose on the way to Perou.  We are very grateful that we did not sustain more damage.

The village of Gros Morne which is just a few miles from our village of Perou, had 7 deaths and sustained quite a bit of damage. Nathan and the other pastors from our villages are getting together this morning (Saturday) and traveling to Gros Morne to reach out and help people. They will be bringing clean water, food and tol (metal for roofs). They will also be praying for people and holding worship services and sharing the gospel. They know many people in the area and so have places to stay. Please be praying for safe travel for them and protection. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would go before them and pave the way. That hearts would be soft and that the pastors would be sensitive to where God is leading. We really appreciate your prayers.

I also wanted to share a bit of my heart with you, with the hope that if one of you is struggling like I am, that this might minister to you. As I was sitting down to write, I was struggling in my mind, thinking that I am not enough, that I don't feel like I measure up. So I sat down and prayed and shared with God how I felt and the battle that was going on in my mind. After I prayed I turned the radio on and the song that was just starting was a song written by Lauren Daigle. The first two lines I heard were "I keep fighting voices in my mind that say I'm not enough. Every Single lie that tells me I will never measure up. God totally met me where I was. The song ends with the chorus saying;
 You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing
You say I am strong when I think I am weak
You say I am held when I am falling short

When I don’t belong, You say I am Yours
And I believe, I believe
What You say of me

I believe

The lyrics to the song are below. If you want you can  google "You say I am strong when I think I am weak",  the song with music and lyrics will come up. I hope that the words minister to you. I pray that you HEAR the TRUTH in the words. I needed to hear them tonight.
Much blessings,

[Verse 1]
I keep fighting voices in my mind that say I’m not enough
Every single lie that tells me I will never measure up

Am I more than just the sum of every high and every low?
Remind me once again just who I am, because I need to know

You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing
You say I am strong when I think I am weak
You say I am held when I am falling short

When I don’t belong, You say I am Yours
And I believe, I believe
What You say of me

I believe

[Verse 2]
The only thing that matters now is everything You think of me
In You I find my worth, in You I find my identity

You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing
You say I am strong when I think I am weak
You say I am held when I am falling short

When I don’t belong, You say I am Yours
And I believe, I believe
What You say of me

I believe

Friday, October 12, 2018

October 9, 2017


We wanted to let you know that Haiti experienced a 5.9 earthquake Saturday evening. The center of the earthquake was in Port-de-Paix. Please pray for the people of Haiti. There is a lot of fear, because of the memories from the earthquake in Port-au-Prince in 2010. Many are sleeping outside tonight. Pastor Nathan said our Children's Village is alright, but our new school building in Perou is broken. I am not sure what other damage has occurred. Please pray for peace for the people and that the after shocks are minimal. We will update as we learn more.

We have arrived back in the states and I want to share some highlights. We had extremely limited power and only one day of internet, which is why I was only able to get one prayer partner email out to you. Thank you for praying, even though we did not give direction of what to pray for. God knows what we need and when we need it, and honors prayers even when there are no details, only prompting to pray from the Holy Spirit.

Nathan, Mike and I visited the village of Bout Nat, the new village Nathan felt led to pray over and visit. I mostly walked the grounds and prayed, claiming the territory and its people for Jesus. Nathan mostly networked trying to find out the most influential people of the village and Mike gathered a crowd together and talked with them and encouraged them. It cracked both Nathan and I up as we watched him from a distance. He had the crowd laughing and sharing with him. It was obvious that the Holy Spirit had gone before us. When we got back we had a email from a dear friend saying to "just be ourselves and God would do the rest". That is exactly what each of us had done. We did feel like we got confirmation to have a crusade in Bout Nat after our visit there. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night we had a crusade. Thursday night there were 33 salvation's, including one little 11 year old girl called Ti Chi. Ti Chi took it upon herself to be my 'bodyguard' as I walked the grounds praying. She told Mike that I was going to far out of sight and that she was worried about me. She stuck by me like glue from then on  :)  There were 36 salvation's over the next three evenings for a total of 69. It was so encouraging. The village is very much like Pass Rein was, steeped in voodoo, painted voodoo temples and voodoo flags all around. A very dark place, needing the light of Christ to invade and set it free. Please pray for the stronghold of satan to be broken and the captives set free. God gave us the miracle of Pass Rein and we are believing for Bout Nat.

Rodelene, one young women who gave her life to God in Bout Nat, shared that she is 21 and has a little girl who is 18 months old. She said she is not married, but she is living with a man who is not faithful to her. She said that before giving her life to Christ she would have very bad dreams at night, but now she has experienced victory. She said she had been very sick and had been taken to the witch doctor, but he had been unable to help her. She said this caused her to realize that witchcraft has no power. She said she was demon possessed, but now free. She shared that her prayer requests were for the man she lives with to become a  "real Christian" and for a bible. We passed out the Creole Bibles that we had, but we need to purchase more. We can get a complete bible in Haitian Creole for $10. If you feel lead, the people of Bout Nat would love more bibles.  Please continue to lift Rodelene, Ti Chi and the village of Bout Nat up in your prayers, and thank you for covering us in prayers, we depend on them.


September 24, 2018

Thank you so much for your prayers, our time here in Haiti has gone very well. Chris has been working with Ian and Mary to up-date child sponsor photos and information. Power and internet are always a problem, but this morning we finally received internet :)  We have had very little power since arriving. It has come in increments of 15 to 40 minuets and only on some days. This email I have worked on 4 times so far, hopefully I will be able to send it this time.

The Pastors conference went better than expected. It was great watching the pastors faces as new revelation came to them. It was hard for them to really grasp that they have indeed been given the keys to God's Kingdom, all the love, all the power, and all the authority given to Jesus has now been given to them to do the works that He has called them to do.....Amen

We have been visiting the schools. It has been fun seeing the children in their uniforms and backpacks arriving at school in groups, with big smiles on their faces. It has also been fun taking photos and working with the children, some of them have such beautiful smiles, some have very shy smiles and a few crack us up as they open their lips wide and grit their teeth, thinking they are smiling the way we want them to.  Every one of them is so precious.

The medical clinic is also running very well, and has been recommended, and approved, for 3 special programs by the Haitian Government; STD's, Tuberculosis, and Immunizations. This is a big deal for the clinic and this ministry.

Pastor Nathan has felt like God is calling us to share the gospel in a new village. So this afternoon Pastor Nathan, Chris and I will be going to the village. The village is called Bout Nat. Pronounced like boot nat. It seams right to us and the Holy Spirit to go and meet with the people there, to look for signs that the gospel is welcome in the village. If we receive confirmation, then we will have a short crusade in the village on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening to preach the good news of Jesus in a very dark place. The village is similar to Pass Rein. It currently has no school or church and is very heavily involved in voodoo. Please pray that we are lead by the Holy Spirit, and not our own ambitions.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


I wanted to share a quote with you from a song in hopes that it will be a blessing to you. In some ways it is a prayer. "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior."

Hope you are enjoying fall. It has been very interesting being home for the fall season. After being gone for 5 years and not experiencing fall I was not aware of the things I missed that are an intricate part of the season. The other evening I cut open a squash and the smell of the wet squash brought back a flood of memories, memories that I was not even aware that I missed. Walking and smelling the wet leaves and soil on a crisp windy day also has brought back soooo many memories. It is interesting how memories associate themselves with smells. God has used some of the summer and fall smells to speak to my heart, it is as if fewer words are needed because multiple senses are being  touched. I hope you are enjoying your time spent with Him this fall.

Early this evening Mike and I, along with Ian and Mary and 2 of our children, will be flying to Haiti for a couple of weeks. Please pray for traveling mercies. Please pray for our children that will be staying here with one of our sons and daughter in law.

One of the goals for this trip will be a 3 day conference, Mike will be teaching approximately 100 pastors and leaders. Please pray for open hearts and minds, and that they will hear the words God wants them to hear and let the rest go. Mary and I will be updating sponsorship photos and we will also be celebrating birthdays in the Children's Village. We have had a hard time finding a welder that has integrity and wants to work for a fair wage, please pray that we can find one who fits in and works well with the other employees.

The revival in Pass Rein went really well. There were nearly 100 salvations :) Thank you so very much for your prayers, they made all the difference.

One woman who committed her life to Jesus shared that her name is Jesula. And that she is 36 years. She is a mother of 6 children but two have died. She says "I was Christian before, but I forsook God.
Satan was attacking me so much and chose me to be a witchdoctor, my grandfather and mother agreed and even made a special house to serve the demons. But when they died 10 years ago, I changed my mind and quit serving satan. However, though I did not serve them anymore they always attacked me so powerfully. Sometimes in the midst of big crowd, they threw me down. Other people came and lift me up.
So during this activity of prayer, my husband asked me to go visit and after the message I gave my life to Jesus."
When asked how do you feel now after this decision? She said "I feel that the persecution decreases so much. I have a new man with me whose wife has just died and with whom I have only one child and the father of my 3 children has also died. I was a saleswoman but now I am poor and unable to work. My persecution was mostly during my sleep but now things are better.."

Thank you so very much for your prayers, they are making a difference. 
Many blessings,